06 March 2012

Vive Le Livre! February-March 2012

 Hello lovely friend. It's the first Tuesday in March already which means we're catching up to share our reading achievements for the month. I must say that I can't wait to tell you about the pages I've been turning.

On your many recommendations I devoured 'The Tiger's Wife' by Tea Obreht with great relish.
If you are one of the people who suggested this, please accept my heartfelt thanks as it gave me one of the most precious gifts that a great book can contain, insight.
I won't spoil the storyline for those of you who haven't read it, other than to say that the characters are beautifully drawn and the writing itself makes it easy to place yourself in the time and place of the story.

I turned to my art shelf for the next two reads and am thrilled that I did.
If you've never heard of the colourful whirlwind known as SARK but have a desire to add more creativity, zing and spark to your world, then pop either of these books onto your 'Vive Le Livre!' list, grab some coloured pencils or markers and away you go!

I've had these books for over a decade and every now and then return to them for a shot of creative inspiration. The added bonus this time was that because I'm creating this space for you, I also had the serendipitous delight in discovering her website whilst seeking images for this post = yippee! 
I'm now receiving a lovely newsletter regularly and imagine my delight when in the first VLOG, Sark used the word serendipity several times!

The final book on my February list is a true treasure, "Five Bells" by Gail Jones.
I'm not sure which one of you lovely people recommended it to me, if it was you "THANK YOU!"
From the very first page I was transfixed and I truly delighted in the many ways that Gail evoked remembered and new images of Sydney in my imagination.
This book is for anyone who has a close connection to the glorious harbour city that is Sydney, has a desire to travel there or who revels in beautiful writing filled with glorious language and real life themes. I will never think of the Sydney Opera House in the same way again....you'll need to read this book to find out why.

So there you have it, my reading goals are ticked off and on my bedside table I have:
* Anna Funder's "Stasiland" sent to me by my truly wonderful and ever thoughtful friend Jane;
* "A Guide To Natural Housekeeping" by Christina Strutt which has already made me rethink how I use and maintain my chopping boards; and
* "The Brothers Karazimov" by Dostoyevsky, which I think will be a year long endeavour.

Now I can't wait to find out what you've been up to this month.
Remember there are several ways that you can play along:
1. Leave a comment here letting us know what you've been reading
2. Leave a comment on other people's comments - I love to see interactivity between each of you
3. Write a "Vive Le Livre" post including the button or a link so that your readers can pop on over and join in too.

You'll notice that I've created a page for you at the top of my site so that you can pop in here anytime to find out what I've been reading & return to previous posts to read what others have to say.

Finally, here are the links for my books this month:
1. Tea Obreht "The Tiger's Wife"
2. SARK "Succulent Wild Woman" and "Creative Companion"
3. Gail Jones "Five Bells"

Until next month, happy page turning!


  1. I feel so lame. I haven't touched the book I starting reading last month. I'm going with puppy as my excuse still. I'm going to pass the suggestions on to my daughter though, even with law school, that girl finds time for pleasure reading.

    1. You made me laugh out loud.
      As a seasoned teacher I've heard every version of 'the puppy ate my homework' but I think Tinley is an excellent reason to be preoccupied at the moment.

      Biggest hugs to all at Everton Terrace.

  2. This month I thoroughly enjoyed reading City Boy - one of my husband's books about a crazed trader in London. It was eye opening to say the least! Spurred on, I devoured The Wolf of Wall Street - also a husbie book (do we detect a theme) and immensely shocking and entertaining. I so enjoyed reading outside my comfort zone!

    After all the flighty pulp, I needed something grounding and so it is I find myself LOVING Bill Bryson's 'Home'. He is such a thoughtful and interesting writer. So curious, so thorough. It's great!


    1. It's great when a couple are able to share each others literary tastes - or at least indulge in a little 'excursion beyond the norm' to stretch our repertoire.....yes I'm still talking about books.

      Not sure if I'm so inclined to go down the fiscal path though Bron, but after reading your enthusiastic rap of Mr Bryson I will pop him on my list now.

  3. Hey F!!! You know, what a wonderful way to stay engaged in the written word. At some point I will dive back in. I still enjoy your posts outlining your current reads, and will certainly be able to check back in when I am stumped on what might strike my fancy.

    1. Nice one Margie. I'm thinking that you and Sark would be familiar with each other.

      Happy day!

  4. well here we go i can join in now Felicity my pod chair is hanging out side & I will be sitting there this weekend & some evenings this week to get well into my book :) you are doing so well with yours, & I love the sound of Sarks new creative companion :)
    Happy reading my friend :))

    1. Now that sounds like heaven Lainey - a pod chair and quiet time to read in it = bliss!
      Looking forward to hearing all about it next month.

  5. I have posted my list of seven books! A strange list for me an inveterate fiction reader and there were quite a few rereads in the pile but all were satisfying and I kept the numbers down!!!!! Just no longer have the time which is truly sad! I will go and check out five bells at the library as I seem to be on an Australian run at present!! Have you thought of using a linky tool here? J

    1. You are a reading beacon Jules - it must be that pink chair that enables such wonderful reading adventures!

      "Five Bells" was a library borrow for me too and it will fit in beautifully with your Aussie run.

      As for the linky tool - yes I've thought about it and if I start to get the numbers then it will happen.

  6. Hmm, I haven't read much, well at least not much on the way of novels. There's been lots of blogs and magazines :)
    I'm current reading The secret lives of dresses. It's not bad but I'm not as riveted as I would like to be.
    I've ordered a few craft/business titles so hopefully they're interesting.
    I really need something I cannot put down!

    1. Sounds like a challenge for the rest of your 'Vive Le Livres' to create a list of unputdownable novels.
      My contributions would be:

      1. Elegance of the Hedgehog - I hope to reread this again in 2012
      2. The Book Thief
      3. The Lacuna

      Join in everyone!

    2. Thank you, I'll search them out! X

  7. Loving all these recommendations! I read voraciously and am always looking for new titles to devour! xx

    1. See also my note to Sarah above.
      What have you been reading this month?

  8. I certainly must have a look at the books you've been reading! So far I've managed a Vive le Livre post, http://gattoknits.blogspot.com/2012/03/vive-le-livrebeasts-in-belfry.html on my blog, with two titles - maybe someone finds them interesting, the books are incredible.
    Have a nice day!

    P.S.: how can I add your Vive Le Livre-button to my blog? I was searching in Help-department, but couldn't find anything :(

    1. Hi Anna, I'm thrilled that you've written a post and LOVE the title of your blog - very clever!

      As for adding the button:
      1. Click on 'Dashboard' at the top of your blog

      2. Find the 'Design' hyperlink and click on that

      3. A page overview will open and you'll see a hyperlink on the RHS [beside the section titled 'Blog Posts'] Add a Gadget - click on that

      4. A pop up menu will appear - scroll down until you see 'HTML/Java Script' and click on the '+' button

      5. Copy the html code beneath the 'Vive Le Livre!' button on my sidebar and paste into the main box....if you want to add a note above the graphic like "Joining In With,,,," or "Reading Along With..." add it in the 'Title' section

      5. Click Save

      6. The design menu now pops up again and you can drag the button to wherever you want it to sit on your sidebar

      7. Once you've done this click the blue 'Preview' button, then if you're happy with where it's sitting click 'Save'

      You're now 'Vive Le Livred!'.

  9. I am glad you liked
    Tiger : ) !! I wasn't
    sure exactly how I felt
    about it, but it was a
    book club selection and
    I always finish the book,
    no matter what! We are
    meeting tomorrow and
    I haven't finished the current
    selection, so will no doubt
    be up late, reading into the
    wee hours...

    In February I read FOUR books,
    {yay!} and my favorite was called
    The Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey.

    Vive Le Livred! Off to check out
    your new selections...

    xx Suzanne

  10. Book clubs are excellent for stretching my reading tastes & making me read a book to the end even if it doesn't grab me at the start....that has happened a couple of times and I've been pleased that I persisted.

    I googled 'The Snow Child' and there was a most delightful little video along with the blurb, I'm intrigued: http://www.amazon.com/Snow-Child-Novel-Eowyn-Ivey/dp/0316175676

    Thank you for sharing Lovely!

  11. I've had a much slower month!!
    Mostly trashy crime...loved Elizabeth George's new one and some Lisa Unger.
    Have also tried Judy Nunn again after being put off by her first and have enjoyed her sprawling Aussie sagas.
    I've got lots more on my to-read list again though after reading all these posts and comments

  12. Oh Felicity. You know how stretched I am to read a whole book within a month, given life's demands at the moment. But (drum roll please) I actually read 'Career Mums' by Kate Sykes and Allison Tait. Hardly a fiction novel but still an achievement for me! It was so informative and well written. Will post about it soon. J x


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