03 November 2011

A Colour-Filled Birthday

The Middle-Sized Gift recently celebrated a very special birthday.
It's not every day that you become a teenager and it was a joy to shower her with treats.

As is the tradition in our home, we enjoyed a special breakfast together made by Captain V and I with  the birthday girl opening the parcels and cards that had been sent to her at the table.
After this we all snuggled on our bed [it's becoming more and more snuggly with two leggy teens in the mix] and the much anticipated 'family gifts' were shared with lots of love and laughter.

I'd decided that a rainbow theme was an easy one to carry off for decorations, food and cake until it came to the crunch and the prospect of baking the multi-layer cake that has graced so many blogs and magazines threw me into a spin. Actually any cake baking will do that, so the prospect of making eight cakes was a bridge too far and I had to admit defeat.

This is where I took inspiration from my oh-so-clever sister-in-law...deep exhalation inserted right about here.
I scooted to the supermarket and within minutes had the essentials to make the ultimate 'no fuss' rainbow layer cake. Try it if you're like me and a little challenged in the baking department or equally pressed for time.

The trickiest thing was mixing the gel food colouring to six bowls of fondant without it ending up all over everything.....oh and as you can see slicing sponges equally is a skill I may have to put some more time towards.
But mix, slice, slather, layer and adorn with a gazillion smarties I did "Et Voila!", a very wonky rainbow cake that definitely met the approval of the Birthday Girl if not our dentist.

So another year older, another year wiser and that's just me!
My gift to you when it comes to birthday preparations (if you're the chief coordinator of celebrations), is to think outside the cake when it comes to making the day special and you may even enjoy it as much as the person for whom you're expending all the effort.

As for the Birthday Girl herself, I can't wait to see what the next seven years of 'teenagehood' bring as this special 'Gift' continues to grow and develop into an amazing young woman filled with sparkle and cheek.

Her birthday festival will continue for some time as her big party has had to be postponed due to representative sporting commitments. But such is the joy of living near the beach, that when it does happen we have a ready-made party venue that people travel the world to visit and in this home it's  always easy to whip up some music, a couple of eskies of food, cold drinks & some beach accessories - and off we'll go, instant party!

So what do you think of my creative spin on the rainbow cake?
Does it pass muster even thought it's really quite wonky?
If you'd like to see some more creative happenings, hop, skip or jump on over here and be prepared to be surprised, delighted and inspired.

Happy day!

PS: After reading many of your lovely comments, I do feel compelled to clarify that all the precious Gifts in our family are actually my Step-Children.  
Many of you who have been following along for a while will know this but the newer 'Gifters' may not.
I share this with you here because I'm only a fairly recently 'minted' Step-Parent and if you've ever been in this position or a child in a blended family, you would know that this can be quite a sensitive topic and although I am parenting these lovely people fulltime with Captain V, I'm very conscious of the special place they will always have in their heart for their mother and that they will only ever have one Mum and one Dad.....just saying!

PPS: 30.11.11 For those you who have stopped by via the lovely Laura's 'POTM' Club - Welcome!
I hope you enjoyed reading about this celebration that happened at the very beginning of this month but seems like aeons ago.
Please stay awhile longer and have an explore,  I've shared many interesting gifts this month....well I thought so anyway!


  1. Such a beautiful age. Cherish it. Mine's 13 too. I love seeing them grow and discover life. Your daughter is beautiful. My son and her?..... they need to meet. A-M xx

  2. Felicity, I think you are indeed the 'gift' to this family. The cake is absolutely beautiful. Children don't notice the 'magazine-perfect' accessories, it's the love they feel.

  3. Welcome to the club. We are about 6 months ahead of you and so far so good. My 'Teenie' has even delightful, even when she isn't, she is! Great cake, wonky or not it is divine....

  4. she is beautiful. you can already see the young woman in her. :)

  5. You outdid yourself F! Good job! Quite the celebration. Hugs, Margie

  6. Oh my word. You outdid yourself, Felicity! I am so impressed. And to see the birthday girl's glowing face is just priceless. Just glorious. J x

  7. What a beautiful special birthday. I love the photos, and I adore your rainbow cake. xx

  8. The cake is beautiful Felicity.
    One can see all of the love that went into making it.

  9. your daughter is beautiful! and that cake is amazing! happy birthday to her! x

  10. I love the cake! Sure to put a smile on any birthday girl's face... gxo

  11. A lot of people have already said but I'll say it anyways...you're daughter is very beautiful <3

  12. Your gifts are gorgeous Felicity, I think it is the first time I have seen a photo of them! The cake looks divine! Birthday wishes to your lovely middle gift! x

  13. Thank you for all your generous comments fabulous friends.

    I do feel compelled to clarify that all the precious Gifts are my Step-Children.

    If you've ever been a Step-Parent or child you would realize that this can be a sensitive topic and although I am parenting these lovely people, they will only ever have one Mum and one Dad.....just saying.

  14. Such a clever clogs idea Felicity, well worth borrowing..and looks good using not quite as much food colouring as the normal one seen. I sometimes do up a bought sponge with a topping of whipped cream and peach slices which is well received at suppers etc too..and very little effort. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous 13 year old!

  15. Wow - love the cake and such a good spin on the rainbow cake idea :-)

  16. that cake looks sooo good. lovely idea!!

  17. Your rainbow cake most definitely passes muster!

  18. Great rainbow cake idea! I've done the coloured cakes, but had to borrow tins galore... and the layers were seriously uneven... yours are a LOT better than mine were!

  19. Oh Felicity you are the best, your words, your picks & now a cake maker WOW love it!!!! I bet it was fun cutting into that huge cake its got my taste buds going now. :)) x

  20. I think the cake is fabulous - and so much the better for the reduced amount of colouring actually! (I confess I'm a bit erked by eating things that have loads of food colouring in them - so this just may be perfect!) :)
    Birthdays are better when looked at as a whole anyway - not JUST the food :)
    Have a great weekend!

  21. The cake is fantastic, well done! I have a cake to make for my 6 year olds birthday in a week or so, going for a 'Tangled' theme - wish me luck!
    And also, we have a 13 year old in our house and it really is a special age. x

  22. Oh i feel a day late to the party??!! She's going to be such a fabulous young woman with you guiding her. So gorgeous to see the gifts. Can't wait to meet them, with my eldest almost 13 too, they grow before your eyes. Love Posie

  23. What a gorgeous family you've got - great genes :) Happy birthday to your daughter, Felicity. She looks so happy.The cake is bloomin marvellous as are you as a mummy. Have a great weekend xx

  24. Felicity, missed your comment above sorry! I should have said a super step mummy and obviously a big part of their happiness xx

  25. Great post Felicity I can totally relate to it as we celebrated a sixteenth - this week - and I feel like it was only yesterday she was turning 13! Well done with the cake - no easy task...very ambitious of you! I look forward to popping back for some more entertainment!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  26. Hi Felicity,

    I couldn't comment on your post, but just wanted to say:

    ...the highlight of this post for me is seeing you all on your bed with your daughter undoing her pressies. We do this for birthdays as well, as it's the most magic part of the day! Glad to see it doesn't stop, even when they reach 13! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. x

    Regards, kel


  27. You did a spectacular job with the cake Felicity. Your photos are beautiful! I still snuggle with my teenager boys and they are 17 and 15. I treasure every moment with them. Mimi xx

  28. Happy birthday to a very happy beautiful young lady! Great cake.

  29. It's fabulous! I love it!

    13 is a very important age - happy birthday!! x

  30. My daughter will be 13 next summer and she would LOVE your colorful creations. Thanks for the post-script defining your Gifts...your attitude towards it all is very healthy, for everyone.

    Joining you from Laura's POTM.

  31. Bravo! on the cake :) I am VERY impressed. I offer to make cakes for my kiddos (I don't cook) but they always say, no that's okay mom. Don't say I didn't ask :) Looks like a wonderful day filled with lots of love. Happy belated birthday to your 13 year old Gift :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! It is always so nice to have you here :) XOLaura


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