21 December 2011

My Wish For You

As the last pages of the calendar fly off their hook I wanted to send a special note to all of you who have made this such a special blogging year. You have blessed me with friendship, guidance, inspiration, giggles, support and wisdom and for this I send you a heartfelt...

~T H A N K  Y O U~

My life is truly enriched by knowing you and I look forward to adding new layers to our friendships in 2012.

In recent news, my little family is home safely from our holiday in Sydney and after a busy seven days filled to the brim with adventures and many special memories, we're looking forward to a low key Christmas, hopefully spent at the beach and river. Sparkling blue water, a gentle breeze, simple delicious food = happy kids & parents.

On a not-so-pleasant note, my trusty assistant Sophia [aka the laptop] has decided to go into a bit of a funk lately and won't talk to any of the other electrical devices in my office [printer, scanner, ipod, camera] so I confess this card is made with a not-so-up-to-date image but it was a truly happy moment captured by a friend and that's what I hope you receive in abundance over the coming weeks, lots and lots of truly happy, heart-warming moments spent with those whom you care about most.

I'll bid adieu to you now until the first weeks of the New Year and hope that all your hopes and dreams for the coming weeks are fulfilled.

Biggest of hugs!

09 December 2011

The Ultimate Girls' Day Out...

You're busy right?
The two words most thought or uttered by you at the moment are 'should' and 'must'.
There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

My gift for you today is a little bit of escapism....stick with me, it will be fun.

1. Imagine that all your lists are completed and the only thing left to do before Christmas morning is to lay out the Santa snacks and Reindeer carrots....you're totally organised and there is a complete sense of satisfaction and fulfillment flowing through every fibre of your being....stay for a while glowing in this wonderful feeling.

2. Now let's go one step further and imagine that you've had a surprise injection into your bank balance and within your means is the ability to bring together a group of your favourite girlfriends to spend the day with you.

3. You can go anywhere you'd like, do anything you want and take as long as you desire.

What would this day look like for you?
Where would you go and what special delights would you indulge in?
Is it possible that you've already enjoyed a day like this already or that it might actually happen in 2012?

I will leave you with this post to ponder and dream upon until after we return from our family holiday to Sydney....adieu and rĂªves doux.

PS: This post was inspired in part as a thank you for all the lovely well wishes that you left on my recent post, I feel truly blessed to have such lovely friends in Blogland and your comments really touched home.

06 December 2011

Something I Just Had To Share....

Hello special you, my posting has been sporadic at best in the last couple of weeks due to yet another bought of illness - this time the flu + sinus - but I'm feel so lucky to have such fabulous bloggy friends who have kept my spirits buoyed with lovely notes and messages that I had to pop in today and say THANK YOU!

My post today isn't really about me, but my wonderful Father Ian.
This is one of the only photos of the two of us together in recent times that I could find which was a big wake up call for me as I scrolled frantically through my photo gallery - something to be rectified ASAP!

You might think that this is an unusual photo for me to share with you but it's actually very significant.
It's a blurry image because it was taken by the ever-thoughtful Captain V rushing to capture this moment in time knowing how much I would treasure it.
That's my Dad walking with me through our garden, his arm is around me and I'm wiping away a stream of tears. He is giving me lots of loving advice and I'm overwhelmed.

This walk happened after a family luncheon where I'd just sat, with Captain V holding my hand, and explained my physical and mental health issues to my closest family members.
It was a particularly challenging conversation to have because I was not only bringing to light the truth about what I'd been dealing with but also pulling to the surface my fears and concerns.
We aren't a particularly emotionally articulate lot and I was worried about the response I would receive.
What a 'dill' I was, of course they were fabulous and this walk with Dad was one of the many loving gestures that flowed from my family to reassure and uplift me.  

I share this anecdote with you to introduce you to my very special Father. 
He is very much on my mind at the moment as he has suddenly become very unwell and is in hospital.
Mum took him to the emergency department in the very early hours of Sunday morning as he was suffering spiking temps and uncontrollable shaking. 
He's been there ever since undergoing a barrage of tests to try to determine what's going on.  
So far no real clues have come to light but hopefully he can return home today for some proper rest and constant monitoring and care provided by Mum.

I've felt completely useless throughout the whole ordeal as I can't be there to support Mum or visit Dad with this flu bug coursing through my body and all I've been able to do is make phone calls to check on Dad's progress it's been very frustrating.
This post was sparked because we just had a lovely chat together over the phone where I told him about the upcoming 'surprise holiday' to Sydney that we're taking the Gifts on and I'm please to say that his spirits seemed to lift as he shared his own tips for what to do and where we should go as he's a North Shore Sydney boy.
I dearly wish that I could give him a hug, hold his hand and help Mum through this time by actually being there with her but until this course of antibiotics does their thing I'm in quarantine mode.

So at this time of the year where we're all rushing about madly trying to buy things to show the people that we love how much we care for them, I hope that you read this and think that perhaps a material gift isn't the best present after all.
A warm hug, a long conversation, a thought-filled note, spending time together, sharing an experience, a true reaching out might be the gift that both your hearts will treasure most.

For all who are away from your loved ones at this time, this incident with Dad has helped me to understand how challenging it is not to be able to truly 'reach out'....oh and of course I now have a mission to take lots and lots of photos of my loved ones over the coming weeks.

Hugs to you my friend, I hope something in this post has resonated and that you take the time to reach out to someone you love today.

02 December 2011

The Gift Of New Experiences

I so wish you could have been here this morning.

Captain V and the Littlest Gift were in a buzz of excitement as they got ready to enjoy a 'boys' day out' at the cricket in Brisbane. This is a special day where all the little boys who have been playing cricket on Friday afternoons will get to play on the hallowed turf of the 'Gabba' - perhaps this is something that only true cricket tragics could understand [winking at you Jane] but it is a highlight let me tell you.
To make it extra special they're both playing 'hooky' from work and school (shhhh). This is something Captain V never does but I'm so pleased he has today as it has been a long, hard year and this will be a wonderful shared experience for them both.

After the testosterone had left the building, the girls roused themselves and realised that today is the first day of their two month Summer holiday - yay!
So what would any self-respecting teenager do on a day like this? Go to their friends of course!
Which in turn means that I got to play taxi driver, so as they were primping and preening I popped Luke in the back of the car for a ride with the intention of going for a walk by the river on our return journey.

I'm so glad I did because I found out that there's a beach very close to one of the friend's homes that is designated for dogs and it's a place he's never been before.....what a joy to watch his excitement blossom as he realised he could roam lead free, say hello to all the other doge unimpeded, jump in the waves, snorkel in the still water, run, run, run. I think he slept for the whole half hour of our drive home rather than his usual pose with nose in the air trying to take in all the smells that waft through the window.

Since we've returned, the weather has become overcast, windy and a bit drizzly but our morning of serendipity is a gift worth savouring.

Happy day to you my friend, I hope that serendipity is a gift you receive today too.
If you'd like to read more notes of gratefulness, scoot over to my friend Maxabella's where she's gathering in a great big basket of goodness.