18 April 2012

Word Of The Week - Say What?

Hi there and happy Wednesday!
I know many of you have come here today expecting the second installment in our 'Word Of The Week' game and giveaway but I'm going to extend the fun of adding your words in for an extra week.

Actually if I'm really honest, I've been flat out with house guests, my Dad in hospital with knee reconstruction, sick kids and work today that I haven't had time to do the fun second part of the game - yikes!

So if you haven't already added your favourite words to the list, be sure to jump on over here.
If you have, "Thanks!" there's some real doozies in there. Keep your peepers peeled for what happens next.

Happy day!


  1. I think I've missed something. Will go check out the list. I was checked out for a little while after the death of my cousin but I'm easing back in. Sorry you've got so many plates in the air, hope you find time for a feed your soul walk :)

  2. You KNOW I am
    totally getting this....
    Life happens and we
    roll with it : ) I'll pop
    over and take a looks-y
    at the list!

    xx Suzanne

  3. Hi Felicity,
    I hope your dad recovers well from his knee surgery. I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon.
    sending hugs...

  4. Ooh, keeping us on tenterhooks, Missy ☺. Sending your Dad huge Hobart healing vibes. J x

  5. I KNOW I've missed something (HATE feeling out of the loop!)
    Off to investigate (the list of jobs can wait)
    Looking lovely over here BTW
    fee x

  6. Life's script is wishful thinking; truth reveals itself unscripted.

    Prayers for your Dad and a timely recovery.

  7. What a fabulous idea! Mine would be:
    1) frock
    2) canny
    3) evanescent

    At least for today! I shall tweet this too @TopazMagpie x

  8. Felicity I do know how life interferes at times and I hope your Dad is back on his feet comfortably soon.
    Whilst I have probably run out of words that just make me smile I thought you might appreciate this as the whole thing makes me giggle and I have never been able to use it before!!!!
    'Systematically speaking from a diabolical point of view I feel your fundamental faculties are not sufficiently sophisticated to bambasticate with my philosophies!!"
    hugs Jules xx

  9. Sorry Felicity, I just realised my words posted to the wrong place! I'll rectify that now... And my best wishes to you & your dad too! x

  10. I can't wait to see what is to come. I hope your father and children have speedy recoveries. And why must work always interfere with the things we want to do? ;)

  11. Oh no! Best wishes to your Dad and the kids for a speedy recovery. xx

  12. I am so sorry to here aout your dad Felicity i hope he is recovering after his op big hugs to you xxx

  13. Thanks, I'm glad this was helpful. I need to remind myself of these things as well. thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment.

    sorry gifts


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