02 December 2011

The Gift Of New Experiences

I so wish you could have been here this morning.

Captain V and the Littlest Gift were in a buzz of excitement as they got ready to enjoy a 'boys' day out' at the cricket in Brisbane. This is a special day where all the little boys who have been playing cricket on Friday afternoons will get to play on the hallowed turf of the 'Gabba' - perhaps this is something that only true cricket tragics could understand [winking at you Jane] but it is a highlight let me tell you.
To make it extra special they're both playing 'hooky' from work and school (shhhh). This is something Captain V never does but I'm so pleased he has today as it has been a long, hard year and this will be a wonderful shared experience for them both.

After the testosterone had left the building, the girls roused themselves and realised that today is the first day of their two month Summer holiday - yay!
So what would any self-respecting teenager do on a day like this? Go to their friends of course!
Which in turn means that I got to play taxi driver, so as they were primping and preening I popped Luke in the back of the car for a ride with the intention of going for a walk by the river on our return journey.

I'm so glad I did because I found out that there's a beach very close to one of the friend's homes that is designated for dogs and it's a place he's never been before.....what a joy to watch his excitement blossom as he realised he could roam lead free, say hello to all the other doge unimpeded, jump in the waves, snorkel in the still water, run, run, run. I think he slept for the whole half hour of our drive home rather than his usual pose with nose in the air trying to take in all the smells that waft through the window.

Since we've returned, the weather has become overcast, windy and a bit drizzly but our morning of serendipity is a gift worth savouring.

Happy day to you my friend, I hope that serendipity is a gift you receive today too.
If you'd like to read more notes of gratefulness, scoot over to my friend Maxabella's where she's gathering in a great big basket of goodness.


  1. Its nice when you discover new spots around your neighbourhood...after all this time. So glad you got a good little dose of Serendipity lovely x

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend x

  2. I love it when you all of a sudden detour from your plans and it works out better. I often pull out the drive way still not knowing where I am taking the girls and just drive in the direction that feels best.

    Windy and overcast here as well, but I love that on Friday afternoons...x

  3. Holy schmolly, a grand day for sure. Great photos F. Batton down the hatches, the gifts are off school for hols...yikes, LOL! Margie

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. Glad you shared it. I'm hoping for a few of those kind of times during the holidays too.

    PS There's nothing quite so joyous as a dog loose on the beach is there...

  5. Oh, what a lovely post, Felicity. I've just spent a few minutes browsing your pretty blog and am your newest follower. I'm so glad you stopped by my own blog and have followed me also - it was how I was able to find you. I look forward to following you. Warmest Regards,

  6. Happy dogs are a joy aren't they?
    Sounds like a wonderful morning

  7. I'm so with you on exploring new paths at the moment - I even took the kidlets to a new playground today and we all loved it! Tonight I drove further down along our beach to walk a new path, nine kilometres in total! Nothing awakens the spirit more than seeing new things with fresh eyes. Have a lovely weekend my friend. xx

  8. It's great when you find something unexpected (and nice) on your path. Hope your weekend brings more wonderful surprises!

  9. Oh i love discovering new things & places to go, i often do that when the children are at parties, in another village or neighbourhood. It's fantastic!! Love Posie

  10. so nice to head in different directions that take you to wonderful new finds.

    deb @home life simplified

  11. Sounds like the
    real clouds have
    blown over and
    peace reigns!
    LOVE your pics
    and hope to see
    the beaches of
    Oz for myself,
    someday. Enjoy
    these slower-paced
    days, my friend!

    xx Suzanne

  12. I wish I could have been there too! As per usual with us, I will be at a dog beach this weekend! We are going to take a little trek to California and our morning ritual there is to walk the beach which ends at the dog beach. We will be sans dog but still so much fun for us to watch.
    I remember being a taxi driver remember it quite well :)

  13. A lovely day for everyone, especially Luke. I get so much joy watching dogs have fun on the beach, hopefully you did too. My Molly snorkles too. I think it's so funny. Have a lovely weekend! X

  14. Lovely Felicity. Brings a smile to my face. Have a great weekend.

  15. That beach was Luke's Gabba for sure.

    Happy days, Flick. x

  16. It sounds like it was a busy and wonderful day!
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  17. It's great when you find something unexpected and nice on your path. Hope your weekend brings more wonderful with full of surprises.
    descuento ropa

  18. Being relatively new to my area I too are discovering wonderful new places to visit.

    Your newfound beach looks especially lovely.

    Enjoy xx

  19. Winking right back at you, Lovely! No wonder the boys were excited ☺. And what a delightful day you had - I'm smiling in Hobart now. J x

  20. Hi Felicity, a lovely Saturday for everyone. I love taking my dog Max to the beach he runs for miles and miles. Mimi xx

  21. :))) Glad you had a good day on the beach with luke, & the boys at the Gabba how awsome I bet they had a fantastic time :))

    Hope they didn't get rained off it hasn't stopped raining for days here I wanted to stain my little deck by the front door :( must not complain my turf is loving it :)

    Have a lovely week felicity its been so nice to catch up with you :) x

  22. Happiness is a new beach! Sounds like a gorgeous morning Felicity, and I hope you're all enjoying the school holiday groove! I'm looking forward to having some lazy mornings in a couple of weeks.

  23. Beautiful shots and a lovely post!

  24. Felicity what a wonderful story!! Of course it is frigid here right now.

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    Art by Karena

  25. What a lovely post! And gorgeous shots!


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