17 October 2011

My Oh My! Garden Jewels...

Hello lovely friend.
A little gift of colour from my garden at the moment in the form of Callistemons or as they're more commonly known, Bottle Brushes - I'm sure you can see how they got their name.
Their colour truly delights me, particularly in the morning sunshine and the feathery lightness to their form, well that's just glorious! This little montage showcases one of my alltime favourite colour combinations, hot pink, lime green with a good dash of white and the most incredible thing is that these beauties are natives in our area popping up in the most unexpected of places - bliss.

I hope that you've been keeping well over the past fortnight.
It's been a bit of a bumpy ride for me with lots of highs and lows with my health and energy [fortunately more of the former than the latter] but I hope to be back in the regular blogging saddle soon.

To all of you who've sent notes and emails - thank you so very much, you are sweet friends indeed.
Until next we meet, I hope that you keep your eyes and hearts open for beautiful gifts of serendipity just like the one I've shared with you today.


  1. bottlebrushes... they are so colourful

  2. I'm glad you like those colours Felicity.

    Wishing you a surge of energy to get you through your day.

    Much love

  3. Hi F,

    Loving the colour on your pages at the moment, so springy! I have been busily snapping away around our garden too. It's so nice to actually have something to take photos of now! Hope the spring returns to your step soon... take good care of yourself... gxo

  4. F! Was about to send out the troops. Glad you checked in. Take good care of you. We'll be waiting patiently for your return. Xo

  5. Oh my indeed! They are utterly gorgeous, Felicity. What a treat to have them around you, you lucky duck. That is a stunning montage - well done. Wishing you an energy-filled week. J x

  6. I love native flowers in spring. Our garden and surrounding bush is bursting at the moment. So many lovely shades of yellows, pinks, orange and red.
    Nice to see you are back... I did wonder where you were.
    Nic xo

  7. Just gorgeous Felicity. And take care of you. We will be here when you are ready. xx

  8. These are gorgeous and I hope that you are feeling a little brighter today yourself. Thinking of you. N x

  9. Your bottlebrushes are beautiful indeed, but you, my friend, are the true jewel of this blog. I am so glad you've popped in again..you were missed.

  10. As the leaves here turn beautiful hues of gold and orange and purple and brown, over there you are also treated to natures treasures. Hope you feel more spritely soon. Xx

  11. I have only ever seen these in red but my how stunning and vibrant are these ones that grace your page...just gorgeous.
    Hope you are feeling more yourself soon :)


  12. Yay, sending you much love & thank you for sharing nature's super colour coordinates of pink & green, my favourite colour combination, followed closely by red & pale blue. Love it!! Big cuddles, love Posie

  13. hey - glad to hear you're back on the ride up!
    Definitely think you should follow the same wake up routine as Ned - I'd SO take a nice long sleep, followed by a spa and some good food.
    Take it easy sweetpea
    fee x

  14. Hi there Felicity! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What lovely pictures these are! Oh I love love love gardens! You are lucky to have one...right now I don't have a yard to have anything like that. some day. some day :-)

    Anyways you should email Rachel about the painting! She would surely love that!


    have a great monday!



  15. Always love stopping by your blog :]

  16. We have lots of pink ones around too, I only noticed the reds before...You are right lets keep our heart and eyes open...:)I hope you are feeling much better by now .Take care xx

  17. What a gorgeous garden, I'm so jealous. Great photos too! xo

  18. Beautiful! the colors are so lovely.

  19. Oh Felicity these picks are gorgeous I must get a few bottle brushes for my garden it's exquisite :))

  20. Love these pics, we are very lucky to have nature colour our world each day :)


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