05 April 2012

The Gift Of The Ocean

It's Autumn in my pocket of the world and I've got to say it's a glorious time of the year.
Captain V and I have been lucky enough to spend time on our beautiful beach and each day have
shared our gratitude for where we live.
We love the ocean and everything in it and relish the time we get to spend on, in or near it.

When I saw the following on 'Brain Pickings' I knew I had to share this gift with you too.
It's long and you may need to dedicate some time to watch it all but I'm certain you'll be transfixed.

Earnest Hemingway's classic novel "The Old Man and the Sea" has been brought to life by Aleksandr
Petrov and his son Dimitri using a unique technique of painting with pastels on glass.
It took them over two years to create and the result is truly stunning.

I'm scooting off now to enjoy time with my family over this Easter break and wish you & yours safe, happy
and connected times...perhaps spent by the ocean.


  1. Enjoy every minute dear F! xx, Margie

  2. I too love the beach and luckily got to spend last weekend by it. I loved the sound and smell of the ocean, it makes me relax and by the end of the weekend felt refreshed from it. I will take time to watch the videos later tonight. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend. Gx


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