18 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Herb Williams

Happy Tuesday friend - I can't wait for you to unwrap your gift of art today!

Before we proceed to our 'Two for Tuesday', I have a little anecdote to share that will set the scene.

One of Captain V's recollections from when we first met [aeons ago] is of him walking along the verandah outside my classroom and inhaling deeply of that special smell that is playdough. 
He says that with just one whiff, he was straight back in his own childhood. Powerful stuff.

For many years I was an early childhood teacher, and along with playdough, banana sandwiches and wet ink, it was crayons that had the capacity to take me back to not only my own childhood but to pleasant memories of teaching little people and watching them grow.

Last Friday I had the joy of working with a class of gorgeous five year olds and guess what? 
Along with bubble play, stories, singing and math counters...there were crayons!  

Someone who has a deep affinity for these colourful cylinders of wax is today's artist Herb Williams.
However instead of painting with his crayons, Herb creates the most spectacular sculptures.
I have a feeling that this wonderful man has managed to retain the special qualities of delight and wonder from his childhood, as every piece is full of fun as well as colour.

How about these fabulous flames entitled "Unwanted Visitor: A Portrait Of Wildfire" which is being exhibited in Texas at the moment representing the wildfires which recently ravaged parts of this State.
I'd encourage you to click this link to see Herb at work and view close ups of this incredible art.

For a slightly more whimsical feel, I've included this gorgeous pink dress which (believe it or not) is actually wearable...perhaps not to the beach though!

I can't wait to hear what you think about Herb's art and whether he has inspired you to get creative with your own Crayolas.

Happy day!


  1. i saw your link to the display in Texas. too inventive! but that dress steals the show! :)

  2. WOW now that is truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing these fun photos!

  3. Felicity, I had a brief stint in early childhood between college and doing non-profit work. Are you the kind of teacher that lines up her crayons before coloring or do you dump out the box on the table? :-)

    As for the sculptures, he really does bring new meaning to the word colorful!

  4. Felicity would definitely be the type to line up her crayons ;)

  5. They are gorgeous. Definitely put a smile on my face today :-)

  6. My first reaction was to laugh uproariously! My second was fascination. My third was wow..how would those sculptures look when they melted under a hot sun. All I could hear in my imagination was the cracking of crayons under my derriere as I sat down in that dress!

  7. My gosh, how amazing and creative!

    I didn't realise you were a fellow teacher :)

  8. Holy smokes! What ideas people come up with. Ah-ma-zing! Hugs for you F.

  9. We've come over all scuptural this Tuesday I see. Love this quirky, colourful work. Inspiring stuff. DO you think it would melt?


  10. Wow, I LOVE this! Proof that art can come in any form. So clever XoL

  11. Just when I think I've seen everything, up pops something else to completely amaze me. TFS

  12. awesome, really like so much!!!
    thanks for this gift,


  13. Just breathtaking. Really. My goodness, he's an inventive and resourceful chap. I am amazed that something so utilitarian can become art like that. Astounding! J x

  14. Wow I had to look a couple of times its the crayons!!! ( I know I am so slow) hee.
    Thats amazing!! x


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