20 April 2012

Hug For A...

Tra la la! I'm scooting off to work again this morning [insert happy dance here] so am sneaking in a quick post featuring the simple gift of happiness.....

Wasn't that fun? May your weekend ahead be filled to the brim with all that truly brings you joy!
I've got my fingers crossed for sunshiney days, the satisfaction of baking something delicious for others, a walk by the beach or river and time to lie in the hammock to read [uninterrupted].

Big hugs from afar,


  1. that's cute, felicity. infectious. :)

  2. Too funny. Love your blog....fee ♥

  3. AHdorable F! Over the years, Coke has made memorable commercials and jingles. If I was still drinking pop, I would hug that machine to death! Coke was my drink of choice. No Pepsi for this gal! Hugs to you and may your weekend be filled with those things that make you do a happy dance over and over! Margie

  4. smiling from ear to ear!!!!

  5. Thanks for the smile Felicity! What are you reading these days?

  6. ha ha funny, would be better if it was dropping a muesli bar or something down though;)x

  7. I love this Coke Happiness series. I'd like to share this which Coke did to some Filipinos http://youtu.be/x_9fQEqZCWs. Happy weekend!

    1. Joni, I've been sobbing and wiping away big, fat tears - thank you for sharing this.

      Big hug from afar!

  8. Oh have to wait to listen as the hubs is still sleeping (it's not even 6:00 a.m. yet here). Was feeling sorry for myself because our weekend trip to the beach got cancelled. Now, think I'll bake something nice and try to squeeze in some reading - thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I do hope your hammock is interupted by Captain V!! I'm on the final count down of my husband coming home, i cannot express how happy we both are. Has been a long 9 months!! Thanks for being such a beautiful friend during this time, love Posie

  10. So fun and I am doing a
    happy dance that YOU
    are feeling great and are
    so happy, yourself!

    do Suzanne

  11. Hi Felicity It is good to be happy to go off to work!! Very Fun!!

    I am featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera from Castle Crowns and Cottages on my site! She is so amazing!

    Art by Karena

  12. That was awesome! As much as I dislike Coke, their advertising is amazing!

  13. haha. i hate coke..but i love the commercial =) super fun

  14. I miss you gorgeous lady, love Posie

  15. Hee they were having fun they always seem to come up with good advertising campaigns hope you got to lie on the hammock x

  16. OMG> I would hug that thing all day!


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