01 November 2011

Two For Tuesday - Wayne Levin

Happiest of happy days to you my friend.
I have quite a treat for you with today's 'Two For Tuesday' gift.

The work of Wayne Levin caught my eye not only for its stunning effect but because, living near the ocean as I do, I have a great appreciation for all the wonder and beauty that is contained above and below it.
I've been fortunate to have snorkeled and swum in some of the most glorious places in the world and have a healthy respect for our oceans and the creatures that reside within.

On my own beach it is not uncommon to see dolphins frolicking in the waves and if you take a little bread you will generally be able to feed the Whiting as they dart around your legs most days.
A couple of weeks ago Captain V and I saw a shark feeding on bait fish close to the surface about 50 metres from the shore. He ran to the lifesavers tower to raise the alarm as there were lots of people on their standup paddle boards only metres away....as I said, healthy respect.

As with all my artists featured in this segment it was truly a challenge to select just two images to share and I would highly recommend you visit Wayne's site for more underwater glory.
What appeals to me most is that he predominantly uses black and white which enables the light and texture of each image to really shine through.

What I love about these images is that if I hadn't told you that they were underwater photos you may not have known.  The first image of the Eagle Ray is quite mystical for me and the texture of the Akule pinwheel as they spin and churn is quite remarkable.

I hope you enjoy these pieces and I'll be sure to pack both my camera and binoculars when I head to the beach this weekend as the whales are making their annual pilgrimage to the Southern Ocean. 
We're often treated with sightings of cavorting couples splashing their fins and flukes and every so often a huge leap into the air.  
The Middle-Sized Gift has also just received an underwater camera for her birthday so perhaps we'll have a budding Wayne Levin inspired artist within our own family.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the art and please, please, please go and visit his gallery.

PS: For all those who are whooping it up today with 'The Race That Stops The Nation' - best wishes for a fabulous day. I must admit that I'm more interested in seahorses than the equine kind when it comes to racing but do love the atmosphere and excitement that today generates.


  1. Very interesting in black and white..ethereal. Oh boy, you get to see whales?!! Lucky you. Such magnificent creatures. Xo, Margie

  2. Stunning! Hope you get some shots of the whales to share. Enjoy!

  3. They are beautiful photos! I will show my son who is really into photography. Enjoy your cake making today! Mimi xx
    PS I was thinking of you on the weekend. x

  4. These are stunning & great in B & W.

  5. I love the sense of space in both created by the water in the first and the sand in the second. Marvelous!

  6. Great to see life from a different perspective and layered from the bottome of the ocean through the sea water and up to the light and sky above. It reminds me to look at events through a different angle sometimes too..just keeps it all fresh!

  7. They really are striking, Felicity. I find the first quite ominous and the second has me in a tailspin! J x

  8. Underwater photos? Wow! What I love about them is that I cannot see immediately what they are. Makes you think and thinking creative!
    A happy month of November, dear Fizz xo xo xo

  9. Amazing!! Wow, so impressive & i had to guess they were underwater, only as there was a sting ray kite in the 'air'. Love Posie

  10. This is really some amazing work Felicity.
    Thank you for sharing this here.
    Love the black and white.

  11. Do you realize how
    lucky you are to live
    so close to the ocean?
    SIGH. These pics are
    really something. I
    love the sense of freedom
    in the first one......
    Off to catch up on all
    your lovely posts.
    xx Suzanne

  12. They are really lovely - I especially like the one with the fish. Quirky really. Doesn't that sting ray look happy going about his day? You have amazing posts Felicity... I am of the non-loquacious' variety

  13. Hi Felicity wow at first glance I thought it was a bat flying in the sky hee then as I looked closer yes I could see how fantastic the second pick too isn't hee amazing :)
    I am at work all this week so back late sorry I haven't had chance to catch up with your post, will get there!! :))
    Race day was busy for me putting all the reindeer & santa xmas decks up so we had our own race hee. x


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