24 October 2011

A Happy Making Tune...

Another for the 'Happy Making' playlist my friend.
Thank you to Meredy for not only sharing it but for being a 'true inspiration'. The way you have lifted your eyes, heart and soul in difficult times is dazzling- you are a treasure.

If you're a new 'Gifter' seeking more toe-tapping, heart lifting music, pop on over to the sidebar you will find some goodies in the section titled "Happy Making Tunes".


  1. What a treat..thanks Felicity! I loved the ending too..hehe.

  2. Ah, Meredy is such an inspiration, Felicity. A tower of inspiration in such trying times. J x

  3. Wow!! that was amazing... Good to know the good guys still always win...

  4. Cute little penguins too :)xx

  5. Oh how cute I was like no when he fell (pushed over board) I was so pleased he got rescued loved it :))))

  6. Smiling here across the seven seas. Cute black and white little friends making happy music, could it be any sweeter?
    You will probably be in dreamland this very moment, Fizz, so I am going to whisper the rest of my words.
    h a p p y h u g s to you, dearest xo xo xo

  7. Will listen a bit later dear F. Off to art class soon! Xo

  8. Oh, that IS one happy tune! I love the animation. A little different.

    I love a song that makes my heart smile. Thank you ever so much for sharing!



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