31 May 2011

Three Gifts In One Day - Wowee!

"Three posts in one day - what's going on?" you may well ask.

Of course we always have our 'Two For Tuesday' art and I love the selections that Bridget has curated for us today - if you haven't stopped by the gallery I suggest you scoot on over after reading this for some perspectivication [new word I just made up].

This was all as it should be but I was a noonat [a word I regularly use to describe myself] and popped up  tomorrow's 'Word of the Week' post early.  I must say that I've enjoyed reading your responses to my request for unusual placenames so far. If you haven't added your own example yet, quick sticks and get to it!

So now we get to the reason why I'm sharing out a third gift in one day - quite simply I've been inspired!
My amazing friend Naomi of Seven Cherubs fame is gearing up for a month of happiness posts beginning tomorrow.  To kick start the process she has something today challenging us to write an unhappiness list in the hope that in doing this we will clarify what truly makes us happy. Great idea yes?

Well I was all abuzz and had to write mine straight away {the fact that Naomi had included a link for the gorgeous stationery that you see below may have been an extra incentivator [I'm on a roll today] too}, so here are my lists.  Firstly the things that make me unhappy...
...and now for the more pleasant of the two, my happy making list...
Of course there are a LOT more that I could pop onto the second page but it's a start and I know that there will be many more opportunities to think about this as I'm guided by Naomi and her newest project of inspiration.

If you're keen to create your own list, pop on over to see Naomi {she'll give you the link for the stationery if you ask nicely} and let me know if you publish one so that I can have a read too.

Word Of The Week - "OO" What's In A Name?

On the weekend, Captain V and I were checking the online weather forecast for our local area.
As we scrolled over the digital map, I was struck by the number of places in my immediate vicinity that have a double 'O' or 'oo' in them. I've created this graphic so that you can have some fun saying them aloud...

I think that there may even be a few missing, the point is that there's a lot of 'OO' action happening here!
Many are aboriginal names which is very common in Australia but it got me to wondering if this is a common phenomenon around the world.  I have some questions for you....

* What's the most unusual place name that you've resided at?
* Perhaps you can beat my list - how many rhyming placenames do you know?
* If you're familiar with my pocket of the world, how many of these places have you visited?
* Do you know of any 'OO' places that I may have missed on my list?

As you scoot about, keep your eyes peeled for interesting 'oo' names or words & please pop back to share.

Two For Tuesday - George Baselitz

Welcome new 'Gifters' and my longtime friends.  
A cheery hello to those of you who are just popping in for a peek today.

Tuesdays are a favourite of mine as this is the day where I share a gift of art with you and we play a game.  If you're new to this space you might like to have a look at the art which has been showcased on previous Tuesdays, this can be found in the 'Art To Enjoy' section on my sidebar.

To play along is easy, you simply leave a note sharing your opinion of the two pieces below. 
I'd love to learn how they relate to your life at the moment, their comparative similarities or differences, or anything else that jumps out at you upon viewing the artwork.
Today I have invited Bridget to be my 'guest curator' as she was attending an art fair in Hong Kong this weekend. I love what Bridget has shared about the pieces and her special insights....

My favourite piece was this one by Georg Baselitz, a German artist born in '38. 
The first image called "Iris" caught me eye because of the colours and the interesting shapes. 
I said to the gallery person, "It looks upside down." and she said that he turns most of his art upside down because it's the content that matters not which way you look at it! 
I loved that he was trying to get people to look past convention and see what was on the canvas.....how fantastic, especially for an older artist! This painting was going for $5 million HKD which is about 450,000 euros!! 
The second piece is titled "Bussard". I'm sure there'll be some people who don't like his work.
I thought it was interesting and am interested in his unusual conceptual style.
Well Bridget, we'll soon find out what people think of Georg's work. If you are interested in seeing more of his work click here.

Personally I like the way he makes you see things from a different perspective.Then again I was a bit of a fiend when I was little, hanging upside down on the monkey bars until my head was ready to burst - enjoying the view - a bit like the Bussard!
The second piece has special significance for me and I'm glad you chose it.  Whenever I feel that my Bluebird has lost her zing to sing I'll think of this piece and get my thinking straightened out!

30 May 2011

My Oh My! A Little Bit Frenchy

Happy new week friend, I hope that you enjoy all of the loveliness contained in this snappy little video.
My intention is that it will make a pleasant introduction to the next seven days especially if, like me you love all things French or perhaps to travel - if only in our imaginations!  Passez une bonne semaine - have a good week.

Commercial for EF International Language Centers.  Directed by Gustav Johansson (gustavjohansson.com) 
You know that I'm hoping that one day it will be me saying all of these lovely French phrases and walking those cobblestones - is anyone with me?

27 May 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Cool Evening Ensemble

It's starting to get a bit chilly in my pocket of the world which meant that I had to start thinking about changing over my light weight PJs for something a little warmer.

I know that flannys are snuggly and may even be the only choice for you, but they are a bit bulky for me and I tend to overheat in them.  We have relatively warm winters here so I'm lucky that I can get away with lighter layers -  a compromise was needed.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I spied these little beauties.  They are charcoal grey with soft pink trims and I've got to tell you, I'm smitten.  You can't really see it in this photo but the cuffs at both the ankle and wrist have quite long splits which makes them very feminine.

I've been finishing off my evening ensemble with a soft pink pashmina around my shoulders, which is  all I need at the moment. When the temperature really starts to drop, I have the choice between a lovely old cable-knit charcoal grey coat or a baby pink robe which Captain V gave me during our courtship.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well it's little things like this which may seem trivial to some but truly bring me great delight and I'm all for sharing on the joy!
I bet you have a favourite winter ensemble that you snuggle into in the evenings.  Do you ever be naughty like me and keep them on all day just because they are so very, very comfortable?

I'd like to thank Ness for inspiring this post and to the gorgeous Maxabella for making room on her kitchen table to enable us all to pop a note in her grateful basket.

If you're feeling the effects of the cooler weather and would like some respite in a warmer clime or are up for an adventure of the senses, be sure to pop on Emily's tour of her downtown market action in Seoul here.
For more great reads about happy-making moments knock on Maxabella's door here.

Happy day dear friend, I hope that you get to snuggle up with someone you love.

Six Senses Tour - Seoul Korea

Hi there and welcome aboard the latest 'Six Senses' tour.
Today we are privileged to have the uber-talented Emily from 'Good Things' as our guide. 
Hold onto your hat friend as this is a tour to really rock your senses!
So far on this wonderful series that Felicity is hosting we've seen the natural beauty of places like Australia's Northern Beaches, America's New Hampshire and (most recently) the Netherlands, shine through.  
Well, brace yourself Gifters because I'm about to take you far away from those idyllic settings and drop you straight in to the heart of a busy, bustling vibrant city!  Welcome to Seoul, South Korea!

There are so many fascinating, beautiful, intriguing places we could go, but I've decided to take you to one of my favourite spots in Seoul - today we're going to visit Namdaemun Market (남대문시장), one of Seoul's biggest and oldest markets.

As we walk in and look about, you might be starting to get an inkling of just how big this market is.
It's huge, and labyrinth-like and frankly, sometimes overwhelming.  You can literally buy almost anything here - dried fish, watermelons, children's clothing, watches, ginseng, hair accessories and Kpop paraphernalia, to name just a few!

But a visit to Namdaemun isn't necessarily about shopping.  I'm lucky enough to have Namdaemun on my door step so I get to walk through it almost every day and the atmosphere of the market - especially when the sun is shining - never fails to cheer me up.  Sometimes I find it positively inspiring!

So stop and take a moment.  Have a look around - notice the colours of the umbrellas, the patterns of the stacked goods, the hand written signs, the happy Japanese tourists laden with bags, the chattering groups of ajummas (아줌마 - older married women).

Feel the soft (and sometimes not so soft) bump of bodies walking past you. And don't get annoyed when it happens, it's just the side effect of having so many people living in such close confines, your sense of personal space most definitely shrinks!

Listen to the stall holders spruiking their wares, mainly in Korean but often in Japanese too, and sometimes with a smattering of Mandarin or English or French thrown in for good measure.  

Oh, wait a minute...what's that smell?  The one that's a little like dirty socks being cooked in mud?
Looks like we've just got downwind of the bondaegi (번데기) cart which sells a popular snack made by braising silkworms in soy sauce and other seaonings. It has what's described as an 'earthy' aroma, and if you're game to try a cup you are a braver soul than I!

Let's move on shall we?  And perhaps on to my favourite part of the market?
If you're in any way interested in art or craft I have a feeling you might enjoy this, for here's a part of the market dedicated entirely to paper and ribbon in all kinds of patterns and colours imaginable!  If you're working on a project, or you need a bit of inspiration, this is most definitely the place to come. I think when we finally move on from Korea this stretch of little shops will be the place I miss the most.

Feeling peckish yet?  Well, you might be pleased to hear that there is a whole range of street food available aside from those silk worms.  Almost every corner has a stand or a stall selling something to eat or drink.  If you're a fan of dried squid and spicy rice cakes (a bit like Korean gnocchi), you're well catered for.  And don't worry, if you're like me and not a fan of either of those things there is still plenty of delicious food on offer to whet your taste buds.  There's salty bowls of seaweed noodle soup, deliciously fresh steamed dumplings (you'll have to queue for those, but they're worth it!), tiny coffee shops that claim they offer 'everything you need' and carts selling sugary cinnamon pastries.

But, if you want an inside tip, here's two of my favourite market snacks:

First up, there's these grilled pockets of deliciousness (I don't know their name!) which are kind of flaky pastry pouches crisped up on an oily griller and filled with a stir fry of seasoned glass noodles, carrot and spring onion.  Hot and oh so tasty, there's a few stalls that sell these but those in the know head to an innocuous looking stall towards the north of the market (you can tell it apart by the queue of people - there is always a queue at this stand!).  All you need is 1,000 won (about AU $1.00) and this tasty thing is yours.  Yum!

And next, seeing as it's a sunny and warm blue sky kind of day, some luscious fresh fruit is in order, don't you think? During these early Summer days a new type of street stall emerges, selling single serve chunks of the tastiest watermelon, pineapple and honeydew melon that you'll ever have the pleasure to eat!  Feel the crunch of the fruit, taste it's sweetness, and wipe the juice off your chin (and a little note - it's best to eat on the spot, most Koreans don't eat and walk).
A deliciously healthy way to end our visit to Namdaemun market!

I hope you had fun, do come again soon okay?  Maybe next time I can show you around Myeondong, or Insadong, or take you up into the mountains or...

Thank you Emily, what a riot of colours, mouth-watering food and new concepts to get my head around!  
I will definitely be taking you up on that offer to guide us through another fascinating pocket of Korea.

Now dear Gifter you know the drill.  Emily has put a lot of effort into creating this tour for you and I know that she will be thrilled if you take a minute to tell her what struck you most about this adventure.

Oh and be sure to pop on over to her blog 'Good Things' where you will find all sorts of treats: traveling things, crafty things, tasty things, fun things, new things, vintage things, pretty things, things that go woof [my personal favourite!] and things that are on Emily's mind.

Thanks again Emily, you are a truly wonderful Gifter!

Oh and speaking of traveling and adventures - Bon Voyage to my adored parents Margy B & Ian who are zooming off for a three month holiday in the Northern Hemisphere today - safe travels & much serendipity.

26 May 2011

Letting My Bluebird Sing - Buzzing The Air Waves

Radio is one of my alltime favourite forms of media and is an integrated element of my everyday life.
Working from home I have the luxury of starting my day with ABC Radio National and subscribe to many podcasts which I can listen to whenever I want.

How fabulous then to be featured on Sydney's Hope 103.2 FM on Jennifer Reid's segment 'Best of the Blogs'. The funny thing is, the broadcast went to air whilst we were in the midst of our telecommunications dramaand I had to scoot off to the library, sit in a corner with my ear to my laptop to be able to listen to it!

Each week the gorgeous Jennifer profiles a blog that she wants to give a shout out about and I was truly tickled pink to have been recently chosen.
If you haven't met Jennifer yet, you will be delighted to spend time in her lovely blog space "Life's Like A Cupcake". Make sure you set aside some time with a good cup of coffee & a delicious snack as there is so much to explore, a myriad of yummy recipes and for anyone looking for a burst of inspiration you can't go past Jennifer's moving story.

And if you have a spare ten minutes the 'Gift Of Serendipity - Best of the Blogs' feature can be heard here.
It made my bluebird sing loud and clear and I thank Jennifer from the bottom of my heart for this gift.

Happy day dear friend, what has made your bluebird sing this week?

* Fingers crossed this has been completely resolved.

25 May 2011

Word Of The Week - Kip

My maternal grandparents Bob & Verlie came 'off the land' which is an Australian colloquial phrase which simply means that they were farmers. My Grandfather lived to be 101 and Grandmother Verlie is over 103. 

So what does any of this have to do with this week's word 'Kip'? 
Well I believe that their habit of having a little snooze after their midday meal each day contributed to their longevity.  A little sleep or kip, allowed their bodies to recoup after a morning of busy physical labour and an afternoon featuring more of the same and I'm sure this added to their healthy body-mind balance.

I follow in their footsteps whenever I can and was pleased when I read that the iconic beauty and actress Sophia Lauren believed in having a rest after lunch each day and attributed this to her 'eternal glow'. 
So now when I find that the planets have aligned and my pillow beckons with an hour to spare you will hear me inform my family "I'm off to have a Sophia now - quiet please."

So what about you? Do you enjoy the opportunity to have a mini-nap or kip on weekends or are you someone who finds it difficult to sleep in the daytime? What do you call this rest time - a kip, snooze, sleep or Sophia?

Happy day dear friend - I'm sure that a kip can be a gift of serendipity for some of us - unexpected & lovely.

24 May 2011

Two For Tuesday - Ruth Armitage

I love Tuesdays, this is the day of the week where I share a gift of art with you and we play a game.
With great originality I've titled this activity 'Two For Tuesday'.

Welcome new 'Gifters' and hello to those of you who are just popping in for a peek.  
You might like to have a look at the art which has been showcased on previous Tuesdays, this can be found in the 'Art To Enjoy' section on my sidebar. Look for this logo featuring my pots of watercolour pencils.

This week we venture into the gallery of Ruth Armitage from Oregon City, USA.
If you've known me for a little while you will see many symbols in the first painting "Paris Perchance" that have caught my eye and the second painting "Spring Song" has another.  Ruth writes that in 'Spring Song' she has painted a whimsical bird singing a happy song for you - voila!

I can't wait to read your responses to these glowing pieces and of course I know you'll want to see more of Ruth's work which you can do by visiting her Etsy store or her blog.

23 May 2011

My Oh My! Japanese Beauty

As you know I've adapted to working in my wonderful local library.
This brings all sorts of interesting and unexpected new elements to my world - some lovely, some not so much.

On Friday of last week I had a true gift of serendipity. A couple of bikers approached the table that I was working on. As they removed their helmets I looked up and was absolutely gobsmacked.
There was a guy sporting the requisite grungy beard and beside him THE most serenely beautiful Japanese woman I have ever seen. She actually appeared to radiate a soft glow and I truly had to force myself not to stare.  Several times during the duration of their stay at my table I caught myself taking a little peek at her and wondering at the juxtaposition of the biker leathers and her gentle beauty.

Too soon they departed and left me thinking about all sorts of lovely elements of Japanese culture which I adore.  Gorgeous fabrics and paper, gardens and food styling, tea ceremonies and architecture.

It makes me wonder, have you ever been stopped in your tracks by unexpected beauty?
You may have encountered a gorgeous scene in nature, a manmade element or a stranger in an unexpected place - each and every one is a gift and I'd love for you to share your stories here.

21 May 2011

Six Senses Tours - The Netherlands

Wowee, it's been a while since we've globetrotted together hasn't it?
This week we're privileged to have the wonderful Saskia from 'Join My Joy' as our Tour Guide.
Grab your sense of wonder and hop on board the 'Six Senses' tour as we explore another little pocket of the world with this truly gorgeous Gifter.


Hi, I am Saskia and I love to tell you a bit about my home in The Netherlands. 
If you are looking for where I live on the globe, you will find our neighbour countries are Germany and Belgium. 
My family love swimming in the North Sea in Summertime.

I give you a warm welcome to my home. 
We live in the country, in a teeny tiny village called Ottoland. 
Our street name is B, just B. We have an A street and a B street, now you have an idea of how teeny tiny it is ;)

I would like you to meet my neighbour, well she is just one amongst many brothers and sisters. 
Plenty of bugs and frogs dance and sing around the home too and a little tractor comes out very often to play in the yard.

I love love the taste of good coffee and homemade cake. Since my oldest daughter was born I am a stay at home mom. 
The oven is my best friend in the house, we make a lot of Italian food and sweet treats.

I cannot get enough of cuddling and hugging my four little ones, especially in Wintertime when we bake a lot and create the funniest things. We sit down at the big table in the living room, bunches of chocolate and tea, giggles, happy faces and the creativity juices start to flow (most of the time..).

I delight in the smell of fresh picked wildflowers in Spring and the odour of my lilacs!

My little monkeys attend school in Rotterdam, ‘the big city’, that's where we spend our weekdays. 
But each and every weekend and during vacations we enjoy country life.

I loved reading about the lovely little corners in the world and I look forward to reading and looking at the ones to follow! 
Thanks for this great idea, sweet Fizz, it is inspiring and fun! Happy thoughts to all.
Thank you so much Saskia. You are such an upbeat and inspiring person, I've looked forward to your tour with great anticipation and feel privileged to be able to have a peek into your world. 
Can you believe that Captain V gave me the most wonderful pot of red and yellow tulips for Mother's Day and of course my mind skipped to The Netherlands.  
If you would like to receive more of Saskia's gorgeous joy, and in her own words to 'sweetify your day', skip on over to her special place in Blogland, I just know you'll love it!
Ooh and a bonus is that she has a lovely giveaway at the moment.

18 May 2011

A Slow Couple Of Weeks...

It has been a slow couple of weeks.

Not in the sense that I've felt sluggish or slow - no siree!
Slow in the sense that despite the fact that I've been working hard and persisting with the myriad challenges that seem to be presenting themselves, I don't seem to be making great progress - or if I am it's slow.
You see Captain V and I are in the process of getting our home ready for sale.
It has been quite a task, leaving me wondering [not for the first time] why it is that we have so much 'stuff' and how it is that something cleaned to within an inch of its life one day can be smeared in fingerprints or even cobwebs the very next!?!
There is a large part of my soul which craves the simplicity of a life pared back and I've experienced many moments contemplating the snail with her stylish little home, compact and light enough to carry from place to place.....what a dream!

I know that this news will come as a bit of a surprise for many of you as I haven't mentioned this before but we have only just made our final decision. I'll keep you posted on our plans and progress and hope that some of you will have great advice for me as this excursion into the mayhem of cleaning and sorting, open houses and [fingers crossed] contracts ensues, I will receive it all eagerly.


Another element of the 'go slows' has been my sharing of gifts.
I give you my most sincere apologies for the distinct lack of posts over the past fortnight.  
We've been experiencing an ongoing 'issue' with our internet service provider [although I think 'provider' is a very generous term!] which has meant that my only access to the internet and Blogland has been at our wonderful local library. This has been a most unwelcome blogging break & I'm looking forward to this situation being resolved soon. 

It will be terrific to be able to return to my normal swing of things posting and catching up on all of my favourite Blogerista's writings and be able to return emails to many of you who have written - thank you.
One nice element of this imposed vacation has been my need to revert to snail mail to keep in contact with some of my bloggy friends - imagine that!?!
My apologies to those of you who have been missing your regular gifts of serendipity, cross your fingers that we get things sorted out soon.


My gift to you this 'week' is a lovely poem by William Cowper which may give you food for thought.....

The Snail

To grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall, 
The snail sticks close, nor fears to fall,
As if he grew there, house and all

Within that house secure he hides,
When danger imminent betides
Of storm, or other harm besides
Of weather.

Give but his horns the slightest touch,
His self-collecting power is such,
He shrinks into his house, with such

Wher’er he dwells, he dwells alone,
Except himself has chattels none,
Well satisfied to be his own
Whole treasure.

Thus hermit-like, his life he leads,
Nor partner of his banquet needs,
And if he meets one, only feeds
The faster.

Who seeks him must be worse than blind,
(He and his house are so combined,)
Its master.

09 May 2011

My Oh My! - Letting My Bluebird Sing!

Happiest of happy days dear friend.

My oh my do I have some very exciting news to tell you?

Yep, that's right I've been nominated as one of the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers for 2011.

This is a HUGE honour for me as I am in the MOST AMAZING company of truly talented and inspirational Aussie Blogeristas. There are so many friends amongst the list but I would like to make  particular mention of my dazzling bloggy sister Jane and uber talented friend Maxabella.
I raise my glass to these special friends, all of the nominees and the team at Kidspot - my bluebird is singing a very happy tune indeed and I thank you sincerely.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to visit the website to read a little more about the nominated Bloggers.
If you're popping in from the Kidspot site, welcome I hope you enjoy exploring my space.

Now I know it's a competition but I'm truly-ruly out of my skin happy to be nominated and won't be campaigning for your votes after this post. If you are feeling magnanimous however, you can click the Kidspot badge on my sidebar to send a little blog love my way.
The badge will take you to my page at the Kidspot site where you will find a little 'Vote For Me' button - clickety click, then please scoot off to explore some of the other bloggers' pages....
Meet the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Here and
Learn A Little About Me In Six Easy Steps Here 

I'll leave you now singing my happy song.....

Zippety do-dah, zippity-ay

My, oh my, what a wonderful day!

Plenty of sunshine headin' my way

Zippety do-dah, zippity-ay!

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder

It's the truth, it's actual

Ev'rything is satisfactual

Zippety do-dah, zippity-ay

Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!

07 May 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - I Spy...

Me: I spy with my great big ginormous eye, something beginning with 'M'.

You: MuuMuu?

Me: No but that is me in the middle seemingly rocking my best Mumma Cass look!

You: Mexican cowgirls?

Me: Very creative!  I can see where you're coming from with the hats and what looks to be a gun-toting hipster on the left - but no, try again.

You: Morning shadows?

Me: I guess it could be and I love your divergent thinking, but not this time - it was actually late afternoon.

You: Oh I know! I know! Moving forward - because you're on a road!!!

Me: OK I'll give you that but what I was really aiming for was Mothers.
This photo was taken at Easter with my own Mother on the left, my Sister-In-Law on the right {piggy-backing my only niece} and of course you know that it's me in the middle.

I am totally indebted to my own Mum and am ever in admiration for the way my SIL is raising my only niece.
On this special weekend I send out a great big heart warming "Hooray!" to all the Mothers, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Mothers-in-Law and expectant Mothers.
I wish you a very happy weekend filled with much Mother love!

To find out what other clever cookies just like you are grateful for this weekend, scoot on over to the dazzling Maxabella's and revel in the Grateful Lists she has gathered.

06 May 2011

Six Senses Tours - A Surprise For You

Over the hubbub of the busy airport a message is broadcast....

"This is an update for all passengers waiting for the next 'Six Senses' tour to depart. 
We understand that your flights have been delayed again and we thank you for your patience.  
The next tour is due to depart very soon but until that time we ask that you help yourself to the complimentary cocktails and canapes being served in the "Magic Carpet" bar.
Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to sharing our revised itinerary with you which includes visits to Seoul, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Hobart and Boston to name a few of the fabulous destinations planned.
Au revoir & bon appetite before your bon voyage!"


I see your face drop and you gather your carry on items and start to make your way to the bar.

But wait. What's this?
A tall, handsome stranger looks like he's coming your way.
He is!
He's stopping now....and what's that he said to you?
What? You're heading off to the executive rooms for a little tete a tete?
I wonder what's going on?


Inside the palatial executive suite your eyes pop at all the magnificence.
Glass, silver, leather and rich dark wood are in abundance and there is a calm pace to everything that happens under the muted lights and uber chic music piped through the space.

You are handed a heavy glass of French champagne and told sotto voce that you've been selected to take a special trip of your own choosing.
Apparently your reflections are going to be used in the promotions for 'Six Senses' tours and the trip that you design will last for no less than five days.
He says that the only stipulation is that you must select a luxury mode of transport ie: 5 star train, ocean liner, first class plane or a combination of all three.

Your face lights up and I'm left wondering what you are thinking.
Where will  you go and how will you travel?
It sounds like the sky is literally the limit with this fabulous gift and I can't wait to unwrap it with you!

PS: If you are just too overwhelmed by your luck to comment, pop on over to the sidebar and vote for  the mode of transport which best suits your luxury travel sensibilities....

05 May 2011

Letting My Bluebird Sing - Happy Making Colours

Do you have colours that make your heart sing?

Is there a combination that you are smitten by over and over?

Perhaps your tastes change with the seasons or stages of your life?

If you have been popping into this space for a while you will know that I am a great fan of soft blues and white. This is a colour combination that I have gravitated towards ever since I was a little girl {my Mother has the photos and treasured art to prove it!}.

What you may not know is my love for the sunshine bursts on the colour wheel, especially when they are teamed together.  Aquas, happy yellows, orange, rosey pink and fresh greens - all of these bring me true delight.

Enter stage left {via an introduction from the gorgeous Blogerista Emma Burgess}, the supremely talented happy-maker and designer Amy Butler.
I've created these collages just for you. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite elements from Amy's recent range and if you look carefully, you'll see a photo of the genius herself surrounded by some of her recent collection.

Amy's fabrics, stationery and creative combinations truly make my soul sing.
In fact if I had oodles of 'clams' to splash about, I would fill my wardrobe and home with Amy Butler fabrics and then pop on over to the local hospital and nursing home to add some of her colour pops to the  wards of the precious people residing there.

Now it's your turn my friend - what are the colours that make your Bluebird of Happiness sing?

As you look about your space, at the clothes, jewels & accessories you wear, the art you hang on your walls, the colours of your furnishings - what do you see that really encapsulates who you are at your happiest?

For me, it's the bedlinen on the spare bed in my study {you can see it in this photo, very Amy Butler - but actually 'Harry Harry'} and the bursts of colour on my inspiration board which I shared with you here.
I hope you've enjoyed learning about my happy-making colours and learning a little about Amy.
By the way, this isn't a sponsored post I think the woman's a genius and am happy to sing it out for free!

04 May 2011

Word of The Week - Pip

Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing? Then this space is for you!
Each week I unearth a new word to play with.  If you would like to join in, you can write a post incorporating this weeks' word, then come back and leave a comment with your post link so that we can all read your work.  
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Our word this week was inspired whilst viewing the coverage of the Royal Wedding but fear not, I won't be boring you with more images or insights from this event.
Instead I share with you a word which I confess has been one of my favourites when used as a proper noun or name.
Like many of the words that I share with you, I enjoy the way that it sounds when said aloud.
So here it is and I'll be interested to know which meaning you relate to most.....


1. The small seed of a fruit, such as an apple or an orange.
2. Something or someone wonderful.

1. One of the dots or symbols on a die, playing card, or domino.
2. Any of the diamond-shaped segments on the surface of a pineapple.
3. An insignia on the shoulder indicating an officer's rank. 

 Any minor, nonspecific ailment in a person. 

The smallest change in the exchange rate for a given currency pair. Most major currencies (except yen) are priced to the fourth decimal place, so a pip is 1/100 of one percent (.0001). 

verb tr.:
1. To defeat, especially by a narrow margin or at the last moment.
2. To hit with a gunshot.

verb intr.
To peep or chirp.

verb tr.
To break through the shell of an egg when hatching.
Who would have imagined that there would be so many meanings for such a little word?

For those of you who enjoy exploring the different ways in which a word can be used and have a much thumbed thesaurus, you may enjoy playing with a terrific online tool, the 'Visual Thesaurus'.
Simply pop in any word that you would like to see alternate meanings for and a terrific interactive graphic emerges before you eyes. 
You can then click on the dots to discover even more words - but be warned 'Alice' you never know what you might find if you travel down this logophile well!

Happy day dear friend - I hope you enjoy using this gift...