11 May 2012

And the winner is....

It's a sparkling, sunshiney Autumn day in my pocket of the world and I wish you could be here to share it!
Instead I'll send a burst of brightness your way, thanking you enthusiastically if you were one of the many wonderfully creative types who played along in my recent 'Say What?' giveaway.
You brought lots of brightness into my world with your fabulous words and writing - treasures all.

As you may be aware I'm not one for the electronic dodads when it comes to prize drawing, instead I meticulously wrote everyone's names [multiple times for some of you] onto two pages and then painstakingly cutting them out. They went into a lovely coral coloured dish that my brother gave me for my birthday and then a name was drawn out....

...I'm so thrilled that a true lover of words and writing is going to be receiving my personalised pressie.

I can't show you what it is as I'm now in the process of making it, but perhaps Ms Lizzie will post about  it on her truly sparkling blog and you'll see what I mean about it being personalised.
If you are a lover of words and literature, you really must visit Lizzie's space.

Now a special mention must go to my fabulous wordy friend Ning.
Special kudos gets fluttered your way because of your enthusiasm and creativity.
For a person whose second language is English, I was gobsmacked by the story you created using the 'words in the bubbles'.

Dear friends, I'd be thrilled if you stopped by and took the time to marvel at what Ning created.
I'll be sending a little pressie your way too Ms Ning.

Now that all the fun stuff is shared, I need to let you know that I'm taking a fortnight off from blogging Lovelies.

I'll be back in time to do our faves:
*  'Post Of The Month' Club - some pearlers last month
*  'Vive Le Livre!' - I've got some brilliant books to share already...and
*  A colour post [purple is the feature this month if you're keen to play along]

So keep your peepers peeled towards the end of the month/beginning of next month for these as I'd hate you to miss out. Don't be offended if I'm not visiting your space as much as I usually do, there are lots of balls in the air at the moment [including Captain V's 50th - yikes!] and I need my wits about me not to drop anything.

Happy day, I look forward to when next we meet,


  1. congrats to your winner!

    ms. ning did a wonderful job weaving all of those words into a fine story! :)

  2. Hi Felicity, haven't been in blogland for about 6 months. But now I am back, yours is one of the first blogs to visit. Oooh, a few fantastic changes. I will be back at the end of the month to check in again. Where ever you are going or whatever you are doing - have fun. Sx

  3. Congratulations to the winners (I'm counting Ning).
    Have a lovely break my friend and Happy Birthday to the captain!

  4. OH MY GOD! I actually won something!!!! And I am so glad that it's from your blog!!!!!! Yaaay!!!! Thank you!!!

  5. First, Thank you to you Miss Felicity, for your lovely blog and fun games. I really had so much fun and made my imagination wander and travel quite far beyond which is quite an experience. That in itself I think is a winner prize for me, just to imagine and weaved different words to make a story. Thank you also for mentioning my name on your blog!

    Second, I would like to congratulate the winner to Dizzie Lizzie. Your blog is looks fun and very interesting!

    Third, Thank you to all the people for congratulating me and peeping to my blog. It gives me an encouragement to go beyond on my comfort zone and use different words in daily basis.

    Happy Birthday to Captain V!

  6. So good to see you here, Sweets. Sorry I didn't get around to entering - I'm looking forward to reading people's clever contributions. Enjoy your break - just the ticket you need. J x

  7. Always happy to see your smiling face dear F! Now go keep those balls in the air! xx

  8. A whole fortnight?? How will we cope?! x

  9. Congratulations to Dizzy Lizzie, will pop on over to Ms Ning for a peek Felicity, hope all the preparing go's well for captain V birthday & hope you do get some relaxing time in the next 2 weeks break too catch you later. :) xx

  10. That was so much fun!! Lucky Lizzie, love Posie

  11. Enjoy your fortnight
    away, my sweet friend!
    I have been frequenting
    the baseball fields....
    summer has come early
    to Minnesota....this run
    up to the end of school
    is exhausting but I do
    adore this time of year.

    Congrats to Lizzie!!

    xo Suzanne

  12. I have decided to add you to my reading blog roll. I enjoy myself when I am here.

  13. congrats to Lizzie!
    looking forward to next month Felicity!
    enjoy your break. :)


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