24 October 2011

My Oh My! A Hidden Jewel...

Happy new week friend.
I thought we'd start our gift giving by sharing a jewel from nature which was true serendipity in the finding.
Do you remember my glorious water lily snap from the start of the month?
Well the pond where the lilies grow is on a vacant block of land just up the street from where I live.

Some days when I take Luke for his afternoon excursion [ie: sniff fest] around the neighbourhood we detour and have a little explore of all the treasures flourishing there.

On the afternoon that I captured the bloom above I'd ventured a little further towards the back of the block than I had before.  Imagine my delight when I discovered this little treasure.
It was hiding amongst the spiky grasses and quite tiny [see the bottom right photo] and easily missed - fortunately for us I wasn't in a hurry and had plenty of time to marvel in its beauty.

At first I thought it was a Lantana plant but now I'm not sure. Whatever it is, the colours were luminous.
I haven't altered these images in any way and I hope you can see the vibrancy of the crimson, orange and gold sitting gloriously against the gentle green of its foliage.

I guess the lesson for me was that in going gently and venturing into new territory I was rewarded with an unexpected and truly beautiful prize.
This is a concept that I need to be mindful of in my everyday life. How about you?


  1. Amazing color! Like tiny little flames. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love finding hidden treasures!

  3. Love the colors! I'm a bright color kind of girl. I love finding something new to admire and ahh about. Love your blog by the way. Newest follower.


  4. i thought it might be a lantana too! it's lovely!

  5. Oh you clever girl for spotting such gloriousness. An absolute marvel of nature and to be treasured. J x

  6. For sure F! I am loving these collages lately. So pretty.

  7. What a gorgeous explosion of colour.
    You have reminded me that I need to venture into unknown territory more often :)

    Happy Monday to you Felicity.


  8. What a beautiful reward you received when you went out and about to explore. TFS

  9. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Your jewel was a lovely reward for stepping out a little further! Have a wonderful week dear girl!

  10. Inspiring thought. I am often in a rush so maybe that is why I miss out on seeing something as beautiful as that. Will take this as a note to self.

  11. Just stunning colours!yes sometimes it pays off going outside the routine path :)Happy week lovely Lady xx

  12. Oh its so pretty I wonder what plant it is? What a lovely surprise to find that Felicity :)


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