16 November 2011

Word Of The Week - Addlepated

Hey fabulous You! There's a buzz in the air and a skip in my step today and I hope that you can say the same.

Our word of the week has been suggested by my very thoughtful friend Athanasius who hosts the truly thought provoking and wonderful blog 'Perichorectic Life'.
So without further ado here is our word to play with throughout the coming week:

adjective: Confused; eccentric; flustered
From addle (to muddle or confuse), from adel (rotten) + pate (head).

Can you relate? I really can and had to create this poster for all of us, I'm really happy if you download and share. I bet you can think of many instances where it would be applicable or even someone who would get a giggle from receiving it.

At this time of the year where there are all sorts of pressures both internal and external seemingly looming down, it's very easy to become addlepated. So in the spirit of gift giving which characterizes our blogging community here at 'Serendipity', I'd be thrilled if you could share your best tips to avoid becoming addlepated particularly as the 'silly season' approaches.

Happy day and thank you "A" for setting in motion this next round of gift giving.
PS: A gentle reminder to get your camera out and pop a special photo into our gallery of furry friends.


  1. Love this word right now Felicity. This time of year amongst all of the crazy I am often addelpated!

    Hope you are well my lovely friend.


  2. Great word! Reminds me of a girl I went to high school with who always said "twitterpated" .
    I make lists and start really early to ease the craziness this time of year. Of course I have 22 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner next week and I haven't planned the menu or done any shopping yet. Haven't even started cleaning my house and that is going to take me the longest :) so this year I am indeed a little behind.

  3. Thanks for the plug, Felicity! And love how the poster came out.

    A character that comes to mind for me with this word is curly from the Three Stooges. Whenever an error message came up on our computer in college, his voice would say, "I'm trying to think, but nothing happens!"

    As far as managing the chaos, I just take it a day at a time identifying what I can do instead of everything I wish I could do. Whenever I look back on what I have accomplished in a month or a year, I realize that I might not have done as much if I tried to tackle it all at once.

  4. Thanks for sharing that word Felicity, I have never heard it before so I am happy...one more! :)
    Ahem!! now the tip...I am a bit addlepated (and hot today!)it is 6 weeks to Xmas and I do not feel organised at all!But I am trying...I make lots of lists :)xx

  5. Interesting word! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  6. Oh this word completely sums up how i feel this week (you nailed it, your call came at a brilliant time). I am confused, or am i; eccentric, or no, conservative & conforming is easier; all i know is my brain is exhausting me!! Way too much going on, i want to glide into Christmas with ease, but i'm wearing myself out NOW instead. Argh. Calm, deep breaths, love Posie

  7. Can I relate? It's basically my life!

  8. loving that word...and my tip? alcohol.
    Just (half) kidding!!
    fee x
    (like the combo of confused and eccentric. It's kind of how I would describe my fashion sense these days!)

  9. Love the word, I think this is me. Mimi xx

  10. Ha Ha I love this, I've not visited for awhile but you never fail to surprise me and I really enjoy my visits. I'm going to hit my husband with this one he thinks he's a walking dictionary. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of Addlepated. Love this post.

  11. Ah, that one rang a bell - I saw it the other day here (http://wordsmith.org/words/addlepated.html)! Such a wonderful word. And completely where I'm at now. No tips, though! J x

  12. Many of us experience moments or periods of being puddingheaded. :)

  13. Neat word, and I can definitely relate!
    Great post Felicity.

  14. I've had a great day too!! I hope to not get addlepated this year! Deep breathing, and counting blessings. :)

  15. New word for me and some days I find myself standing still feeling that exact feeling. Yes, it is happening already and my tip would be to have a plan, write out lists and delegate to survive. Hope you are feeling well and love the spring in your step. N x

  16. Hey Felicity! although I am a huge multi=tasker, I tend to be able to avoid becoming addlepated. Must be my age :) Have a wonderful week friend !


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