14 January 2012

Gathering Gratefuls - Sparkle & Grace

So here we are with almost half the calendar pages for January flipped and this only my second post of the year....I have indeed been savouring this lovely break.

Each morning I've enjoyed a leisurely start to the day, waking when my body releases the threads of sleep (vs the call of lunchboxes to be filled or jobs to be done) then proceeded to salute the day with a coffee made in my French Press....this is where I generally do a simultaneous sigh and experience the glorious sensation of my eyelids zinging open.

Right now I can hear Captain V going through his routine in the gym downstairs (we have some excellent health goals for 2012, but I'll share them with you later) and I'm reminded that the silver stead (my bike) didn't get her 'run' yesterday and that after I write this I have a date with Luke and 5km of our neighbourhood streets.

As I contemplate this day (the last one before 'The Gifts' return tomorrow) with all of its open promise, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all that is possible and all that we are blessed with.

This has a bitter-sweet tinge to it as close family members and friends have just received life-blows that had me reeling with that useless question "Why?!?".
  • Why them?
  • Why now?
  • Why?!? Why?!? Why?!?
With some reflection, I've decided that a more appropriate question is "How?".
  • How can I best support these special people?
  • How can I contribute to their journey forward?
  • How can I take care of my 'self' so that I have the energy and capacity to enable real help?
I also take inspiration from many of you whose stories I've come to know since beginning this adventure into Blogland. There are many of you who have overcome (or working towards overcoming) huge obstacles with grace, grit and great determination. If you're reading this, I'm sure you know who you are and I thank you for being a beacon of light for me through my own struggles.

Someone who really knocks my socks off with all that she's done and the goals that she's set herself for 2012 is Jennifer Reid whose blog "Life Is Like A Cupcake" is filled to the brim with sparkle.

Jennifer is celebrating life this year by participating in what she aptly describes as "an epic fundraising adventure - Marathon de Paris". Along with four other women she's raising money for the National Breast Cancer Association with the goal that there will be no more breast cancer deaths by 2030 - how awesome is that?

Please, please, please watch this video, I'm sure you'll be touched by Jennifer's warmth and enthusiasm...

To all my sparkly Blogerista friends and to those special people in my life who are staring down black clouds at the moment, I salute you and am ever so grateful for you and the threads that bind us.

And if you're seeking more inspiration or would like to post your own grateful link, scoot on over here to join in with some of my friends here....


  1. PS: There's nothing quite like a bike ride to release the endorphins and epiphanies.

    I've decided [as I was grinding up a little incline] that the coming months up until Easter will be titled 'Ride & Write' for health.

    I'm going to ride and write each day to promote good physical and mental health - watch this space.

    5km dusted, now for a little scoot around Blogland...ciao!

  2. May God be with your friends as they struggle through life's pain. Sometimes it seems harder to watch those we love hurt than to go through the pain ourselves. I know your caring ways will be a comfort to them.

  3. Prayers for your family and friends. I am sure they appreciate every bit of support you can lend.

    Glad to see you back and hear about good things you are doing in your life.

  4. Thank you my precious friend for your support & encouragement. You are the one who sparkles!! xx

  5. So happy yo see you back on your perch with a renewed spirit and goals towards better health and well-being my dear F! xx, Margie

  6. Hello my sweet! I've been thinking of you lots over the past week, and it's so lovely to read your words again. Enjoy those endorphins, and there'll be plenty more of them to share in the coming months I'm sure. xx

  7. It's just so good to see you, Flick!! Yay!!!

    I'm sorry to hear that some of your friends and family are going through a rough time. I absolutely love your 'how' attitude - although I expect nothing less as I know what a supportive, in-tune and wise friend you are. This is demonstrated by your support of Jennifer and all that she is aiming to encourage. Best wishes to her all the way!

    Good luck with the bike riding. It's a lovely thing to do.


  8. Oh sometimes it's so unfair & your attitude will ONLY make everything easier for them, with such love, thought & understanding, you're so beautiful.
    Second post for the year, i've done like 6 but i've been lurking & waiting, not disturbing you so you can have a full break (as i'm such a demanding one & all) giggles. Still in your state so whenever you can squeeze in a peep, i'll gladly come & visit you my dear, love Posie

  9. I would love to be in your family and feel your support when times are hard.
    You are such a sparkler! (sounds like something an old man would say to a baby!)
    happy weekend to you...looking forward to more gifts!
    fee ♥

  10. Welcome back mon amie. Glad your back and spreading the... love.

  11. Oh, it's such a pleasure to have you back with your vim and vigour, Felicity. I am so lucky to have you as my treasured friend. J x

  12. Good morning sweet Felicity! Thanks for sharing Jennifer with us. I attended an event not long ago where the speaker said that when he was hit with devastating news and started to ask "why me? why now? why?" he was struck with the memory of some really amazing things that have come his way in the past. He realized that it was only right for him to ask "why" at this devastating news if he was also going to always ask "why me" at the incredible news. Interesting turn-around and it's made a big impact on me!

    It is really so much harder when it's people we love who are afflicted rather than ourselves, isn't it. When I was going through a physical blow I hated to see my husband's pain. It was so much worse than my own. So prayers for you and for those you love, Felicity. And welcome back - I've really missed you!

  13. Hi Felicity your back yay!!! I am bloggers block at the moment I just keep putting off posting arrrr thanks for sharing Jennifers video what an amazing lady I have felt so down this afternoon about something & after watching that I need a kick into reality.
    Your strong words of being posotive are so strong & I know you will have the strength to be there your are one of the best gifters sending hugs x


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