15 April 2012

The AEIOU of Awareness...

My sparkling Blogerista buddy Jennie has created the most fantastic mid-month activity to join in with.
Simply titled 'AEIOU' we have the opportunity to reflect upon what's been happening in our loves and write a post to share it with our blogging friends.

It was a 'sit up and think' moment for me as the past month hasn't been too flash and I wasn't able to think of too many things to share with you for these letters, and believe me I tried!

There has been a little creating and some terrific discoveries but there were also many gaps.
So what do you do when you come up with a blank? You make a poster to remind you to keep your bright eyes open for these positive elements in your life, that's what.

And so I did. Feel free to download the poster above and pop it somewhere sunny to remind you that this is a fantastic life and there are lots of fabulous things to be doing, learning, creating and sharing.

I'm going to print mine out and pop it on the fridge, because if I'm not doing these things then I can just about guarantee that I'm not modeling the best behaviours for the kids....it might even generate a conversation or two.

If you've enjoyed a rich month, filled to the brim with the types of things that Jennie is celebrating, be sure to pop it in a post {I'm looking for ideas people}, jump on over, say "Hi!" and away you go!

Happy day!


  1. Oh Felicity, THANK YOU!! This is so amazing, i love it. I can't believe you created something so beautiful & clever (well yes i can as you are Felicity Serendipity afterall) with my words & ideas. Love you so much darling girl, hurrah for blogs & how they make us feel. Would love your sweet fans to join in too, love Posie

  2. I love it Felicity!
    "Embrace the unknown" jumped off the screen at me!

  3. a great way to participate, even if you don't have a 'joy' list to report. :)

  4. This is a clever idea for a post.

  5. That's gorgeous! Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! A nice reminder and some great ideas for focusing on the now/joy/fun with kids too xx

  6. Fabulous poster Felicity...captures the feeling perfectly

  7. You gorgeous girl, always so generous even when you're not feeling your sparkling best. Sending you a huge ♥ tonight. J x

  8. wow! how beautiful! Jennie is such an inspirational blogger, and I adore her posts to bits. this artwork truly captures the essence of what she is achieving! I love it! thank you so much xx

  9. I'm drawing a blank, too,
    despite an April that has
    already been filled to the brim!
    Shame on me! I think this is
    why people journal, so we
    don't forget all the goodness
    that we experience, daily!
    Love the poster!

    xx Suzanne


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