04 October 2011

Two For Tuesday - Anna Walker

A bit of fun for this week's 'Two For Tuesday' post.
Today we are celebrating the joy of childhood and the possibility of creativity with some interactive art from one of my favourite illustrators, Anna Walker.

I know that many of you who regularly stop by are parents, grandparents, educators and like me, people who enjoy the process of playing with colour.
If you live in the southern states of Australia you may even have children home on school holidays at the moment, so I thought that today's activity might be a fun way to spend some time with your children.

The two pieces I've chosen are from gorgeous picture books that Anna has provided the illustrations for and I must say that the first one 'All Through The Year' is one of my all time favourite reads.

So what do you think?
Do you have some time to play with colour?
Is there someone in your world who would love to spend an afternoon bringing these illustrations to life?

If you're keen to bring out your own inner artist or to share the gift of creating with someone special, simply click on the images above to be directed to a PDF version, print out, grab your favourite colouring tools and away you go! Anna has several more activity pages on her website if you want to do more.

I would really love to see your finished pieces.
Perhaps we could have a gallery here next Tuesday showing everyone what fun we've been up to.
In the meantime, you may like to visit Anna at her blog or website and be sure to keep an eye out for her illustrations, you might be surprised where they pop up.

Happy day and enjoy your creative play my friend.
If you have some time and would like to meet some more creative friends, jump on over here & say "G'day!".

PS: Since publishing this I've had a little play with some markers whilst enjoying a cup of tea and what fun it was.  
Here are some of Anna's friends adorned with my clothing....come on you know you want to play too!

05.10.11 My lovely friend Denalee has sent in this gorgeous page with the following message...

"I had to spend HOURS on the phone today making business phone calls, and I SO enjoyed coloring to keep my hands busy while my voice was working!  
Here's my finished project ... thanks for the distraction Felicity!"


  1. the top one is just begging for some magic marker action! alas, i need to concentrate on picking another bird drawing for october's giveaway and get busy on it!!! :)

  2. I'm game! I think maybe my family and I will have a coloring-fest tonight after dinner. My mother still tells me that one is never to old to color. So thanks for the fun activity for tonight Felicity!

  3. thank you Felicity,

    Che is now obsessed with penicls, alhtough he is still finding to keep within the lines. We have these books at home. They are a joy.


  4. I love these pics. The simplicity just screams innocence and happiness to me. Ahhhh ;) xx

  5. oh, felicity, that is just precious! yes, that's the kind of rain we need in Texas! :)

  6. Thanks girls.

    TWG - I hope you get the rain you need. I've called the little cloud in this picture Hughie - I know you know what that means.

    Jill - I hope that you and Che get some time to play together with these delightful illustrations.

    Bridget - colour up Lovely - they would be perfect for your new nursery.

  7. Oh and Denalee - please, please share your family fun with us, I'm so impressed that you would do this together. x F

  8. These are adorable and here I am without crayons or markers, or something! It must wait until my return I guess. You did such a cute job coloring yours!!! XO

  9. Oh Thank you Felicity. My girls (bored, bored, bored) are loving these. I'm off to join them :)

  10. Thankyou for this sweet idea and illustration - I'm going to print out 'all through the year' right now!

  11. Lovely illustrations! So sweet. xo style, she wrote

  12. Thanks for sharing these pictures -the tree looks great for colouring! My kids have gone back to school this week! Maybe I'll print one for myself - I like the idea of something to do while waiting on the phone!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  13. I adore the colouring in that has taken place here. So fun! N x

  14. My big girl and I will have fun colouring in these for sure :)

  15. I love All Through the Year: could be written for my family. I'm definitely going to colour this tree with my big boy.
    Thank you Felicity.

  16. Oh Felicity, this is just gorgeous. What a thoughtful idea of yours. If only we had a printer! One day...J x

  17. Glorious. I won't be colouring just yet, but I know two little people who are going to be overjoyed to see Anna's lovely pages. x

  18. Hi Felicity I am back yay!!! missed a load of your blogs so sorry!! I love this its great & your colouring in is lovely :))) x


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