06 December 2011

Something I Just Had To Share....

Hello special you, my posting has been sporadic at best in the last couple of weeks due to yet another bought of illness - this time the flu + sinus - but I'm feel so lucky to have such fabulous bloggy friends who have kept my spirits buoyed with lovely notes and messages that I had to pop in today and say THANK YOU!

My post today isn't really about me, but my wonderful Father Ian.
This is one of the only photos of the two of us together in recent times that I could find which was a big wake up call for me as I scrolled frantically through my photo gallery - something to be rectified ASAP!

You might think that this is an unusual photo for me to share with you but it's actually very significant.
It's a blurry image because it was taken by the ever-thoughtful Captain V rushing to capture this moment in time knowing how much I would treasure it.
That's my Dad walking with me through our garden, his arm is around me and I'm wiping away a stream of tears. He is giving me lots of loving advice and I'm overwhelmed.

This walk happened after a family luncheon where I'd just sat, with Captain V holding my hand, and explained my physical and mental health issues to my closest family members.
It was a particularly challenging conversation to have because I was not only bringing to light the truth about what I'd been dealing with but also pulling to the surface my fears and concerns.
We aren't a particularly emotionally articulate lot and I was worried about the response I would receive.
What a 'dill' I was, of course they were fabulous and this walk with Dad was one of the many loving gestures that flowed from my family to reassure and uplift me.  

I share this anecdote with you to introduce you to my very special Father. 
He is very much on my mind at the moment as he has suddenly become very unwell and is in hospital.
Mum took him to the emergency department in the very early hours of Sunday morning as he was suffering spiking temps and uncontrollable shaking. 
He's been there ever since undergoing a barrage of tests to try to determine what's going on.  
So far no real clues have come to light but hopefully he can return home today for some proper rest and constant monitoring and care provided by Mum.

I've felt completely useless throughout the whole ordeal as I can't be there to support Mum or visit Dad with this flu bug coursing through my body and all I've been able to do is make phone calls to check on Dad's progress it's been very frustrating.
This post was sparked because we just had a lovely chat together over the phone where I told him about the upcoming 'surprise holiday' to Sydney that we're taking the Gifts on and I'm please to say that his spirits seemed to lift as he shared his own tips for what to do and where we should go as he's a North Shore Sydney boy.
I dearly wish that I could give him a hug, hold his hand and help Mum through this time by actually being there with her but until this course of antibiotics does their thing I'm in quarantine mode.

So at this time of the year where we're all rushing about madly trying to buy things to show the people that we love how much we care for them, I hope that you read this and think that perhaps a material gift isn't the best present after all.
A warm hug, a long conversation, a thought-filled note, spending time together, sharing an experience, a true reaching out might be the gift that both your hearts will treasure most.

For all who are away from your loved ones at this time, this incident with Dad has helped me to understand how challenging it is not to be able to truly 'reach out'....oh and of course I now have a mission to take lots and lots of photos of my loved ones over the coming weeks.

Hugs to you my friend, I hope something in this post has resonated and that you take the time to reach out to someone you love today.


  1. oh, i hope they can determine what is going on, and that it is fully treatable and easily rectified! your poor mum must be very worried! and i know this is very hard for you since you are ill yourself!

    thanks for sharing that moment in that photo - and the message you have given us - both in not being afraid to be yourself with those you love and to show the love for those close to you - can never mean more than right now in this season. :)

  2. from Madrid I wish you all the best!

  3. Dear F,

    Sigh, I knew you were wiping tears and that was your daddy before I even read the words.

    You get all the support and love you deserve my friend. I'm sure it was a most difficult thing to do, but feel better knowing everyone reacted with love and understanding.

    I am send healing vibes across the universe to you and your daddy. Wish I was physically closer, but please know you are in my thoughts.


  4. Oh Honey..what a huge mixed bag of emotions that would have come flooding through..you are such a special soul you are.
    I hope your dads illness isn nothing too serious and that he recovers quickly..and I hope you kick this darn flu quick smart..its horrible not being well enough..or being able to do the things you WANT so much to do when you are unwell.
    Sending big hugs your way sweetheart x

  5. The second candle of Advent symbolizes Peace (or wholeness). Continued prayers for you and special prayers for your father. May your fears be put to rest and your soul strengthened.

  6. Oh Felicity, my heart is reaching out to you..it's something I have been thinking a lot of lately as well, my dad turned 75 the other day and although he is fit as a fiddle (my husband did a heart ctg on him the other day just to double check)it has been a realisation for me that he is not going to be here forever.

    I'm sure the docs will find something out and you will get rid of that pesky sinus that I know can linger for weeks.

    Sounds like we have a lot in common...my dad too is from Northern Beaches in Sydney and we dont certainly dont show our emotions much as a family unit....

    Take care and fingers crossed. Great message for all in todays post.xx

  7. Hi Felicity, my heart is with you all and will pray that you and your dad will both be on the mend so you can take many, many pictures just like you want to.

  8. My heart is with you as I shed a little tear of concern and joy at the same time.

    As your words do resonate with me completely.

    Much love

  9. Hi Felicity thank you for sharing a beautiful post. Your loving conversation with your Dad will mean so much to him. I wish him, you and all your family the very best. Mimi xx

  10. Oh tears Felicity. I hope your Dad gets better soon and thank you for sharing such a personal moment with us.

  11. I am constantly amazed by the way the internet connects people who would most likely never know about one another or their stories.
    Including warm hugs for you and prayers for your father and family.
    Hide A Heart

  12. Oh Felicity! It really is a beautiful photo because it captures a moment of beauty. And arghh, I know that feeling of helplessness ALL too well - sending get well thoughts to you and your lovely Dad x

  13. sending you lots of hugs xxx

  14. What a lovely post Felicity, sending warm wishes your way. It is a very busy time of year, I cannot fit another thing in. I enjoy your blog posts often.x

  15. Oh my lovely friends - thank you seems inadequate.
    I've just read over your comments and am truly touched.
    There isn't a progress report on Dad yet but I'll keep you posted here.

    Biggest of hugs and thank you's.

  16. Oh my dear friend, I am thinking of you. I hope you hear some good news soon. Sending you love and hugs, as always. xx

  17. Thinking of you and your dad Felicity
    Hoping all is well

  18. Hi Felicity : )

    What a beautiful, thought provoking and heart warming/wrenching post. I send you my love and well wishes for your father. A timely message for us all. Warmest of hugs...
    Kim xo

  19. That's so lovely, Felicity. I'm so onto everyone to take photos of me and especially ones of me with my son because life just flies right by and before we know it we're all older and realise there's no photos of us - once we're old and then gone. A little morbid, I know but my mum died when I was 18 and she was really photo shy so there aren't many pics of her which really upsets me still.

    Your Dad sounds lovely. That was so nice of your hubby to snap that shot. I hope your Dad gets better really soon and same for you xxx

  20. aww sweetie - so sorry to hear about your dad ... crossing all for a speedy recovery to wellbeing - big hugs ... this kind of incident has motivated our move back to brisbane in early 2012 - we are too far away down here - thinking of you le xox

  21. A blurry picture has never been poignant until today. Sending you my love and prayers.

    xx Tey

  22. yes hope he gets better soon!!!


  23. Oh sweet friend I love this photo. My thoughts will be with you and your father this week. Hoping is will soon be on the mend and you as well.
    I thought I was having a trying day, you've reminded me, I wasn't really.
    Love to you all across the seas.

  24. Wednesday update:

    Dad came home yesterday and although very weak is resting well.

    Me with antibiotics and a big dose of sodium ascorbate I seem to be kicking the latest germs - rainy and cool here - perfect weather for resting.

    Thank you again for all your thoughtful and loving notes here and via my email - you really are THE BEST!

  25. Just catching up on my reader and saw this - so glad he is at home now. Biggest hugs to you and hope he is on the med fully!

    Deb @home life simplified

  26. What a beautiful post. I hope your Dad gets well soon and comes home to be smothered in love. A-M xx

  27. What a beautiful post Felicity. I do pray that your Dad's health will improve and that you will soon be able to cheer him with your presence. I am mindful that my parents live far away and some days feel as if I am just waiting for that call to tell me one of them is unwell. I hate that I am not just down the road but that's life I guess.
    Hang in there, you are in my thoughts.

  28. I really don't have any words, just thank you for this post. It is something I needed to be reminded of especially during the hustle and bustle of this time of year. I need to take a step back and appreciate the small things (as cliche as that sounds). I hope that you find joy this season Felicity...and just b/c you aren't there right by their side doesn't mean they don't feel of your support...they are lucky to have you as a daughter.



  29. Oh Sweetheart. I've finally found this. You know what I think. And yes, I implore you to take as many photos with your dear ones as you can. Rest up. J x

  30. Hi Felicity,

    I was deeply moved when I read this post. I haven't been around on the blogging scene much of late...I have been battling with some of my own inner demons and healing.

    Your photo with your father brought tears to my eyes. My own relationship with my father is very strained. Dad lives with Clinical Depression and has in the past been very hurtful in conversation with me, the thing is all of these conversations are not verbal, they are via text. And whilst I have been plodding along with life pretending I am ok, the cookie began to crumble a month ago when I realised, that I too have been living with depression. Admitting this to myself and my husband has helped so much with shedding light on some really important issues, like why I find it so hard to verbalise and communicate my feelings and emotions...it just seemed so much easier to put on a happy brave face and fake it to the world.

    And so this Christmas, I will meet up with my father for the first time in 5 years, and I will speak from the heart....

    Thank you


  31. Oh Nicola,
    My hand is on my heart and there's a big lump in my throat as I read this.
    I would love to respond to you personally but I can't find a contact for you - if you come back to check these comments, please email me so that I can share my many thoughts on this most touching and honest of comments.
    x F

  32. I too am in tears looking at your photo and reading your post. The moment captured is so beautiful yet sad (well done Captain V for the foresight in capturing the moment).

    I too have recently been touched by the sadness and uncertainty of a family health scare. I understand how you're feeling.

    Take care of yourself.


  33. Dear Felicity,

    Finally found a moment to pop by your blog and I am so touched by your post. How brave of you to talk to your family and I am so happy with the response you received. Adore the picture. Just how a father and daughter should be in my eyes. Delightful. So sorry to hear about your father and I am also glad to hear that he is at home again from the comments section. Both of you need to rest up and I wish you a speedy recovery. Hugs and Kisses N x

  34. Hi Felicity ooh my I am so sorry to hear about your dad & you must be so frustrated at the moment stay strong & well xxxx

  35. Hello Felicity, I also missed all your struggle with the business of the moment.I hope things are looking brighter today for you all.Take good care and enjoy the little sunshine today xo

  36. I'm so sorry that I missed this post earlier Felicity. As I'm sure you'll know it really resonated with me. I love the way that our parents continue to surprise us with their love and support no matter what, and how we grower older we are able to give back in the same way. All the very best wishes to your dad for a very quick recovery, and while you can't physically hug him at the moment I'm sure he's feeling the vibes :) Enjoy your holiday x

  37. Dearest Felicity, this post was so lovely. I felt the emotion pouring from it. Such wonderful advice...to cherish our loved ones and let them know how much they mean to us. I am saying a prayer for your father (and your mum) and hoping that your father is able to regain his health fully. And also that you will soon be over your flu, and back to better health soon too. Life is fragile and precious, and we must live everyday to it's fullest.
    sending many hugs...

  38. Oh dear friend!! What a beautiful post. The picture is amazing. It's not often that we can catch those truly emotional moments, so that is definitely one to cherish. And all the most positive and 'get-better' thoughts going out to your dad and to you. Hoping you both pull through swiftly. Enjoy that holiday to Sydney. I hope the sun shines for you xxxx

  39. Oh Felicity, wishing your father all the best & some answers soon, i'm a daddy's girl, so can imagine how you feel. I'm a North Shore Girl, we grew up in the most lovely & lucky places in Sydney. I know you'll have a great time visiting Sydney, i'm very proud of my home town. Happy thoughts all round, love Posie

  40. What a beautiful post this is Felicity, and I sure hope your Dad is well again soon.

    Sending prayers and hugs your way.

  41. Sending both you
    and your extended
    family ~ and most
    especially, your dad ~
    prayers and hugs. I
    can imagine him perking
    up when giving you
    advice.....my dad is
    the same way : )

    xx Suzanne

  42. The truth is a mighty fine weapon in breaking down barriers dear Felicity. What you have done is brave & courageous, bravo to you. Hope your Dad is on the mend & is soon back to full & robust health.
    Millie xx

  43. such a beautiful post Felicity, I totally agree.
    reach out and hug someone you love, it really is important.

    thinking of you & your family & wishing your dad well.

    hugs to you lovely lady ♥

  44. I'll be thinking of you and your dad... I do hope you are both well again very soon. Enjoy Sydney! Sending strong summery vibes southwards so the harbour sparkles for your trip. Be gone pesky rain clouds! gxoxo

  45. Felicity, so sorry to hear your dear dad is unwell. And I wish you a speedy recovery so you can reunite with your family. This is a very moving post and image you've shared here - it is a definite reminder about the importance of quality time spent with loved ones. Hugs to you, my friend xo

  46. You are beautiful!

    And oh so brave xx

    Praying for your Father xx


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