A Quick Guide To The NYC Nightlife

New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world which is why the variety of party scenes in this town is also not that surprising anymore. There are bars and nightclubs everywhere that you can explore. Whether you are someone who loves to party 24/7 or someone who just wants to take a break and have a chill drinking session with your friends, New York will always have the right place for you. Are you ready to have fun? Here is your ultimate guide for an excellent nightlife in New York!

If you are looking for affordable drinks, the Key Bar has a buy one get one free promo for your happy hour! You can go here for nights when you want to drink with your friends but is also on a tight budget. Drinking sessions don’t have to be expensive!

For people who have a good budget and want to have an amazing night under the stars, the Press Lounge at INK48 Hotel will make you feel like you’re living the dream. The view in this lounge will take your breath away. However, you have to prepare your budget for this one because their cocktails can be pricey.

The New York nightlife is even more exciting and fun because of the beats in EDM clubs. One of the best clubs in the world is also located in New York, and it’s the Space Ibiza NYC. If you want to party hard, you should try this club because they can accommodate people even until 8 am!

After reading about all of these party places in New York, you’ll surely be excited to party the night away! These are just some of the famous locations in this city. Speakeasy bars, Asian nightclubs, and techno clubs can also be found on the streets of New York. Are you now ready to party ’til you drop?