01 January 2012

Day 1 - 2012

Happiest of Happy Days Ahead

Captain V and I welcome all that this new year has to offer with hearts, minds and arms wide open.

Yesterday, we went for a wonderful 'hunt & gather' amongst the local providores, purchasing some truly scrummy delicacies to tempt our tastebuds...including ingredients for some of Captain V's famous cocktails.

Today we will be ushering in the next page in our book of years with a festival of bubbles. 
Intrigued? Click here to find out what this means.  

Perhaps we'll even end the day donning our retro-inspired glasses just like in the photo above, cranking up the 'Happy Dancing' playlist on the iPod, jumping in the pool before retiring to the final flush of bubbles in the candlelit spa - sigh.

I hope that whatever you choose to do to mark this auspicious occasion, you are in good health, surrounded by those whom you truly love and there is much to look forward to in the days and months ahead.

Biggest of happy hugs and salut!


  1. happy new year to you, across the globe! :)

  2. Sounds a great plan to celebrate the new year. Wishing you a great year ahead.

  3. What a lovely post to start the year...happy 2012 to you too and I look forward to a wonderful year filled with inspiring women like yourself!!!x

  4. Update:

    We've literally climbed a mountain to see the sunrise, pretty speccy and then scooted down to the beach for what would have to be one of THE most picture perfect mornings where I had my ankles kissed by bubbly bridal veil froth from the waves and collected the tiniest little white shells.

    Visited the bakery for a crusty French stick and have just harvested some basil and tomatoes from our garden which we'll enjoy with some triple cream cheese - an auspicious, healthy and beautiful start to our year.

    Signing off now to luxuriate in the day with Captain V including at least an hour in the hammock reading the papers.

    Hoping some of our joy rubs off onto you...xxx's

  5. Hi F!!! Well it sounds as though you had a beautiful hols and are still in vacation mode, but home. Such a cute pic. I loooove funky glasses! Wishing you and yours the most amazing 2012. Will look forward to your return whenever that is. Might not get off that hammock anytime soon. Ay Carumba! Happy New Year lovey! Margie

  6. Happy new year to you, Captain V and the children. I wish you so much joy and live throughout the year. x

  7. Happy New Year Serendipity Duo!! Don't you just love all the new beginnings this time of year holds?? Wishing you more gifts in all their forms, love Posie

  8. How very joyful and bubbly it all sounds
    Wishing you much joy in 2012

  9. Happy new year Felicity! All sounds wonderful to me.
    xx jody

  10. happy new year to you, felicity! :)

  11. lovely to hear from you!
    Man - you're both rocking that geek chic look.
    fee ♥

  12. Happy New Year to you, Felicity. What a way to start the new year - bubblies, cocktails and spas!Yum!!


  13. Happy New Year Felicity......✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫

    and that all your dreams come true!

    A big hug,

  14. Look how cute
    the two of you
    look! May your
    2012 be filled with
    more happy memories
    than you have places
    to store them : )

    xx Suzanne

  15. Happiest of happy new years to you and yours Felicity...I bet it will be wonderful :)

  16. I love the darling photo Felicity!
    May you be blessed with all the happiness 2012 could hold for you!
    sending hugs...

  17. I love all the pictures of these beautiful people I see here.
    A Happy happy New year, sweet Fizz. May 2012 be full of joy and laughter xxxx

  18. Love the picture Felicity it looks like your were having so much fun was that before of after captain V's famous cocktails Tee Hee!!!

    I wish you all the best for 2012 it is a pleasure following your blog you are Inspiring & a wonderful blogging friend thanks so much xx :))

  19. Interesting photo in what is your first post of 20-12. I'm sure there is a story to tell. :)

    Good health and happiness throughout the year.

  20. hoping your year is filled with happy. Happy New Year wishes xo

  21. Oh Sweetheart, 2012 will be a *sparkler* for you, I just know it. And somehow, somewhere we must actually meet! J x

  22. Happy new year F!! I adore the pic above. Such happy faces, the sign of a good year to come ;) xx

  23. I had to come back to thank you for your sweet message you wrote for me Felicity. You have a way of warming my heart. I'm so glad we met here!!!
    much love...

  24. Happy new year!!! Hope it is full of love & happy days x

  25. You just can't beat bubbles (in every form) for a celebratory welcome to a new year. That and retro glasses, I'm thinkin'...!

  26. hello sweetie - have the best 2012 ... thinking of you and wishing you well - le xox

  27. I love love love this photo. Looks like a wonderful time is being had.

    I also love the sound of those cocktails... although after a very indulgent Christmas nothing of the kind is passing these lips until at least Australia Day. And then it will be a cosmopolitan! Take care, dear F... gxo

  28. Beautiful, as ever. Wishing you and yours peace, joy and prosperity throughout

    Jo xx
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  29. Happy new year!
    I love the happiness that 'bubbles' within this post ... a delight to read.

  30. Hey Felicity! Love your new picture .. you're gorgeous! 2012 has started out SO nicely for me ... I know it's going to be the perfect year! Hope yours is absolutely joyous!


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