02 November 2011

Word Of The Week - Mystery Word Revealed

Hey-ho it's Wednesday and time to reveal the 'mystery' word from last week.
Your guesses gave me lots of giggles and a little spark of creativity as I compiled them into this image to share.....can you see your word/s?
Of course the mystery word is loquacious, nice work Rose Penelope and supermac for your spot on guessing!
What a wonderful word this is....you may have twigged by now that I have a particular fondness for words with 'q' in them and loquacious has a lovely gracefulness to it too.

As for the meaning, have a read and let me know if anyone you know springs to mind...


1. full of excessive talk: wordy
2. given to fluent or excessive talk: garrulous

All through my life I've been known as a chatterbox but a little 'heads up' for my family and friends, if you must refer to my talkativeness, could you please describe me as loquacious? Thanks.

When I first thought to showcase this word for our zhushy list, I had the intention to work with the Biggest Gift to make a stop-motion video showing you how to make a chatterbox game or as they're sometimes known handhopper. Time got the better of us again this week with birthdays, triathlons and baby-sitting so instead I'll pop up the template that I made for you & actually got to use with all the classes that I taught last week. I hope that you can follow my instructions.

The Littlest Gift modified his to create an interactive birthday card for his sister and I've used them as love letters, revision quizzes and question generators....I hope you have fun using yours too!

So tell me, tell me, tell me do....are you the loquacious kind, a lover of uttering words like me?
Or perhaps you're a quieter soul who likes to measure your conversations?

Happy day Lovely You I hope it's a goodie!


  1. I am most definitely not loquacious. I guess I just don't have that much to say : ) But I sure think it!

  2. i am a quiet soul - loving days filled with nothing but the sounds of nature and puppy dogs. but i love that you are loquacious. :)

  3. OMG remember those things when we were kids? Thanks for the memories.

  4. Oh yes, you are Miss Loquacious AND lovely!

    I remember those things, but I am having trouble remembering what they were called. My daughter used to make them too. Hmmm, I'll think of it, or ask Betsy

    So, Margie

  5. Haha, so? How about xo? I'm on my iPad! Easy to hit the wrong keys!

  6. I'm more of the quiet observer, but I do so love that word, it sounds so elegant. :)

  7. Dang! I wish I would have guessed LOQUACIOUS! It's such a fun word that plays in the mouth before coming out. I think my little 14-year-old will enjoy hearing me call her loquacious. And so for Azure, I say "thank you" :)

  8. I love these posts! I am def loquacious! x

  9. chat chat chat chat chat.
    And since I work alone most days I make sure that I catch up on my word count whenever I see anyone!
    fee x

  10. Well, you know my answer, Lovely! J x

  11. Interesting word. I'm not sure if I am. You be the judge. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  12. Hee well I am loquacious!!! I was the school chatter box always on my school report was Elaine needs to stop the talk I cannot help myself I love to chat, hee :))))))) x

    I saw my word hee hee thanks :)))

  13. Oh it's my middle name. When we meet this Summer, let's have a 'loquacious off' i dare you!! Love Posie

  14. Emailed to me by Karla because BBB was misbehaving...

    Hi Felicity, oh I missed this post, for some reason you are not coming up on my google friend feed - hmm have to sort that.

    I have been wondering all week when you would post this answer so I have come searching.

    I have never heard of the word, so you have taught me something - and yes I guess it does describe you well!



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