08 November 2011

Two For Tuesday - Kimber Berry

It's that time in our week when I send you a gift of art.
Today I'm marveling at the liquid landscapes of Kimber Berry. In her 'artists statement' Kimber tells us that...
"..in my paintings [I] actually take pictures of paint, digitizing and manipulating them, and then embed these elements on to my surface along with a mixture of real paint, thus offering the same illusion that simulated environments offer...the real versus what is not real."
So without further ado here are just two of Kimber's liquid landscapes for you to revel in.

As a lover of colour and form, these pieces really appeal to my eye and I could actually imagine hanging them in my home, I'm sure I'd revel in seeing something new in them every day.

Do you see the links to last week's underwater images? Perhaps a similarity to Gustav Klimt?

Now I know you like to explore our gifted artists further and I can't wait for you to see the multi-dimensional element of Kimber's art, click on over to her gallery for a truly fabulous treat.

If you'd like to play along with our game today, consider Kimber's art and how each piece relates to the other or to your own life at the moment, then in twenty words or less leave a comment.

Happy day, may it be colour-filled!


  1. hey,
    a) love these paintings
    b) wish I was called Kimber Berry...what an equisite name!
    happy week lovely,
    fee ♥
    (oooh, just seen my giveaway button on your sidear...am honoured!)

  2. wow what a colourful morning! Yes Felicity I can see the sea theme it felt like I was in some mystical ocean with sea snakes & frogs.

    I am just expecting the mermaids to appear now!!

    Have a lovely day Felicity! :) x

  3. Captain V saw the first glorious painting 'tiled' on my desktop yesterday and said that it reminded him of the Sistene Chapel - big call huh?

    I look at them both and there's a definite underwater perspective and the first one in particular evokes memories of snorkeling in coral reefs and the breathtaking beauty of all that live there.

    It's a brilliant spring day here, I'm hoping to venture into our own colour-filled garden today and will be breathing deeply of the gardenia blossoms.

    Happy day!

  4. Another fab twofer! Glorious colors. Beautiful F! Margie

  5. I see peacocks, and horses and birds and dragonflies! Reminds me there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye :)

  6. ....following on from Jeanette's note...it also pays to 'really' look to be able to truly 'see'.

  7. Oh love impasto painting, it's so gusty. Thanks for the eye candy, love Posie

  8. Ooo! Such a tease. These were definitely made to be seen in person. Very energetic, yet flowing.

    I can see the water perspective, but with all the brilliant colors I first saw stars and nebula.

  9. I see my very favorite season...SUMMER!
    Sunny, colorful, gorgeous.
    Thank you Felicity.
    These are wonderful.

  10. Not playing the game this time around, but wanted to shout a big WOW - those are nice!

  11. Nice interpretation of underwater life. It just so happens that I recently posted some photos titled Sea Life.

  12. The colours are amazing, you could stare at these beautiful paintings all day. Mimi xx

  13. What an absolute riot of colour! I see a scary looking dragon in the first and the blues and greens in the second remind me of Monet's waterlilies. J x

  14. At first there's chaos--wild, inspiring, beautiful chaos. Then as you step back you see there's order and form, equally beautiful and strangely calming. I;d say these are quite like my life!!

    I've just 'found' you from Happy Homemaker UK. What a beautiful blog!

  15. Beautiful explosion of colours!I see water frogs and snakes too :)x

  16. Oh I am so glad I saw these today. A reminder of how important riotous colour is in our lives!

  17. I love all that colour - I could quite happily have either of those hanging on my walls!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  18. Hi Felicity! These are simply gorgeous! Total eye candy with such a wonderful sense of color. Cheers :)


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