28 September 2011

Word Of The Week - A Wish Come True

Hello friend, I hope that you enjoy unwrapping the gifts I have to share today.
Do you remember last week's WW post when I asked you to write down your favourite word?
Well you came up with some cracking good finds and I really enjoyed reading them all.
I promised to make them into a poster and it's been a fun task creating it for you.
Can you find your word?  There are so many here that I love saying out aloud for their musicality.
And there was even one word that was a complete newie for me, can you guess which one it was?
It's nimbiferous which was suggested by HeatherCaptain V and I had a fun morning trying to work out what it meant before eventually heading off to the dictionary to check the meaning....actually Captain V made up a little ditty centred around the town of Nimbin which my Aussies readers could probably guess the content of!

"So what does it mean?" I hear you ask.
Serving to bring clouds or stormy weather - so it's a word I will no doubt be able to use quite a bit now that the spring and summer storm season approaches.

So to all of you who played along I say a great big "Thank You!" I really enjoyed not only your words but  also the reasons why you chose them.

If you're a writer, teacher or simply a lover of words [a logophile as my Lovely friend Jane informs me] please feel free to print off our new word poster and use it to zhush up your sentences and expand the vocabulary of those about you.

Now for a bonus gift just because you're such great blogging friends.
I was delighted with a gift of serendipity sent from the Fairy Hobmother yesterday where she contacted me out of the blue and made my day with a gift card to Dymocks Bookstores = yippeee!
Being the generous soul that she is, the Fairy Hobmother has told me that if you would like a wish to come true too, all that you need do is leave a comment on this post and make a wish - how fabulous is that?!?

Have fun wishing away fabulous friend and a happy day to you!

27 September 2011

Two For Tuesday - Mary Henderson

Hi there fabulous friend, Tuesday has rolled around sparkling and bright and it's time for another dose of "Two For Tuesday". If you're one of my new 'Gifters' or just popping by for a quick visit, you may not be familiar with this game that we play with two pieces of art that have taken my fancy in the preceding week.
Today I'm showcasing two pieces by Mary Henderson, I think you'll know why.

Beach season has begun again in my pocket of the world and already we've enjoyed some spectacular moments in the sea and beside our glorious river.
Many of my Southern Hemisphere friends are just getting the first glimpses of warmer weather and beginning to anticipate a season of fun in the sun, cooling water and languorous hours enjoying the company of family and friends. I know that my Northern Hemisphere Blogeristas are beginning to revel in cooler temps after a long, hot summer and I'm sure you have many favourite memories from the season just gone by that will be evoked by these fabulous paintings.

I think that Mary has captured beautifully the simple moments of summer spent with friends by the water. 
If you've been participating with TFT for a while now, you will know that I truly admire photo-realistic painting and Mary has mastered this technique with great finesse.
The first painting showcased here is titled "Dock" and is oil on canvas, the second "Rock" and is oil on panel.

No matter where your home is, I hope that you are able to appreciate the artistry with which Mary has captured these moments in time and season.....I look forward to reading your favourite summer memories or those you are looking forward to making and of course your impressions of the art itself.

Happy day!

22 September 2011

My Creative Space - Spring Wardrobe Makeover

What fun I've had today, storing my winter woollies and tights and digging out my spring clothes.
Gone are all the blacks and greys (well almost all) and in their place is colour, colour, colour!

The warmer weather has heralded a change in lighter, brighter clothing and I'm looking forward to working my way through my little rainbow of tops and dresses.
So what about you - are you a colour lover? Does your wardrobe reflect this?
Do you think that selecting what you'll wear each day constitutes a creative process?

If you enjoy playing with colour and texture, I bet you'll enjoy visiting other people's creative spaces too.

Hop on over here to play with my fellow creative friends.
And to see my inspiration for posting this little snippet into my life - click on over to my startling gorgeous friend Kymmie who works her magic with her wardrobe every single day = amazing!

21 September 2011

Word Of The Week - Your Turn

I think you may have guessed by now that I love words and am always delighted to find a new one.
So today, instead of me giving you a word to play with I'd be thrilled if you could pop a word or two into the comments section that you absolutely love. A word that brings a smile to your face every time you hear or read it, a word that interests or intrigues you, a word that inspires.
In a day or two I'll recreate this poster to include all the fabulous new words that we've gathered together.
What do you think? Are you in? 
Spread the word (sorry I couldn't resist) and let's see what fabulous words we come up with....

20 September 2011

Two For Tuesday - Cayce Zavaglia

Hello friend, what a treat I have for you today.
I've been saving this for some time and I hope that you enjoy this gift as much as I did when I first unwrapped it.
Before I tell you a little more about the art that we will be 'playing' with today, I wonder if you can guess the medium that the artist has used?

Did you say embroidery wool?
That's right, both of these pieces have been created entirely with thread!
The artist is Cayce Zavaglia and this is what she says about her art:

"I still consider myself a painter and find it difficult not to refer to these embroidered portraits as "paintings". Although the medium employed is crewel embroidery wool, the technique borrows more from the worlds of drawing and painting.
Initially, working with an established range of wool colours proved frustrating. Unlike painting, I was unable to mix the colours by hand. Progressively, I created a system of sewing threads in a sequence that would ultimately give the allusion of a certain colour or tone.
The direction in which the threads were sewn had to mimic the way lines are layered in a drawing to give the allusion of depth, volume, and form.  Over time the stitches have become tighter and more complex but ultimately more evocative of flesh, hair, and cloth."

Are you as astounded as I am?
I would dearly love to see Cayce's work in real life as I think it would be phenomenal to be able to get really close and see the stitches, then walk backwards watching as the image altered with distance.
I'm sure that you would like to see more of these incredible portraits, pop on over to her website here.

As we play with this art today, I'm happy for you to either comment on the art as a process or to tell me what lies behind the eyes of today's portraitures.

Happy day my friend, I hope that there is much in the little details that positively astounds you.

19 September 2011

My Oh My! - A Wish For You...

Good morning fabulous You!
I hope that you enjoyed a weekend that has put a spring back into your step and that the week ahead is looking promising for lots of great things to happen.
Captain V and I have just returned from a brilliant mini-break in the city with our families and are now anticipating the next week at home where we will be recharging our internal batteries.

My wish for you is that you'll spend a moment thinking about what would bring you great delight in this coming week. What would give you a contented heart and an 'easy' mind?
Close your eyes, see it happening, then blow upon this little dandelion puff so that your wish might come true.

Happy week my lovely friend, I can't wait to learn what you're wishing for...

17 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Of Sunsets & Surprises

Happy weekend lovely friend - the sun has set on another school term and it's holidays in my pocket of the world - yippee! One of the Gifts and I got into holiday mode early on Thursday evening and had an early dinner at the river whilst the others were at sport. 
How glorious is that sunset? We hope to spend many hours in and on the water over the next fortnight and for me this is THE most magical time of the year to be enjoyed outdoors.

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}
Last Saturday I was taken on a fabulous adventure of deep contemplation when I followed a comment link back to its origin. Denalee is the author of one of the most moving and beautifully crafted spaces in Blogland and last weekend she had me in tears and later....glorious, tear streaming, rib holding laughter - you really must pop on over and say hello.  If you're looking for a place to start your contemplation and possibly a new friendship, you might like to view this movie.

{Connecting, socialising, loving and being loved}
This weekend will be filled to the brim with family.
Captain V and I will be spending time with my brother and his little family - my niece has just popped on her little pink tutu ready for ballet lessons and we've already read lots of books, played games and gone on an adventure - precious fun!
Tonight we will be going to a sporting event with Captain V's family - I can't wait to hear the crowd roar!
Tomorrow I'll be attending a baby shower for the wife of Captain V's nephew - the precious baby will be the first grandchild for Captain V's brother and sister in law - joy!

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}
It's been another week of sparkling health and I had another two days of substitute teaching to cap it all off - I am beginning to trust that my body is truly going to be well again - quiet relief.

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}
This week I've been blessed with many gifts to make my heart swell.

Last Sunday my gorgeous friend Jane and I enjoyed a luxuriously long chat on the phone and I found myself marvelling over and over at how fortunate I am to have been gifted with such a special connection.  

Then on Wednesday imagine my delight when I went to take Luke for his mid-morning walk, opened the mailbox and found these gorgeous treasures contained within a sweet little envelope.
They had winged their way from the home of the talented artist & designer Tabitha Emma and straight away they put an extra bounce in my step....thank you Tabitha, they've already been worn with joy!

So that's my list of many of the things that I'm truly grateful for this week.
Have you thought about writing your own list?
My dazzling friend Maxabella usually gathers them into a basket that she keeps on her kitchen table, but this week she's sharing the joy with a friend of hers Brenda from Mira Narnie - pop on over, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see you.

14 September 2011

The Conversation That Could Change A Life...

What would you say if a little child fell down in front of you?

What would you say if you came across an elderly person looking obviously lost in a public place?

What would you say if you met a Mum coming out of the supermarket juggling a newborn and grocery bags?

What would you say if you realised that you were seeing your neighbour outside less and less often?

What would you say if a work colleague arrived from interstate and after some time still looked lost?

What would you say if you hadn't heard from a friend or family member in a really long time?

What would you say if your sister seemed to be adding more and more to their already busy life and was regularly swinging from being fully energised to totally exhausted?

What would you say if your child became withdrawn and each day found an excuse not to go to school?

What would you say if your partner were to stumble upon a rough patch but seemed to be buzzingly bright?

What would you say if you looked in the mirror and realised that the person looking back wasn't coping?

I'm fairly certain that it in the first two or three examples above, you would automatically stop and ask

"Are you OK?"

As you read down the list though, I wonder how many of us have the strength or conviction to reach out and utter those three simple words "Are You OK?".
Starting a conversation like this can be daunting because we're not sure what we'll hear and many of us feel ill-equipped to deal with the answer if it's "Not really."
The thing is, what if someone you know or care about really isn't coping and doesn't have the ability to reach out themselves, what then?

Fortunately there are oodles of resources available to support us and they are readily accessible at the click or tap of a button.  One of the best things that I've read in a long time is the material contained on the 'RUOK?' website. They have a great page that details how to have that difficult conversation, guiding you step-by-step and offering options if the person you're worried about doesn't want to talk.

I'll be having one of these conversations today with someone I care about immensely.
It's not the 'starter' conversation, but a follow up to check in on how the journey is going for them.
They have done the same for me many times and with great love and patience as I navigate the obstacles I face with my own anxiety & depression and for this I am truly, truly grateful.

As you read each of these golden speech bubbles I hope that you've been able to answer "Yes!".
I hope too that you might be inspired to ask someone you know those three little words today.
Please visit the website for more information or click on the image below to take you to someone who can help.

To read more posts just like this, hop on over to Gemma's space "My Big Nutshell" where she's hosting a very special blog hop for the next week.

Word of the Week - Fadmin

Hello Lovely it's Wednesday, which means 'Word of the Week' although you may not know that as it's been such an extraordinarily long time since we've had a new word to play with.

What a thrill then when I had such a delightful gift of serendipity this morning.
I was reading through some of my favourite blogs when our word for this week jumped straight out at me thanks to the witty and oh-so-true writing of Karen at 'The Rhythm Method'.
Thanks Karen, what a fabulous way to start my day your post was.

So now for this week's word...

I love it when I discover a new word that I can start to use immediately and believe me I will be using this word a LOT. If I were braver I would take a photo of a big pile of fadmin sitting in two baskets at my feet.

Karen's post (which I highly recommend you read when you finish here) has not only prompted me to write this but has inspired me to get out a great big notebook and get all my own fadmin items out onto a long, long list!

So what do you think? Is it a word that you could use?
Perhaps you will be inspired to write your own post including it. If you do play along, please link to this post with the WoW logo so that you can help your readers zhush up their vocabulary.

Now to find that notebook and a sharp pencil.....

13 September 2011

Two For Tuesday - Sean Scott

The seasons have shifted and the temperatures are warming, so today's 'Two For Tuesday' post is a celebration of my favourite playground, the beach.

Photographic artist Sean Scott has captured glorious images featuring sea blue oceans, bright green pandanus and the fresh yellow & white delight of frangipanis - I would encourage you to visit his site to soak in some summertime beachy goodness.

The pieces that I've chosen from his gallery may be a little unexpected but I hope no less delightful in their evocation of the beach and surf culture. 
Can you guess what appeals to me and how they are connected?

Have fun playing with Sean's art today, I can't wait to find out how you view them and in what ways they relate to your own life at the moment.

Happy day Lovely,

12 September 2011

US Open Won By Our Girl Sam

There was much fist-pumping, clapping and cheering in our house a couple of minutes ago.

My Oh My! Mellifluous Music To Share

My soul absolutely soars every time I hear this piece.
I hope that as you begin your new week that you can take some time to listen to this mellifluous melody and that your day ahead is truly delightful....

11 September 2011

Sunday Gift Of Simple Beauty

It is a glorious sunshiney day in my pocket of the world and although I'll be busy doing things around the house it would be delightful to think that one of you somewhere in this great big amazing world is doing this...

Thank you Kellie for introducing me to Paul's work.

09 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Love & Other Bits

Welcome friend. Here's my little list of some of the things that I'm most grateful for this week...

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}
After raiding my parent's garden last weekend, I have an abundance of citrus in my home at the moment. 
The problem is that there is so much of it, and I can only drink so many Coronas - if you get my drift....so what to do? Get out the muffin tins, slice the lemons and limes, add a little water to cover, pop them in the freezer et voila! lemon & lime slices in giant ice cubes ready for cooling drinks when the temps start to climb in the next month or two - genius no? 

{Connecting, empathising, socialising, loving and being loved}
Father's Day. Last Sunday I divided my time between watching Captain V be 'loved up' by his three gorgeous Gifts and scooting up to my parent's home to spoil my own Dad.

On Sunday morning, Captain V was treated to a glorious breakfast of gourmet bacon & egg sandwiches, a freshly blended icy fruit juice, a heart-burstingly gorgeous and tear inducingly amazing stop motion video featuring all three Gifts, handmade cards and a timber Chinese Chequers board from his beautiful children.  
The kids did absolutely everything themselves and the initiative and care with which it was all made and presented was a loving act in and of itself and I know that Captain V was a very proud and happy father indeed.

My Dad was on his ride-on mower when I pulled into my parent's driveway and the look of surprise & delight that I saw as I drove past was wonderful as I'd wanted my visit to be unexpected and lovely.
Buying gifts for my Dad is often a bit tricky but this year I was fortunate to find several that I'm pleased to report he loves. Take note if you're thinking about getting pressies ready for Christmas...

 * A 'Scratch Map of the World'. As you may know, my parents enjoy their travel and I realised recently that they don't actually have a globe or map of the world in their home!
Here's Dad having a good squiz at the map my brother and I gave him. It's like a giant Scratch-It, the idea being that you scratch off the coating on the countries that you've visited to reveal a colour beneath, so that the places that you've travelled to pop out - he'll be busy for quite some time to come.
* A gift that Dad began using straight away is a lovely little book titled "My Dad - His Stories, His Words"
There are memory prompts on every page and it will no doubt be a great read for all of us when he's finished and the conversations that will be prompted on reading his responses will be revelatory I'm sure.  One of the prompts asked what Dad's first address was. He could not only remember the exact address but the phone number from his childhood home - seriously he has a memory like a steel trap!
* I also chose a timber photo box which holds over 150 images encased in special little books for him to display his own favourite images from his recent travels.

* Finally, something to keep the endorphins swimming, some good old-fashioned humour by that clever duo Clarke & Dawe. The DVD compendium titled 'The Full Catastrophe' will be something I know Dad will enjoy watching over and over again.
I am ever grateful to have both of my parents in my life and although I don't see them nearly as much as I would like I'm grateful for the love, wisdom and support of my Dad.

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}
I'm so grateful that I was well enough to do two consecutive days of work this week - yay!
For those of you scoffing at this I'll clarify that this is a big deal for me as I make my way out of chronic fatigue.
I'm also rather thankful for the miracle that is Olive Leaf spray which I credit with keeping me healthy and well when all sorts of nasty bugs were all about. 

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}
Captain V isn't a great reader of my blog or any blog for that matter but on Thursday afternoon whilst on our daily walk I told him about a profoundly moving post that I'd read that day written by Cherie at "A Baby Called Max". That night I not only read him Cherie's post but the correspondence that Cherie and I had had 'off blog'.  
I had to stop several times to collect myself and wipe away the tears as there is much in her post that is deeply poignant for Captain V and I. Thank you Cherie for your honest writing it has prompted much discussion and thoughtful reflection.

Well that's my week, how about yours? 
Are you reading this thinking "I have so much to be grateful for myself this week!". 
I bet you can think of many things to gather into a list of your own.  Once you have, be sure to pop on over to one of the most gorgeous and warm-hearted bloggers I know, Kymmie who is hosting this week's grateful gathering for our lovely friend Maxabella.

Happy weekend, I hope that you enjoy much to be grateful for.

08 September 2011

My Creative Space - Through The Looking Glass

Have you ever woken with an idea that simply must be actioned? 
A thought or tune dancing in your mind that inspires you to create something brand new?

The following snippets are part of a little project that I'm working on inspired by Lewis Caroll's 'Alice In Wonderland'. The thing that I like about this type of project is that they seem to have a life of their own.
One thing leads to another without rhyme or reason and then before my eyes something new emerges.
There's no right or wrong, no timeline or expectation, simply a fun way to spend some time playing with colour and form. Just like Alice, I'm intrigued to find out what will reveal itself and where I will go.

I'm wondering, do you ever play creatively like this? Freeform, no rules or direction bounding your thinking?
If you would like to see some more creative 'players' there's a whole swag of them sharing over here...go on you know you want to!

06 September 2011

Two For Tuesday

Happy Tuesday friend!
For the first time in a really long time I had a challenge finding an artist that I wanted to feature in this segment. So what to do? Create a montage featuring a selection of my favourite artists and from across the previous twelve months of course!
You know that this is an interactive gift don't you? I'd like to know what immediately pops out at you? 
Select four images that appeal to you today, write the numbers with a brief description sharing your thoughts. Have fun!

If you would like to see more of these pieces, here are the links.

If you are visiting at the end of September via Laura's 'Happy Homemaker' link - a warm welcome to you.
I've added many new artists to my little gallery this month and you can find them on the sidebar under the title "Art To Enjoy". I hope you enjoy your visit and that I may see you here again soon.

05 September 2011

My Oh My! Sparkling Serendipity

Happy new week Lovely!
I hope that you enjoy at least one moment of pure serendipity where you unexpectedly discover or experience something new or truly lovely.

I'd like to think that this image could have been one such moment on a busy Monday morning - the connection of like-minded soles souls....yep, that's the kind of mood I'm in this morning!

02 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Smell The Roses...

Happy weekend Lovely! I wish you could breathe in the glorious perfume of these delicate roses from my Mother's garden. Spring truly has arrived!

If you've been following along for a while now you will know that this is the space in my week where I share the gift of gratitude and this week has been full to the brim with heart warming moments big and small.
I've decided to format my Gathering Grateful's posts in a new way and would love to receive your feedback. I've based this on a model that I use to guide my practice in my private and my vocational lives.

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}

This week I've enjoyed learning about html - no really!
As a relatively new Blogerista I have been quite bamboozled by the complexities of coding my space.
This has begun to change after I followed a link posted by Swiss Miss introducing a fun new place called the 'Codeacademy'.  It's a free interactive website which gives novices like me a series of easy-to-use tutorials to begin my html journey. Who knows what this new knowledge will enable!

{Connecting, empathising, socialising, loving and being loved}

How wonderful it was to be able to spend some extended time with my parents, brother and his family earlier in the week. We were able to gather together in my brother's new home and I particularly enjoyed spending a busy afternoon with my niece at the museum.
Seeing the world through the eyes of a three year old is truly a glorious gift to be treasured indeed!

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}

Taking Luke for a walk each day is a terrific way to get me out and about and at this time of the year when nature is bursting forth with her bounty of blossoms it's a true delight. I'm truly grateful to not only live in a peaceful neighbourhood where I can walk Luke safely but for a great camera to capture the gifts of serendipity which I invariably find along the way.

For my Northern Hemisphere friends the flowers in this montage are all Australian natives and they were found growing around a little dam which sits on a vacant block just up the street from where we live.
Most of the blooms are held on tiny spikes and are no bigger than your little fingernail, to capture them I had to bend down very low.

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}

My heart skipped a beat this week....in a good way!
I opened the mail box to find a postpack addressed to me. Inside was the most fabulous treasure - a container of macarons baked by my very own French Master Chef Sandrine.
Sandrine is a true gem and I've adopted her as my unofficial French tutor as she helps to add new words to my vocabulary in the most delightful of ways.  

When she found out that I'd never actually tasted a true French macaron she thoughtfully popped on her apron and made a batch.  They wended their way to my home and it was everything that I could do not to scoff them all in one go - tres magnifique mon amie, merci!
Now I know that eating macarons accompanied by a cup of sweet tea might be seen to be at odds with nurturing my body but I've got to tell you, these little morsels of goodness lifted my spirits and gave me a spring in my step which was better than any endorphin high from exercising!

So this week I'm grateful for learning something new, time with precious family, discovering the tiniest of blosoms and the generosity and cleverness of sweet Blogerista friends.

I will leave you on that note, with the encouragement to set aside some time this weekend to gather your own 'gratefuls'. The effervescent Em is giving Maxabella a helping hand this week and will gladly pop them into her basket of happiness to brighten the day of others just like you.

Happy weekend Lovely!

Six Senses Tour - In Your Home

Happy day everyone, it's that time of the week again where we travel to a new pocket of the world.
Today's 'Six Senses' tour has a twist as it's all about enjoying the delights found closer to home.
At this time of the year I'm so excited to be putting out the welcome mat and flinging the doors wide to welcome Spring into our home.  For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere I know you're starting to feather your nests in preparation for the cooler months ahead.
Today's tour is all about creating spaces that are enticing to the senses with a strong nod to design.


Hi, everyone, I'm Susi and I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world.
My writing focuses on things I'm passionate about: interior design, decorating ideas, home furnishings, gardening, travel and art. I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them, I'm a very lucky girl!

I was intrigued when I was invited to write a Six Senses Tour guest post.
I loved Felicity's visit to her beach and after taking this tour with her, was inspired to look at interiors in a new way, beyond color and furniture placement.

Six Sense Interior Ideas

I believe that the five senses should also come into play along with other senses like space and memory, if you can consider those senses. I hope you enjoy this article and afterwards look at your own spaces in a new way.

Ruby PR (via)
A home should embrace all the senses.
Sight and touch are perhaps the easiest to appeal to, but the combination of sense and memory can create powerful spaces. I use travel as inspiration to turn a room into a place where I can recall and reminisce, to mentally travel to faraway lands.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
House to Home (via)

Comfort relates to sight, sound and touch.
A room that soothes with pleasing patterns, delights with conversation and relaxes into soft seating is a room that provides comfort. This bohemian farmhouse room invites one to settle in, enjoy and relax.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Little Bits of Lovely (via)
A kitchen is often called the heart of the home but what makes a kitchen feel this way?
Delicious smells and promises of tasty food are the key. Kitchen design ideas like lovely displays of food and art tickle eyes, nose and mouth.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Delight by Design (via)
Inspire your senses with a room that embraces the outdoors.
Warm breezes and scents of the garden imbue an indoor/outdoor space with the scents, sounds and the touch of nature.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Houzz (via)
A bathroom should invigorate and calm the senses.
The clean lines and surfaces of this bathroom keep the decoration and stimulation to a minimum, allowing the natural canvas through the window to inspire.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
That Vegan Blog (via)
When decorating a room, don't forget the tactile and textures.
Create vignettes that demand to be touched as well as seen. Fresh flowers or herbs are always welcome.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Pinterest (via)
Beyond the five senses, another sense so important to interior design is the sense of space.
Enlarging or decreasing the scale of a room can be achieved through decorating.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Ruby PR (via)
Some rooms inspire dreams and imagination. A mural of flowering branches filled with birds is the jumping off point for fairy tales and sweet dreams even for adults.

So as we come to the end of this tour I'd like to leave you with the notion that, no matter the space, it is possible to imbue it with elements which awaken the senses and allow you to truly connect with the elements contained within it.
Thank you Susi and the talented team at Design Shuffle.
If you're inspired to learn more about including elements in your own home that will enliven your senses or to find and share talented interior designs from from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

Happy day Lovely I hope your weekend ahead is truly glorious!