29 November 2011

My 2011 Ultimate Gift Wish List

You may have guessed by now that gift giving is one of my favourite things to do but I must admit that I do enjoy dreaming now and then about the ultimate gifts to receive.

The sparklingly gorgeous Karla at Ironmum Karla has tagged me in a little game where we have to share our 'Ulimate Christmas Wish List'.
Thanks Karla, I've had fun thinking this through and hope that all of you enjoy taking a peek at what I'm dreaming about finding under the Christmas tree this year....

1. Summer holidays in an exotic location.
This is the vista that would greet me if I were to stay at 'The Sun House' in Sri Lanka - one of the top picks from my travel 'Bucket List', ready and waiting for when the Lotto fairies knock at my door [remember this is my dream list]. Instead Captain V and I will be taking the 'Gifts' for a surprise trip to stay at Darling Harbour in Sydney.
I'm really looking forward to this holiday and any tips from Sydneysiders about 'what to do' and 'where to go' will be gratefully received.

2. A strong, fit and healthy body.
As you may know I'm navigating my way through the trials of Chronic Fatigue and this summer, Captain V and I will be working on building up my strength and uncovering the healthy me that I know is just waiting to burst forth from her chrysalis.

3. I'd love to hang this print in our foyer. It's titled 'Adam & Eve' by Harry Daily and is just one in a series that I truly love.  I think this would be a fabulous way to greet guests and inspire us all to get down to the beach every day during the summer break.

4.  We are a hammock-loving lot in our home and Captain V & I are due for a new one.
We currently own the most gorgeous blue and white woven number with scalloped fringing but I'm plumping for a Queen sized one in cream this year.
I can't remember where I snaffled this image from but it's been in my inspiration folder for a while now.
I'm imagining this hammock (+ cream scallops and fringing of course) and me lying there with a great book in hand & a cool drink within easy reach and I'm all sorts of happy.

5. A new straw hat and perhaps a snappy red & white kaftan to add to my collection and my summer wardrobe will be complete...these are from Sportscraft just in case you're wondering.

6.  Clear skies, aquamarine seas and clean sand.....really what more could you want?
All of this is within minutes from my home and my wish is that we have a mild summer with a nice balance of sunny days and some rainy evenings to enjoy with family and friends.

So that's it, it was fun to reflect upon with the bonus being that when someone asks what I'd like for Christmas I can point them in this direction.  Thanks Karla for tagging me.

Have I got you thinking about your own list? Well I'm thinking that I'd like to read some more.
I'm sending out the following 'tags' with the caveat that I know that some of you don't like to 'play games' and all of us are very busy, but it would be nice to know what it is you're wishing for, so in the spirit of sharing, I'm tagging:

* Jane 'Life On Planet Baby'
* Naomi 'Seven Cherubs'
* Jennie 'Posie Patchwork'
* Jeanette 'Everton Terrace' 
* Margie 'latebloomerbuds' and
* Fee 'Chipper Nelly'

Happy day everyone!


  1. Oh lovely list Felicity! Super efficient tagging as well! I love seeing other Chrissie lists, there is something I am always adding to my own. There is one thing I did miss on mine though and probably the most important....for all my family and friends to have a safe and healthy year in 2012. Possessions din't mean much without this :)x

  2. Awesome list Felicity and I will get my thinking hat on for what I am wishing for the most. Sound like fun and thanks for the tag xx

  3. You are so funny F! You just had to throw my name in there to see if I'd bite huh? Well, you know I adore my panosonic camera. There is a newer version with even better pixels and a better zoom. Be still my heart. That is it lovey. Why mess with something if it isn't broken. No special lenses, small, fits in my pocket, just like the one I have. And, I just treated myself to the kahuna set of pastels and pastel pencils, so merry merry to me!

    Now, about YOUR list. I can see you lounging in that hammock with a corona. Ay Carumba!

    XO, Margie

  4. Oh, and without question, I wish you good health in 2012 dear F. That would be the ultimate gift. XO, Margie

  5. well, of your entire wishlist, i hope #2 comes thru for you loud and clear! :)

  6. Beautiful wish list Felicity! If number 2 decide to come it will make all of the rest a breeze! May it comes true then x S

  7. This is a great list Felicity and has left me feeling very beachy and ready for the holidays. I hope you find lots of time to relax with your family and enjoy Sydney... it's such a great city that anywhere you go, you'll find something wonderful! gxo

  8. Yay, me, well i'll raise you a kaftan or two in my list honey!! Thanks for the invitation. A friend of mine just put up 2 hammocks & her children want to sleep in them, read, eat, basically move in. How awesome. Love Posie

  9. Fabulous list Felicity! The Sun House is now on my bucket list as well... if you are planning a trip to the zoo when in Sydney let me know. When are you coming? xx

  10. Ooh yes! I will join you in Sri Lanka.

    I hope you get # 2 the most. x

  11. Hi there Miss Felicity

    thank you for popping by me today and here I am on your gorgeous blog! I am go happy about that.

    do..do..do..do.. (*eerie music entry) I could have every one of those photos and your descriptions for myself. (psst... I had your number 5 on my blog recently :)

    have a great day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  12. Beautiful list. I'm working on my own version of your #2 - I would love it to appear in a stocking, but of course, then it wouldn't be quite so precious. I hope you get your wishes!

  13. Great list F!
    Making my own list is going to take me a few days I think. I rarely think about it, we don't really exchange gifts but I can certainly dream up some fabulousness :)
    I think I have a strong fit healthy body hiding inside me as well. Love that description!

  14. A dreamy wish list. Hoping you feel fit and healthy again soon.

  15. HI Felicity, a good list indeed. Here's to the Summer where you find the healthier and fitter you. xx

  16. That was such fun to read:) Love your gifts. That straw hat is cute as and the hammock ....oh so lovely. Wishing you a lovely, healthy summer ahead xxx

  17. PS Felicity, here's a der brain question...how do you get your photos to look so cool in that formatand with the border like that? I've tried before but have not been able to work it out. Thanks xx

  18. This was a wonderful way to get to know more about my beautiful friend Felicity! I love your 'ultimate' list for Christmas. My 'ultimate' wish for you is that healthy body you want becomes your reality soon. I fought with chronic fatigue for a few years, and my was due to thyroid disease. I know it is so difficult to go about life with no strength and being tired all of the time. I hope you get to feeling better my sweet friend.

    I loved the clip in your last post!!! What a delight!
    sending many hugs your way...

  19. This is my first visit here, and I like your wish list; might as well dream big, right?

  20. What a dazzling way to put a spring into my step reading all of your lovely notes - thank you friends one and all.

    Happiest of hugs, Fx

  21. What a beautiful list Felicity. I wish you all the joy, blue skies, and health life has to offer. x

    Jodi @ Lipgloss Mumma (formerly the scribble den)

  22. What a wondrous list, Felicity! I love seeing inside your head. I'd gladly join you at #1 ☺. And thanks for tagging me - this should be fun. J x

  23. Oh got me thinking now what a lovely wish list however I do feel sad that you are out of sorts with yourself & hope you feel more refreshed on your holiday in Sydney.

    Hope you have a wonderful time Felicity & get heaps of info from the sydney siders of were to go, I do love walking through the Botanical gardens (I got married by the big pond) say hi to it for me :)))) xxx


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