09 November 2011

Word Of The Week - Celebrating The 'Zhush'

Wednesday's here and it's time to share the gift of words together.
It's been almost twelve months that we've been zhushing our vocabulary and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a game and hoped that you would too.

Below are most of the words that have featured in this segment since it began in November last year.
Have a squizz. Do you know what they all mean? Are there any that you use regularly or perhaps there are one or two that you've been introduced to as you've played along and now use when you can.

My challenge is for you to take three {or more if you're game} of the words and put them into a sentence.
You might like to pluck them out randomly, choose three of the same colour, three in a row, three ending in 'e' or 's', three from the corners, same number of syllables....whatever you decide I can't wait to read your responses. If you're stuck for definitions, remember they're all on the sidebar under the 'Try A New Word' heading.

Here's just two I've come up with very quickly....

* It was with great 'sagacity' that I binned the 'bumf' that had piled up in my mailbox - no need for extra work to add to my already burgeoning list of 'fadmin'. {purple words} 

* I credit 'serendipity' for delivering me the man with the 'mellifluous" voice and "affable" nature. {honeysuckle}

I'll try and add some more to the comments box, until then have fun creating your own....of course I'm not a stickler for doing things by the rules and if writing sentences isn't your thing, a list of your favourites would be a gift that I'd take great pleasure in receiving too.

I've actually 'tiled' the list on my laptops desktop, this is what it looks like. I've found that this 'word wall' has the effect of catching my eye and making me use these 'zhushy' words in my everyday vocab.

Happy day!

PS: As this page has now become a summary of al the 'WW' posts from 2010-11, here are the links for your reference:

     Addlepated     Affable     Bumf     Cadence     Cahoot     Deshabille     Ennui     Evanescent   

Fadmin   Finesse     Hirsute     Humdinger    Inconspicuous     Inkling     Kip     Lacuna     Lissom    

Loquacious      Macaron     Mellifluous     Nimbiferous     'oo' Placenames     Palaver     Pip     

Pique     Quidnunc      Quixotic     Rambunctious       Sagacity      Serendipity    Shemozzle    "&"     


  1. I love how bright and colorful the graphics look teach, but you know me and games...except for euchre and words with friends! �� Margie

  2. Seems you're not alone Margie....I may have overstretched the mark!

  3. The loquacious and rambunctious children overwhelmed sagacity of the affable teacher.

  4. Both Australian’s and Canadian’s are known to be 'affable' and may suggest an 'inkling' of their 'finesse' for 'palavering' together.

  5. Ok...Quand la mouche nous "pique", augmentons la "cadence" pour faire quelques "macarons" :)lol worked in French... phew! :)

  6. I love all the colors you have chosen! These words are so big to me, it's a like a foreign language! But I would use it as a screensaver just to enjoy all the pretty colors :) Your simplistic reader, Laura

  7. Oh I love this, though my brain is a little frazzled at this time of night to attempt it! So I shall be 'inconspicuous' in my choice of words, totally lacking in 'finesse', but ever present in the knowledge that you my dear friend Felicity are a Gift of 'Serendipity'. xx

  8. This was emailed to my by Barbara a friend of the lovely 'latebloomerbuds'..

    "Only a person of great sagacity knows that one can avoid ennui by listening to a loquacious person speaking in a cadence of mellifluous tones.

    Hah, thats quite a humdinger!"

    Thanks Barbara, a humdinger indeed!


    You make me smile.
    and truly,
    you do!

    xx Suzanne

  10. Loving all this fabulous play with words my friends.

    Just in case you're wondering what the translation of Sandrine's sentence is, she sent the following through....

    "Word for word...
    When the fly stings us let's hurry up the cadence and make some macarons.

    'When the fly stings' is an expression we use in France.
    We use it in various ways but it's when someone suddenly decides to do something, if you you think about one of those horse flies, once it stings we move pretty fast don't we? This must be where the expression comes from."

    Thanks Sandrine, in our suburb there are several horses and the horse flies are a real bother to Luke and I when we're on our walks.
    I'm going to try and memorise this phrase especially the bit about the macarons, having tasted yours I'd be like a fly stung lass scooting to your home if they were on offer!

    Happy day!

  11. Emailed through by my witty and warm-hearted friend Nic...

    "There was a young girl with finesse

    Who said deshabille instead of undress

    She was also loquacious

    Not one jot rambunctious

    That lissom young girl with finesse."

    Don't you love it? I definitely do!

  12. Can't compete with those above... will simply say 'bumf' is my favourite. gxo

  13. You're so ace Felicity!! I'd give it a go earlier in the day, alas, bed time & tired eyes, that's my excuse. Gosh it looks so pretty like that, i can only imagine the inspiring teacher you would be. Love Posie

  14. My Millie is a lisom, locquacious little macaron and thank goodness serendipity brought her to my affable, mellifluous and occasionally rambunctious MOTH self. XX

  15. Hmm, you know I'm always up for a wordy challenge, Felicity!

    Felicity is my affable and loquacious gift of serendipity from Noosa. She possesses sagacity, finesse and a mellifluous voice. She never writes bumf or makes a palaver. I never had an inkling that being in cahoots with this humdinger would fill a lacuna in my heart I never knew existed!

    J x

  16. I am currently too exhausted to string a sentence together but wanted to just say you are brilliant and I love coming to your space xx

  17. Hola, te acabo de conocer. Un beso desde Murcia...

  18. These are lovely! Have a wonderful end of the week, Kellie xx

  19. Well, let me think on the profundity of that verbiage ... but before I play the game, can I just say that zhushing and squizz are great words as well!

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  21. I love your word posts. This one is terrific sweet Felicity. Big Hugs xo


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