14 November 2011

Two For Tuesday - Craig Holmes {Dogs}

Happy day dear friend and welcome to a new interactive element in our art appreciation.
Stepping through the gallery of art and artists that I've been gathering to share, I was captivated once again by the photography of Craig Holmes.

Craig is a local photographer and his images not only capture the people who live in my special pocket of the world but I think they resonate with the essence of what makes living here so glorious.
After scrolling through his galleries I found that again and again I was returning to the one titled 'Dogs and Families'.

I know that many of you are dog lovers and hope that you're also captivated by the warmth of his images.
When you view them do you instantly get a feel for the character of the people and their pets?
Once you've had a squizz, perhaps you'll even agree to participate in a little gallery event of our own which I'll share with you in a moment....

{Loving all these toothy grins - this is a friend of mine and this photo evokes the warmth that she resonates}

{This is a common sight up and down our beaches in the early mornings and late afternoons - happy dogs and their families enjoying a splash}

Fabulous right?
So do you think you might like to help create a gallery of our 'best doggy friends' together?
What I'm suggesting is that you share a photo of your own special family member with their name in a simple post. It doesn't have to be a recent photo but one that you think truly captures the essence of your pet. You may even like to write a little bit about what makes your four legged friend so special.

I'll start by popping Luke into the mix and hope that you will not only contribute but come back and visit each other too. You can enter as many photos as you like but please be sure to include a link to this  gallery so that your readers can share in the fun too.
I'll schedule the gallery to be opened for a week and would love to create a montage to share. 

Happy day & get snapping!


  1. They are great photos felicity, what a great idea, I'll start snapping, if I can get mine to stay still.x

  2. so sweet. i'll see if i can finagle a post in sometime this week.

  3. Craig is an amazing photographer with a fab site! I'm in. I don't have many as Quincy usually runs from a photo shoot, but I'll find one. XO, Margie

  4. I posted a little pic of our beloved dog Jake who we lost last summer. He is as missed as he was loved. Ever present in my thoughts and my heart. Luckily I get to dog sit my mother's sweet dog Daisy quite often (she is here with me now). Enjoy seeing everyone's 4 legged babies :)

  5. I just posted a flickr link of our beautiful Poppy. Your Luke does look lovely!

  6. Hi Felicity, My bestest friend Chelsea just popped her nose in to say hi! She is a little Jack Russell, 13 years old now and still going strong. A big part of the family unit and more than spoilt!x


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