25 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Jason Hackenwerth

It's a birthday week in our home this week - a special one as we have someone officially becoming a teen.
So what better way to celebrate than with some balloons for the 'Two For Tuesday' segment!

Of course the work of Jason Hackenwerth isn't your usual party balloon manoeuvre, no siree.
It's fun yes, but oh so much more. These installments are huge and are often hung in public spaces.
What appeals to me about them is their underwater/outerworldly qualities and of course their zesty colours.

{Nucleotide Exterior}
{Nucleotide Interior}

In addition to the two pieces that I'm featuring here today I'd encourage you to take the time to have a peek at the following videos which I hope will give you an appreciation of the creativity and skill involved in making these pieces and see how they literally come to life....can't wait to learn what you think.

If your interest has been piqued then you will enjoy finding out more about Jason at his blog, FB page and website. Love your work Jason!
I wonder if you'd consider creating something special for a beach party theme next weekend!?!


  1. funky, intricate and absolutely fabulous!!! :)

  2. First thing that came to my mind was anenome. Very cool.

  3. I have never seen anything like these Felicity!
    They are amazing.
    A very happy birthday to your "new" teen!!

  4. Oooo aren't hey crazy little things!? I have never seen them before. Too much time on their hands I think hahah #kidding

  5. How much fun are they? Incredibly creative..is what comes to mind..love them!

  6. How unique & quirky. I've seen somethings similar - "creatures" that live in the beach or sand... will search for it again.

  7. Some of these creations remind me of some creatures found in our oceans!


  8. How absolutely extraordinary, Felicity! How anyone can think in 3D like that, let alone make it a reality is beyond me. Genius! J x

  9. Fliss, these are amazing! Wherever do you discover these talented folk?


  10. WOW Felicity thats amazing Joshua said AWSOME!!! how creative what makes you think one day I think I will build these out of balloons truly amazing!!! :))

  11. oh my gosh this is absolutely amazing!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  12. VERY cool!
    Happy birthday to
    your new teen! Our
    son became a teen,
    too, on Sunday : ) !!
    xx Suzanne


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