Post Of The Month Club

A fabulous way for you to showcase your favourite post each month.

A brilliant opportunity to connect with new friends.

A wonderful reminder of what you've been up to by highlighting a special post.


Towards the end of each month I'll send out a reminder post to let you know that 
'Post Of The Month' Club is coming up.

You'll scoot through your posts for that month, find the one that really sings and add the button 
to let everyone know that you write for the 'Post Of The Month' Club.

When the linky opens, simply add your post and scoot over to visit 
one or two other Blogeristas to share the love.

How easy is that?

To quote the original founder of this genius concept Laura from 'Happy Homemaker UK':

"You've already done the hardest part of writing a really awesome post."
Why not share it on?

It would thrill me to bits to see the 'POTM' Club button on your sidebar as it will help 
to let others know that you're part of a special group of writers.  
Simply copy the html code from my sidebar and add it to your own sidebar - easy peasy!

I really look forward to seeing you and your fabulous posts here every month.

Welcome to the club!