22 November 2011

Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

Hello lovely friend, I hope that your week is unfolding nicely.
I'm happy to report that I've been busy with both family and work commitments (loud cheer in particular  for the latter) and that although for the most part my body has been coping well (second cheer), I haven't had the energy required to either send out gifts or to visit you as often as I'd like.
I hope that this explains my absence from Blogland and you don't mind that instead of our regular 'Two For Tuesday' segment today, I share a little snippet from my home instead.

I've titled the card that I'm sending you "Hugs & Butterfly Kisses" and hope that it does indeed brighten your day.

You may not be able to see them clearly, but the wings of the little butterflies in this montage have been cut from the pages of books.....well not just any book but treasured books from my childhood which I used to collect and which have sadly been laying dormant in book boxes for several decades now.
Perhaps you've heard of them, "The Friendship Books" by Francis Gay.

When I was a little girl I would turn to the allocated page for that day which would hold a lovely poem or quote, story or bible verse and I would to try and memorise each one.
Sadly I can't remember too many of these now, but it was a delight to redeem them from their dungeon where they'd been languishing at the mercy of silverfish and mould, and to rediscover the simple truths contained on each page.

I decided that I needed to breath a second puff of life into these tomes and this is just what's happened as the wordy wings flutter across the walls and through the light fixture of the Biggest Gift's {my eldest StepDaughter's} bedroom. Whenever she has a girlfriend to stay I hear the "Ooh's" & "Aah's" of appreciation when the lights go on and know that my decision to give the pages a second life was the right one.

This photo doesn't really do it justice but it's a lovely corner of this sweet teen's room and as the butterflies wend their way up and beyond this wall, they scoot across the next and appear to flutter towards a mobile of matching butterflies which hangs above her bed.

The gelato 'hugs & kisses' heart I've added onto the card just for you, hoping that you enjoy a bright day filled with at least one moment of serendipity - unexpected and lovely.

If you've been busy in your own creative space this week, be sure to pop it into the mix to share so that we can all be inspired.


  1. sending you love back...now, off to bed for me!
    fee ♥

  2. LOVE the idea of cutting the butterflies from the old books - especially if they are too tattered for regular reading! :)

  3. Beautiful creation, it must have been sad to cut up your lovely books, but if they've seen better days I can't think of a better way than to be transformed into lovely butterflies. TFS

  4. What a fairyland of a room. It must be a wonderful space to sleep and dream. Here's to busy but pleasant commitments, and a wish for a fantastic rest of the week x

  5. Lovely! Thanks so much for your sweet words on Tim's blog, too!

  6. So pretty F. Glad to see you back on your perch, but also happy you have been busy with family and work, all good stuff. Margie

  7. What a gorgeous image -I just adore the X and O heart! So pretty :)

  8. Love the butterflies and the story behind them... one of my old books has just recently fallen apart and is mysteriously scattering pages all over the house... perhaps it will find itself as butterflies as well or maybe flowers or origami shapes... I think you have inspired a rainy day project! gxo

  9. I love this idea - just beautiful. I have been seeing butterflies everywhere this week, lots of white ones - it always makes my day so special. Sending you lots of love as always. xx

  10. How inspiring Felicity. Love that you are getting some work and yay! that your body is co-operating. This is a lovely way to continue to treasure special words and books and it would be so peaceful in a bedroom. Thinking of you. N x

  11. Oh Sweetheart. What a lovely tableau you have created for us. I am so lucky to have some of those pretties fluttering their way across my wall, thanks to you. I'm so pleased to hear that you've been working - go you! J x

  12. It's a beautiful card, F. I also remember the Francis Gray books. I remember reading quite a lot of her stuff when I was an early teen. Life is sweet. x

  13. So very soft and lovely, Felicity - did indeed brighten my day. Happy weekend to you xo

  14. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous card! I too, have been MIA this week. I think the heat and other social and sewing projects have been partly instrumental in keeping me away. A temperamental computer and a bit of a lapse in motivation complete the picture. I have reread a couple of favourite books lately and one of them I have had since the eighties, a paperback, it only cost me $5.95 brand new. It was hard to believe that it was bought thirty years ago and I have read it four times since then. Some books are just so special. I hope your weekend is lovely!

  15. Hi Felicity,

    Your stepdaughters room is gorgeous. I love how you have used pages out of books from your childhood. I wish I had kept mine. I remember when I was growing up my Mum had a big clean out and they went to another home. I hope they enjoyed them like I did. Mine were written by Enid Blyton.

    Have a wonderful weekend Felicity with your friends and family.

    Mimi xx

  16. Hello sweet friend!
    I am recovering from
    flu, out of town, at my
    brother's home, which
    explains my absence
    from your beautiful blog.
    Love the gorgeous
    butterflies..... My daughter
    made some for her own
    room and I love them.
    Sending you hugs for
    all that is on your plate;
    it all sounds good!

    xx Suzanne

  17. oh i didn't think my comment saved, bugger. Here goes again, i was here yesterday. Funny we both posted on sending love to the universe, so again, right back at you honey, love Posie

  18. Hello there! What a lovely lovely image, soft and warm and just so pretty! I think we all go through periods were we can't devote as much time to our on-line friends as we like, so I think we all understand when it happens. As long as you are busy in a happy-making way then I am happy too! :)

  19. What a gorgeous gift to your step-daughter Felicity... the butterflies, and that they were made with your hands, from of the pages of your girlhood. You are a gorgeous soul!

  20. what an adorable card - and gift

  21. Drawn in by your beautiful image and inspired by your lovely words! The butterflies are lovely, too. Wishing you some beautiful moments, too

  22. Hi Felicity what a gorgeous space I love it you are so clever xxx :)


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