14 November 2011

Luke - A Special Gift

The joy this fellow brings with his gentle nature, and sparkling countenance is a true gift to me on a daily basis.

If you were to meet him, he would scamper up for a 'hug' straight away whether you were human, dog, bird or frog [seriously this happens!] and then lean against your leg with that signature smile on his face and let you know that life is indeed great.

When I first moved in with Captain V and his three Gifts, Luke and his best mate Buster were a special bonus that I hadn't really anticipated.  These boys kept me company and held counsel through the challenging days, weeks, months of our 'transition' towards becoming a family and were always up for a comforting cuddle or therapy session [walk through the neighbourhood].

Sadly Buzzy passed away this time last year, leaving a big hole in our hearts and resulting in Luke becoming even more smoochy. We are great buddies this furry bundle and I, and he truly makes me laugh at least once each day - a gift indeed.

This week I'm gathering a gallery of photos to celebrate the gift that is your four legged family member/s and would love it if you could join in. Click here to read all about it....


  1. Nothing tugs at
    my heartstrings more
    than those gray muzzles....
    So unfair that the lives
    of these loving creatures
    ends so much more quickly
    than ours. Your Luke looks
    and sounds like a gem. I'm
    popping over to read more.
    Happy Day, Felicity!

    xx Suzanne

  2. What a beautiful dog! So sorry about Buzzy, like Suzanne said, I wish animals lived longer...

  3. We just had an active morning with our pup, Tuxedo. He likes to take the cats' toys and play keep away from us.

  4. I dread the day, my SpecialHound is so precious she too will leave a huge hole in our hearts when she is called home. Wishing you SpecialMemories. I hope you pop over to my place soon for a visit. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. there is indeed nothing better than a 'hug' from a big, furry dog, and a huge belly laugh induced by them is greatness!

  6. Oh yes, they provide such comfort. What a tank! He gives TexWisGirl's furry friends a run for their money, LOL! You can tell he is lovey dovey. Aw, the Lukemeister. Margie

  7. What a sweet tribute to your snuggly guy. Growing up we had a golden retriever named "Tissue". She was my best friend all through high school. When all the kids at home grew up and left for college, started families of our own, etc - Tissue was alone with Mom & Dad. It was a sad night when we got the phone call that Tissue had died. My Dad's not a complainer, but every now and then when we were young I'd hear him grumble something-or-other about Tissue. Mom told me that when they found her passed away, my Dad cried bitter tears. The sadness gave him the adrenaline to dig her resting place alone. Sad story - sorry to bring sadness to your happy post. Just reading your blog brought back those memories. have a wonderful week Felicity!

  8. Hi Felicity, thanks so much for your message this morning! When I popped over here and read of your fondness for pooches I knew we should be bloggy friends :)
    Ps I plan on updating my etsy store this week. Also I was wondering how I follow your blog? I can't see where to click :)

  9. felicity-
    what a true friend you have here. he looks like such a sweet spirit. give luke a pat from me!

  10. OH Luke looks like such a great little furry friend :) (not so little :))I just feel like giving him a bug hug! :)

  11. So beautiful to read.

    My first baby was my cocker spaniel Chloe and despite being very pesky at times she is very dear to our hearts.


  12. I always love seeing pics of Luke and his red bandana. You can just tell he has a gentle soul. Sending pats from sjw... gxo

  13. He's adorable. I'm sorry to hear about his passing. Hugs, Kellie xx

  14. Oh goodness, I remember we'd just found each other in Blogland only weeks before Buster died. I can't believe that was a year ago. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥, Lovely. J x

  15. Here is a recent post I did.

  16. a beautiful post. I miss my sweet poochie, she was my constant companion for 16 years. xo

  17. He sounds like a lovely friend and good company!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  18. We are just mourning the loss of our darling cat Sparkles and it has been really healing to read this beautiful post about your dog Buzzy xx


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