30 November 2011

A Gift Of Simple Wisdom

One of my treasured Blogerista friends who regularly inspires me is the effervescent and sparklingly delightful Saskia who writes 'Join My Joy'.

Saskia is one of the most generous and warm-hearted people I've ever encountered and each week she sends out the most beautiful gifts from her home via blog posts, notes, messages, letters, you name it! 
Today she shared a quote that resonated to my very core.

I wrote a little note on her post saying that I would have to have a think about how I might best share it with my family as there are lines in there for each one of us at the moment.

As it turns out, I've made it into this Grace card
These are little laminated cards that sit on our dining room table and each night a new person takes their turn to choose one and lead the family in Grace before we eat.
We aren't a particularly religious family in the traditional sense of the word but we are big on gratitude. 
Being able to not only recognise what we can be grateful for and expressing it, but also accepting both compliments & thanks gracefully are qualities that Captain V and I believe are worthwhile developing.

Tonight as we gather together to share our evening meal I will be introducing this new little beauty and I'm thinking that it will generate an interesting discussion where I'll ask everyone to nominate a time in the week where someone has done one of the actions listed in the quote on the card - it might be something that they've done or it might be something that they've seen another of us do....I'm hoping that I'm not left with the sound of crickets and faces bowed towards their plates!

I'm actually thinking that this will become a favourite card picked out weekly where we get to shine a light on the positive actions that enable us to nurture and grow as individuals and as a family.
Feel free to print it off for yourself our upload it as a screensaver, either way it's a lovely message to dwell upon.

Thank you Sass for sharing....oh and thank you too Mr Hemingway.

Happy day!


  1. I like the idea of "grace cards". Neat! And yes, this is a great quote to use for that.

  2. An admirable idea
    and a beautiful quote!
    Anxious to hear how
    your idea is received.
    My two teens are often
    embarrassed to share
    things this "deep" at
    the dinner table : ) We
    do have Tabletopics
    and need to pull them
    out {fun questions that
    everyone answers}!

    xx Suzanne

  3. Beautiful quote and I really love the grace/thanks card idea, Felicity. I grew up in a Catholic household and mumbled my way through the same traditional grace every dinner time. This is such a meaningful, refreshing alternative :)

  4. Just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing, Felicity! Your family are incredibly lucky to have such a special YOU, to set such a wonderful example and to guide them with such grace and love. I love the idea of your Grace cards...these words are bound to make this card a favourite discussion starter. Enjoy your dinner and a no doubt 'cricket free' discussion tonight!! xx

  5. Ooh and I love the background you used. I can see you and the fam around the table right now. How do I subscribe to her blog? Don't see where I can. Margie

  6. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely notes on this impromptu post fabulous friends.
    And Margie you know I've emailed you the details, but for anyone else who pops on over to Saskia's you would be giving yourself a gift if you subscribed via Google Friend Connect under the heading 'Joining My Joy!' in the RH sidebar.

    Happy day!

  7. You're a bright spark Felicity, Grace Cards is a fabulous idea. It's hard to take in all of those deep thoughts in one go, each one makes you ponder and places a demand for a change of behaviour and habit.

  8. These are great mantras to live by. You sound like a very committed mother. Love Noosa too.

  9. Oh wow, what a great idea...such a great idea!! I am so into that and might steal the idea when my girls get older.x

  10. I have a poem for you over at the third :) le xox

  11. I also adore Saskia :)
    What a WONDERFUL tradition you have. You know I think so many people do have a hard time accepting compliments. Really great lessons you two are fostering.

  12. A beautiful card, and what a great idea Felicity!

  13. What a beautiful idea. I love this. We are not religious and this would be the perfect thing to do just to be thankful and remember the richness that life brings thought its simplicity. x

    Jodi@Lipgloss Mumma (formerly the scribble den)

  14. What an inspiring note, I am sure there is something for all of us to take heed or pay thanks with. Thank you for sharing and I will be sure to pop over and comment @ Join my joy! I have been a long time admirer of your site, once again thanks for sharing. I would love to have you visit my place. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. Felicity - your idea of a Grace Card, and particularly this one: LOVE IT and will incorporate it. Gratitude = happiness = self-esteem = kindness to others = joy = gratitude. Ingratitude... well, that just creates totally unnecessary misery. I LOVE your idea - can't say it enough!

  16. What a very beautiful gesture. Your post has a deeply humbling tone to it...absolutely gorgeous.

  17. I like the idea of your grace cards - and the chance to share gratitude at the dinner table - we might try this soon

  18. I love this idea! What wonderful words to live by, and the card is beautiful. This would be gorgeous framed!

  19. Oh my. You clever cookies, the both of you. That is such a pretty version of some great wisdom - thanks so much for sharing it, Felicity. J x

  20. Love it & will take those words on board the grace cards sound a wonderful idea I think I need a little of that around my dinner table as little ones have started to get a little christmas crazy. xx


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