What Are Some Of The Best Memes Out There?

leo2There are a few memes that you probably know and love, and there may be some you’re not that familiar with. Here you’ll get to know some favorites and why they are used.

Gordon Ramsay memes are those that have an image of the famous chef on them yelling about different things. One example is an image showing him yelling “This crab is so undercooked, I can hear it still singing Under The Sea!” If you watch his show, you know he comes up with creative insults that are pretty hilarious, so this meme is a fun one to use.

A very popular meme that is still funny today is the Rickroll. There was a Rick Astley AMA on Reddit recently that people filled with links that supposedly went somewhere and they mostly were people sending each other to the video for his song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The meme is based on telling someone to go to a link and then that link takes them to the video. If you friend has ever Rickrolled you, then don’t consider lending money to them.

Bad luck Brian is a meme that shows a kid in an awkward school picture smiling with text on it about bad experiences they have been through. For instance, one that you can find says “Takes a personality test and fails.” The goal is to try to show just how bad someone has it whether it’s a bad situation becoming worse or something terrible in general that is shared just to be funny.

Like them or not, you will find tons of memes on the Internet all the time. The ones you just read about can be fun to use even if they are a little played out. Sometimes they are just funny because of how much they are used in the face of people being annoyed at them!