13 April 2012

Elvis & Luke

Our neighbourhood is filled with all sorts of flora and fauna, a virtual treasure trove if you will.

Each day morning and late afternoon, Luke and I go for a walk and check up on what's been happening. Sometimes we come home with a feathery treasure to go into the glass nest that sits on my office desk.

This afternoon Luke was quite distressed because he couldn't find his little mate Elvis.

Elvis is a black & white spotted miniature pig who lives two doors up. 
He delights in aerating his owner's garden, and if Luke's lucky, playing 'hide & seek' with my gentle giant.

We could hear the snuffles and snorts from within the ginger grove, but the worms must have been extra tasty because Elvis wouldn't come out to play, much to Luke's disdain.

A consolation prize seemed to be a soft nibble on his back from Maverick the woolly pony who lives in the paddock across from Elvis...but Elvis wasn't showing his snout for anyone.

This evening as I reflect on all that I'm grateful for, I must say that the wealth of my neighbourhood's  lovely natural gifts and the unexpected interaction between a dog & his pig are on the top of my list.

I'll keep taking my camera out on my walks in the hope that I can capture the antics of these two chasing each other around the yard and then you'll see just what I mean.

Happy weekend, may it be filled with things that make your heart sing & better still elicit a giggle or two.
Hop on over to Bronwyn's place to add in your own list of gratefuls, I'm sure you've got plenty.

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  1. So, so good to see you here, Gorgeous. J x

  2. awww! can't wait to meet elvis!!! :)

  3. How lovely - ponies, pigs and ducks! And a ginger grove! It must smell amazing! And I just love animal friendships. They are so sweet. Happy Friday!


  4. A miniature black and white spotted pig? Adorable!

  5. Oh that was unbelievably cute!! I can't believe his bestie is a little piggy and your cartoon had me giggling. Clever girl. x

  6. What a lovely place to live. Enjoy your weekend.x

  7. I hope we do get to see some pictures of Luke and little Elvis playing together. What an enchanting neighbourhood you live in.

  8. Oh I'd love to see some pics of their antics - it sounds very funny and heartwarming.
    How nice to have that little menagerie nearby. I grew up with ponies and my dad still owns some, but I really miss not hanging out with them anymore - such beautiful creatures.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Aren't walks with your camera the best thing ever? And such a powerful way to practice gratitude.
    Of course, it also helps if you're a whiz with photoshop too, as you clearly are! Loved your comic strip. Clever gal.
    Lovely to meet you.

  10. Loving the cartoon! That is genius. Also love that you have neighbors with a pig called Elvis!! Priceless! xx

  11. Felicity you are amazing me with your technology skills. Go you!! Love this sweet cartoon you have put together. N x


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