30 October 2011

A Catchy Tune For Your Ears, Eyes & Toes...

If you liked this I'd highly recommend that you listen to this snappy little number too...

29 October 2011

Noosa Junior Triathlon Update

What a terrific morning!  
There were over 800 competitors all doing their thing in the Noosa Junior triathlon and the Littlest Gift, swam, rode and ran his heart out. He is sporting a lovely new medallion and a great big smile on his face and in true celebrity fashion has gone to party on with his 'peeps' with a sleep over to boot.

For those who love their sport, you may recognise one or two famous faces in the pics along the bottom row. They were handing out the medallions to the competitors and amongst them you may note a couple of Gold Medal Olympians mixed in with some famous Triathletes - love their smiles. 

I'm scooting off now to spend time with my family although am hoping for an early night as it was a tres early wake up today. Oh and I know you're wondering....no I will NOT be competing in next year's tri!

28 October 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Finding Balance....

It's been a licorice allsorts kind of week, layers of terrific mixed in with the 'not so'.
When I look back over the past seven days though and weigh up all that's transpired, the balance definitely favours the fact that I am truly blessed and that there is much to be grateful for indeed.

Let's travel around this montage of my life to have a peek into some of my happy-making elements.

#1 Our Home. I've chosen this photo to give my friend Denalee another glimpse of my yard as per her email request. It shows our fledgling Jacarandas kicking up their lilac skirts and the Agapanthus just starting to burst forth.  If you look carefully you will also see some towels hanging on the line - I'm truly grateful for sunny days and gentle breezes to allow me to have a house full of clean linen and towels....it's the simple things remember.

#2 Zen.  My friend here George sits in my colour-filled dressing room and reminds me each morning to try to find balance in my day. I'll admit that this isn't an easy task for me but when I pop on the 'happy' beads that he's holding I seem to get it right somehow.

#3 Swirls Of Pink.  I'd be surprised if you weren't aware of why this is a special colour during this month in particular and this grevillea found in our front garden, with its swirling ribbons of pink is a great reminder for me of the many brave and fabulous women who are not only fighting their own personal battles with breast cancer but also the ribbons of love and care that are wound around them by family, friends and fabulous support networks & carers.

#4 The Beach Beckons.  This little montage with the fuschia hibiscus and the photo of Captain V heading out on his longboard sits on the hallstand in our foyer.  This weekend I'm planning on not only frolicking with my gorgeous little niece in the ocean, but also cheering on Captain V's youngest as he partakes in his very first Noosa Triathlon - a big deal in these parts.
He's only 9 and asked with such enthusiasm if he could do it this year we had to say "Yes!".
We'll be waving him on from 6:30AM Saturday and I'll let you know how he goes.

#5 Luke.  This is the face that greets me every time I step outside and he makes me laugh every single day.
My faithful companion and bundle of giggle-making became the 'Dogfather' on Thursday afternoon as Captain V and I lay in the downstairs hammock debriefing our respective days.
Luke was fairly peeved that we were cutting into his walk time and became very vocal about it whilst staring us out. I half expected him to lift his paw to his chin Marlon Brando style and issue an ultimatum.  He had me in fits of laughter, the kind where nothing comes out except tears and you have to work really hard not to pee....love that dog!

#6 Healthy Eats.  A couple of weeks ago I started to renew our herb and vege garden and although it's a bit scrappy at the moment, everything that's been planted is thriving.  I'm looking forward to partaking in these butter lettuces soon, perhaps with a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and basil for a fresh lunch....scrummy!

So for these things and many, many more I am truly grateful.
Please scoot over and say hello to my enlightening friend Maxabella who will be gathering a scrummy pile of lists just like this over this coming weekend.

Hugs to you!

26 October 2011

Word Of The Week - Can You Guess?

I'm preparing a little something extra to go with the next WW post and so there won't be a word today.
Instead I'll give you a clue or two and see how many of you can guess what it will be.

Clue #1: An apt descriptor for me

Clue #2: Starts with 'L'

Clue #3: Has three syllables

Have fun with your guessing, I can't wait to read what you think the word might be.
If you'd like to see more of this art by Cassie Beck, click on over to her fabulous Etsy store 'Violet May Collage'.

Happy day!

25 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Jason Hackenwerth

It's a birthday week in our home this week - a special one as we have someone officially becoming a teen.
So what better way to celebrate than with some balloons for the 'Two For Tuesday' segment!

Of course the work of Jason Hackenwerth isn't your usual party balloon manoeuvre, no siree.
It's fun yes, but oh so much more. These installments are huge and are often hung in public spaces.
What appeals to me about them is their underwater/outerworldly qualities and of course their zesty colours.

{Nucleotide Exterior}
{Nucleotide Interior}

In addition to the two pieces that I'm featuring here today I'd encourage you to take the time to have a peek at the following videos which I hope will give you an appreciation of the creativity and skill involved in making these pieces and see how they literally come to life....can't wait to learn what you think.

If your interest has been piqued then you will enjoy finding out more about Jason at his blog, FB page and website. Love your work Jason!
I wonder if you'd consider creating something special for a beach party theme next weekend!?!

24 October 2011

A Happy Making Tune...

Another for the 'Happy Making' playlist my friend.
Thank you to Meredy for not only sharing it but for being a 'true inspiration'. The way you have lifted your eyes, heart and soul in difficult times is dazzling- you are a treasure.

If you're a new 'Gifter' seeking more toe-tapping, heart lifting music, pop on over to the sidebar you will find some goodies in the section titled "Happy Making Tunes".

My Oh My! A Hidden Jewel...

Happy new week friend.
I thought we'd start our gift giving by sharing a jewel from nature which was true serendipity in the finding.
Do you remember my glorious water lily snap from the start of the month?
Well the pond where the lilies grow is on a vacant block of land just up the street from where I live.

Some days when I take Luke for his afternoon excursion [ie: sniff fest] around the neighbourhood we detour and have a little explore of all the treasures flourishing there.

On the afternoon that I captured the bloom above I'd ventured a little further towards the back of the block than I had before.  Imagine my delight when I discovered this little treasure.
It was hiding amongst the spiky grasses and quite tiny [see the bottom right photo] and easily missed - fortunately for us I wasn't in a hurry and had plenty of time to marvel in its beauty.

At first I thought it was a Lantana plant but now I'm not sure. Whatever it is, the colours were luminous.
I haven't altered these images in any way and I hope you can see the vibrancy of the crimson, orange and gold sitting gloriously against the gentle green of its foliage.

I guess the lesson for me was that in going gently and venturing into new territory I was rewarded with an unexpected and truly beautiful prize.
This is a concept that I need to be mindful of in my everyday life. How about you?

21 October 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - An Unexpected Visitor

If you're an Aussie I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of Michael Leunig.
For those friends visiting from overseas Mr Leunig is a cartoonist who creates thought provoking social commentaries which I've admired and enjoyed for many years.
One of his key characters along with Vasco Pyjamas and Mr Curly is the Duck and ever since seeing his gentle duck friends I have wanted one of my own, but alas it was never to be.

That was until this afternoon when I had a most delightful yet unexpected visitor...

...these images are a little blurry as they were taken from our front balcony and our visitor was over fifty meters away.  This visit was a true gift of serendipity, unexpected and lovely and one of the wonderful things about living on acreage for which I'm entirely grateful.

My friend stayed for quite some time but was being dive bombed by the flying rats otherwise known as Indian Myna birds and eventually flew away to a gentler space.

So this week as I reflect upon the many gifts in my life that I'm grateful for...
* Garden Jewels
* Incredible Art
* Amazing People
* Happy-Making Tunes and
* Fragrant Flowers

...I'm also incredibly grateful for a visit, be it ever so brief, from my own gentle duck'ish friend.
I hope you have a brilliant weekend planned and take some time to visit my pal Maxabella who is also a fan of feathered friends and a great encourager of positive thinking & the gathering of gratefuls.

Oh, and if you see a long necked duck looking a little lost, please let him know that my door is always open.

If you're visiting via "Happy Homemakers" Post Of The Month Club - welcome! 
I hope you have a little explore, there's lots to see and I'll look forward to returning your visit.

Friday Flowers For Friends....

Hello friend it's Friday already and what a week it's been!
I know we usually travel together on a Friday and our 'Six Senses' tour guides have been marvelous, waiting patiently to share their pockets of the world with you.  I'm hoping to have a little more energy soon to do them justice....keep your peepers peeled.

Today I'm sharing a simple gift that has brought me great pleasure this week.
Captain V brought home these lilies last Thursday and they're sitting on our sideboard in front of a pastel painting that I adore. I purchased it whilst enduring a long drought when I lived in rural Queensland.
Aptly the image is of a storm cloud gathering over an empty paddock and like any good cloud, if you look at it long enough you will find all sorts of creatures contained within it.
Ironically, the drought broke not long after I bought it!

As for the flowers, every time I'm in their general vicinity I breathe a little deeper as I truly revel in their scent.
I know their fragrance isn't for everyone [my Mother loathes it] but I thought that you might like to share in their luminous white beauty with me.

If you're wondering what the ochre and green bits are, they're the stamens from the lilies which I've snipped and place into a little wooden bowl. I thought they looked lovely gathered together like this and their colour hasn't faded even though they've been detached for over a week.
I have to thank my clever friend Georgie for inspiring me with this, she reminded me that whenever she has lilies in the house she snips off the stamens as they can leave nasty stains, something to be avoided for sure.

I hope that your weekend ahead is filled with many moments that give you pleasure and renew your zest.

20 October 2011

A Tune To Tap Your Toes To...

A big thank you to the lovely Paloma for introducing me to Juan.
He isn't signed to a label yet, can you believe it?

I hope you have a toe-tappingly fabulous day in front of you.

19 October 2011

Word Of The Week - Humdinger


It truly gives me great pleasure when you send me a note with suggestions for gifts to share.
Today it comes in the form of a terrific word sent by my Canadian friend Daniel who is the most remarkable nature photographer and is a regular sharer of truly special images on his fabulous blog.

I love this word, it brings a smile to my face every time I say or read it.
It actually sounds like a very Aussie kind of word even though I know it was suggested by a Canadian. 
I'm intrigued to know whether or not it's a word you use and I'd be delighted if you could suggest a person, thing, action or statement that you believe really exemplifies it for you.

For me it's this man and the most remarkable effect he has had on lives around the entire planet ....

Thank you Daniel for sending me this word.
For the rest of you, let me see those brains sparkle by sharing your own humdingers!

18 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Herb Williams

Happy Tuesday friend - I can't wait for you to unwrap your gift of art today!

Before we proceed to our 'Two for Tuesday', I have a little anecdote to share that will set the scene.

One of Captain V's recollections from when we first met [aeons ago] is of him walking along the verandah outside my classroom and inhaling deeply of that special smell that is playdough. 
He says that with just one whiff, he was straight back in his own childhood. Powerful stuff.

For many years I was an early childhood teacher, and along with playdough, banana sandwiches and wet ink, it was crayons that had the capacity to take me back to not only my own childhood but to pleasant memories of teaching little people and watching them grow.

Last Friday I had the joy of working with a class of gorgeous five year olds and guess what? 
Along with bubble play, stories, singing and math counters...there were crayons!  

Someone who has a deep affinity for these colourful cylinders of wax is today's artist Herb Williams.
However instead of painting with his crayons, Herb creates the most spectacular sculptures.
I have a feeling that this wonderful man has managed to retain the special qualities of delight and wonder from his childhood, as every piece is full of fun as well as colour.

How about these fabulous flames entitled "Unwanted Visitor: A Portrait Of Wildfire" which is being exhibited in Texas at the moment representing the wildfires which recently ravaged parts of this State.
I'd encourage you to click this link to see Herb at work and view close ups of this incredible art.

For a slightly more whimsical feel, I've included this gorgeous pink dress which (believe it or not) is actually wearable...perhaps not to the beach though!

I can't wait to hear what you think about Herb's art and whether he has inspired you to get creative with your own Crayolas.

Happy day!

17 October 2011

My Oh My! Garden Jewels...

Hello lovely friend.
A little gift of colour from my garden at the moment in the form of Callistemons or as they're more commonly known, Bottle Brushes - I'm sure you can see how they got their name.
Their colour truly delights me, particularly in the morning sunshine and the feathery lightness to their form, well that's just glorious! This little montage showcases one of my alltime favourite colour combinations, hot pink, lime green with a good dash of white and the most incredible thing is that these beauties are natives in our area popping up in the most unexpected of places - bliss.

I hope that you've been keeping well over the past fortnight.
It's been a bit of a bumpy ride for me with lots of highs and lows with my health and energy [fortunately more of the former than the latter] but I hope to be back in the regular blogging saddle soon.

To all of you who've sent notes and emails - thank you so very much, you are sweet friends indeed.
Until next we meet, I hope that you keep your eyes and hearts open for beautiful gifts of serendipity just like the one I've shared with you today.

05 October 2011

Today's Word of The Week...

Instead of giving you a word today I'd like you to get creative and share an adjective or little phrase to describe these images of a water lilly found on a pond very close to our home.

04 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Anna Walker

A bit of fun for this week's 'Two For Tuesday' post.
Today we are celebrating the joy of childhood and the possibility of creativity with some interactive art from one of my favourite illustrators, Anna Walker.

I know that many of you who regularly stop by are parents, grandparents, educators and like me, people who enjoy the process of playing with colour.
If you live in the southern states of Australia you may even have children home on school holidays at the moment, so I thought that today's activity might be a fun way to spend some time with your children.

The two pieces I've chosen are from gorgeous picture books that Anna has provided the illustrations for and I must say that the first one 'All Through The Year' is one of my all time favourite reads.

So what do you think?
Do you have some time to play with colour?
Is there someone in your world who would love to spend an afternoon bringing these illustrations to life?

If you're keen to bring out your own inner artist or to share the gift of creating with someone special, simply click on the images above to be directed to a PDF version, print out, grab your favourite colouring tools and away you go! Anna has several more activity pages on her website if you want to do more.

I would really love to see your finished pieces.
Perhaps we could have a gallery here next Tuesday showing everyone what fun we've been up to.
In the meantime, you may like to visit Anna at her blog or website and be sure to keep an eye out for her illustrations, you might be surprised where they pop up.

Happy day and enjoy your creative play my friend.
If you have some time and would like to meet some more creative friends, jump on over here & say "G'day!".

PS: Since publishing this I've had a little play with some markers whilst enjoying a cup of tea and what fun it was.  
Here are some of Anna's friends adorned with my clothing....come on you know you want to play too!

05.10.11 My lovely friend Denalee has sent in this gorgeous page with the following message...

"I had to spend HOURS on the phone today making business phone calls, and I SO enjoyed coloring to keep my hands busy while my voice was working!  
Here's my finished project ... thanks for the distraction Felicity!"

02 October 2011

My Oh My! A Magical Moment...

Last week Captain V and I drove to Brisbane to pick up the children after their week long holiday with their mum. It was a glorious spring morning when they arrived and as we had no set plan for the day, we took a little detour on our way home. What happened next was true serendipity - unexpected and lovely.

Captain V took us on a trip down memory lane, visiting many of his childhood haunts and showing the children places which hold special memories for him, it was a wonderful experience for all of us.
You can imagine my delight when I spied this grove of Jacaranda trees in a little suburban park.
What thrilled me most was that instead of their usual lilac blossoms, their boughs were adorned with a ring of Chinese lanterns which bobbed and swayed in the breeze.

Of course I made Captain V stop the car and we all hopped out to admire this little gift that someone had thoughtfully left for others to enjoy.  I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine.

Happy week my friend, I hope that you are gifted with moments of serendipity as lovely as this.