02 October 2011

My Oh My! A Magical Moment...

Last week Captain V and I drove to Brisbane to pick up the children after their week long holiday with their mum. It was a glorious spring morning when they arrived and as we had no set plan for the day, we took a little detour on our way home. What happened next was true serendipity - unexpected and lovely.

Captain V took us on a trip down memory lane, visiting many of his childhood haunts and showing the children places which hold special memories for him, it was a wonderful experience for all of us.
You can imagine my delight when I spied this grove of Jacaranda trees in a little suburban park.
What thrilled me most was that instead of their usual lilac blossoms, their boughs were adorned with a ring of Chinese lanterns which bobbed and swayed in the breeze.

Of course I made Captain V stop the car and we all hopped out to admire this little gift that someone had thoughtfully left for others to enjoy.  I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine.

Happy week my friend, I hope that you are gifted with moments of serendipity as lovely as this.


  1. How absolutely gorgeous AND fabulous, Felicity! Your lovely pictures made me smile...I can just imagine your smile when you spotted those sweet lanterns:) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, sweet lady. HUGE hugs as always ~ Txx

  2. How utterly gorgeous, Lovely. No wonder you were captivated. What a delicious surprise. Gee, I miss my Sydney jacarandas down here. I even posted about my love of them (http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/2010/09/in-praise-of-jacarandas-2.html)! Wishing you a wonderful week J x

  3. How could you not stop and look at those! Reminds me of when we are on a road trip and we see a sign for "honey" or "mangoes". I have to insist on pulling over everytime :)

  4. ahhhhhhhh! those are excellent!!!
    have a lovely day!!!!


  5. That was truly a moment of serendipity! I adore it when sights like this are chanced upon unexpectedly..just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this lovely end to a weekend.

  6. these are beautiful! yes, thanks for sharing the gift!!!

  7. These unexpected little surprises make life even more wonderful. This is such lovely idea, must remember it for next Spring.
    Have a splendid Spring, Fizz! xxxx

  8. What a lovely idea to fill all of those bare branches
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  9. Aww so beautiful...I wonder how they got the lanterns up to the higher branches thought, brave bunch:)!
    The other day we went through the botanical park and I could spy some purple on those branches, I can't wait for the purple clouds to appear!
    Bonne Semaine x

  10. Of my! love it just gorgeous.

    I wonder what little soiree they were for, some beautiful wedding?! or Just for fun?!! xox

  11. Oh my F! It did, it did! Love how you posted these. XO

  12. What a sight to behold...simply gorgeous! I think I would have found it hard to tear myself away :)


  13. How gorgeous Felicity. Thanks for sharing, you have made my week begin with a smile. xx

  14. That is just so lovely! I saw something similar last year with pom poms in trees! I love it.


  15. Yes, a smile on my face indeed. I even get a smile thinking of how happy you must have been to spy them. My jacaranda tree died. I so wanted those purple blossoms filling my front yard. Perhaps we should have left it in place and filled it with lanterns :)

  16. beautiful photos - an unexpected treat for sure!
    fee x

  17. Lovely pictures Felicity, love Lanterns. I would love have some in my back yard around the pool area but I know the kids would trash they at the ages they are so I am patiently waiting them to get older. Love that you all stopped the car to treasure them. N x

  18. great. I'm sure such a discovery would make my day, too :)


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