09 December 2011

The Ultimate Girls' Day Out...

You're busy right?
The two words most thought or uttered by you at the moment are 'should' and 'must'.
There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

My gift for you today is a little bit of escapism....stick with me, it will be fun.

1. Imagine that all your lists are completed and the only thing left to do before Christmas morning is to lay out the Santa snacks and Reindeer carrots....you're totally organised and there is a complete sense of satisfaction and fulfillment flowing through every fibre of your being....stay for a while glowing in this wonderful feeling.

2. Now let's go one step further and imagine that you've had a surprise injection into your bank balance and within your means is the ability to bring together a group of your favourite girlfriends to spend the day with you.

3. You can go anywhere you'd like, do anything you want and take as long as you desire.

What would this day look like for you?
Where would you go and what special delights would you indulge in?
Is it possible that you've already enjoyed a day like this already or that it might actually happen in 2012?

I will leave you with this post to ponder and dream upon until after we return from our family holiday to Sydney....adieu and rêves doux.

PS: This post was inspired in part as a thank you for all the lovely well wishes that you left on my recent post, I feel truly blessed to have such lovely friends in Blogland and your comments really touched home.


  1. Ooh I forgot to add my day....

    We would wake in paradise after having arrived at our luxury beachside accommodation the night before.
    We'd each take our time to wake with some of us enjoying a dip in the soothing ocean before returning to our accommodation and getting dressed for the day.

    Our first meal of the day would be tasty but not too heavy as we have a luxury spa day planned.

    Mid-morning we're collected from our accommodation and driven to the spa where we each take turns to enjoy full body massages, manicures and pedicures whilst sipping on champagne and snacking on delicious morsels.

    We return to our accommodation in the early evening floating on 'Cloud 9' and feeling totally revatilised.
    A quick shower and glam up before heading out for some delicious cocktails and tapas to toast the setting sun.

    Are you in?

  2. I'm in for sure!
    Have a safe and very happy trip my friend :)
    My first thought was jetting to New York for delicious food, shopping and a Broadway show. :)
    Funny about #1 is I'm writing a to do list right now.

  3. Oh,stop it Felicity it all sounds just too much!! What you described is exactly up my alley with perhaps a surf and watching the sun rise, just to set the mood for the day. massage, facials, champagne and a lovely dinner to finish the night would be all time - even better if it was after winning the lotto, then I could shout everyone!! Have a lovely trip.xx

  4. lovely blog...ooh my trip with my girls would be to paris...shopping & indulging in yummy nutella crepes!

  5. Oh I LOVE your day, can I come!In the mean time I had a wonderful night out yesterday with some crafty friends and it felt real and wonderful!:)So lucky!Bon voyage mon amie xx Sandrine

  6. What a lovely dream. I'm with the girls in Paris. Can we stop for coffee and macarons?

  7. Email me when you're in Sydney!?! Is there time to meet up? Let's see! x

  8. Ooh sounds wonderful I will enjoy chatting to you while sipping my Cosmopolitan!!! :))

    Have a wonderful time Felicity safe journey & plenty of christmas cheer xxx

  9. Perfect. I couldn't have planned it better myself. So when?

  10. I'm definitely in on your day! Sounds perfect to me. I'd throw in a stroll along the beach as the sun was going down......ahhh....bliss! xxx

  11. *Sigh*. That would be truly blissful. I like every one of your suggestions except the beach bit. I am *so* not a beach babe! Let's move the scene to Paris in mid-summer instead! J x

  12. Felicity what a love thought. I would invite all of my beautiful blog friends to gather together and enjoy a day at my beach cottage ( imaging I will have one one day) xo

  13. How lovely. I'd have to do a day of wandering, shopping, eating and drinking in Paris :)

  14. Oh how much fun. Let's all trip over to Europe, maybe half a dozen amazing cities & with all the walking, we can eat ourselves silly & chat late into the nights. Glorious, love Posie

  15. I went to Paris by train last Summer, talking talking looking tea drinking laughing laughing and laughing a little more. THAT was a perfect day out for me :))

    Have a lovely time gearing up for the Christmas season, sweet Fizz xx

  16. Sometime in the future
    when all of our children
    are off to college, my
    bestie from New Zealand
    and I are going to rent a
    wee cottage in Scotland
    for a few weeks. We are
    going to take long walks,
    drink copious amounts of
    coffee, tea and wine, read
    piles of books, poke around
    in little shops and of course,
    talk and talk and talk to
    our heart's delight!

    Have a wonderful trip!

    xx Suzanne

  17. It has been such a heavy week, familywise, that I'm in for something escapist..movies, shows, seashores, good food and sitting under the stars on a warm evening with pretty lights draped over trees would be just heavenly...

  18. Thank you Felicity. What a sweet gift you just gave with this post. Thinking of you today.

  19. Hope you're enjoying your holidays. It is a funny coincidence that your post speaks about escapism. My post has similar under tones. :)

    À bientôt mon amie.

  20. Merry Christmas Felicity, to you and your family! I'm having a break until after the wedding now so will catch up at the end of January here. I hope your health improves substantially and you have a wonderful holiday period..see ya! xox

  21. Thanks so much for posting my giveaway on your side bar Felicity. Noosa Main Beach sounds wonderful.

  22. PS Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope the shell tree works out. Looking forward to good weather in Sydney after all the rain.
    Carolyn xx

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