Six Senses Tours

Are you an adventurer?
Do you thrill at the thought of exploring new or exotic places?
Does receiving a new stamp in your passport give you an inner glow?

I can definitely answer a resounding "Yes!" to all of these questions and hope that you can too.

We are in a unique position as bloggers to share and explore each others special pockets of the globe and so every now and then I tap a follower of this blog on the shoulder and ask them to take us for a tour of their hometown.
To make it as 'real' as possible we share this experience with all of our senses plus one...a secret only a local would know about. 

If you're thinking of taking a 'real life' trip to any one of these places, be sure to have a read and perhaps even contact the tour guide to see if a personal tour might be possible!

To take a tour, step onboard here.....

If you'd like to be a tour guide feel free to email me, my link is on the sidebar.

Happy travels, I hope you enjoy finding something unexpected and lovely.