06 November 2011

A Gift For Feather Lovers

This is such a lovely little film that I had to share it with you today.
I originally found it via 
SwissMiss and once you've watched it (I must admit I've watched it several times) you might like to visit Liberty & Sophie's website to find out more about their process....I love their reaction at the very end.

There's even a bonus in the form of a new word....

/merr'meuh ray'sheuhn/.n
1. an act or instance of murmurings
2. a flock of starlings

Happy day my friend, I hope you are treated to a gift of serendipity or even a special visit from a feathered friend.  
By the way, did you notice any similarities with this post at all?


  1. my spirit lifted and flew with them for just a moment. and the tears fell...

  2. Oh T, that's a powerful reaction.
    You really are a feathered friend indeed.

    So glad you received this gift today.

  3. That was absolutely spectacular F. I can only imagine what it felt like to be them. How glorious. Talk about a gift... XO

  4. That! Was incredible. What a spectacular sight. It too made my heart sing and promoted such a burst of love for those sweet little acrobats! Happy start to the day indeed... Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventure of a lifetime...

  6. Oh my goodness! Was that real or a computer thingy? If that was real I'm absolutely stunned!! How incredible!

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely little film with is. Lewi loved it too:) Happy weekend, lovely Felicity xxx

  7. That was beautiful, I have watched it twice and I have learnt a new word. Thank you. Mimi xx

  8. Always a powerful sight! Scientists have actually found ways to model the movements. It's very clear that there are not specific "leaders". Movements by any individual may affect the whole group as they respond in concert to any number of stimuli.

  9. This video is amazing and beautiful!!

  10. Just stunning, Felicity! I must've missed it on SwissMiss somehow - thanks so much for posting it here. That as absolutely extraordinary. I'm speechless, really. And yes, I adore that new word - thanks for adding it to my lexicon! J x

  11. Absolutely wonderful Felicity!
    Thank you for sharing it here.
    Have a great start to your week!

  12. I agree - their reaction is almost as wonderful as the experience! Isn't interesting how we try and try to create "spectacular", but nothing can beat nature! I'm reminded of 2 experiences: 1st was an early experience I had SCUBA diving. I cannot describe the clear colors of the coral reef and tropical fish, the freedom of flying through the water ... I thought at that time, "Life (nature) doesn't get better than this!" Then several years later in Alaska my family and I were electrified by the Northern Lights. They literally danced through the sky, boasting streams of color that were so rich I can't really name the colors. No man-made creation can come close to nature! Thanks for sharing that video - I'll be showing my family. I know we'll watch it over and over. Have a great week Felicity!

  13. Oh F how that has lifted my spirit this fine morning and made me just so ready for the day.
    From one feather lover to another - thanks you!

  14. Watching this with Captain V he asked at the start "What are they?".
    Once I'd explained I thought about how this delightful swarm could equally be a scary experience if they were say bees, or grasshoppers or other flying creatures without feathers - eeek!

    Blessed be the starlings!

  15. Such a great find .. have watched this twice and cant stop thinking about it. May just have to watch it again!!

  16. Gorgeous!
    I'm sending this on
    to my 16 year old bird
    loving girl, right now : )
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    xx Suzanne

  17. Oh wow, what a treat!!Amazing, I have never seen anything like it!!

  18. This is a gorgeous video! It is really magical. Thank you for sharing! :)

  19. Adorable! Thanks for sharing. I'm uttering it a few times so it sinks in!



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