Enjoy Your Food Craving At Home

praline-182861_640When we are down and depressed, we naturally crave to eat something that will make us feel happy. For some it can be salt, for others its sugar, while others it just carbs. What are some things we can eat that we have at home already when the craving arrives?

If you have chocolate bars and marshmallows try putting the chocolate in a pan and stirring it until it melts then and marshmallows and nuts if you have them and make your own homemade candy. The rich and warm creaminess of the chocolate will sooth any problem you are experiencing and instantly give you a feeling of bliss. The marshmallows are like fun little surprises hiding in the blanket of chocolate.

If you are craving pasta, and have noodles and milk and velveeta, why not make a homemade gooey and cheesy macaroni? Cook the noodles, then place in a baking dish, mix milk and velveeta together pour over noodles and maybe shred cheese for the top and bake. Soon you will be divulging in a cheesy paradise that comforts the soul and soothes your troubles away.

If you are a salt craver, then nachos are the best thing for you to cook up. If you have tortilla chips and cheese on hand, shred the cheese over the chips and melt. Then top with whatever you got in the fridge- beans, sour cream, salsa, avocado, etc. Pretty soon you will be crunching and munching your troubles away.

Food is truly a gift and something that makes the world go round. While there are things that are accessible to get at a drive through, making something at home is faster and more satisfying when you are in craving mode. So be sure to have these easy ingredients on hand for when you need them and enjoy!