21 October 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - An Unexpected Visitor

If you're an Aussie I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of Michael Leunig.
For those friends visiting from overseas Mr Leunig is a cartoonist who creates thought provoking social commentaries which I've admired and enjoyed for many years.
One of his key characters along with Vasco Pyjamas and Mr Curly is the Duck and ever since seeing his gentle duck friends I have wanted one of my own, but alas it was never to be.

That was until this afternoon when I had a most delightful yet unexpected visitor...

...these images are a little blurry as they were taken from our front balcony and our visitor was over fifty meters away.  This visit was a true gift of serendipity, unexpected and lovely and one of the wonderful things about living on acreage for which I'm entirely grateful.

My friend stayed for quite some time but was being dive bombed by the flying rats otherwise known as Indian Myna birds and eventually flew away to a gentler space.

So this week as I reflect upon the many gifts in my life that I'm grateful for...
* Garden Jewels
* Incredible Art
* Amazing People
* Happy-Making Tunes and
* Fragrant Flowers

...I'm also incredibly grateful for a visit, be it ever so brief, from my own gentle duck'ish friend.
I hope you have a brilliant weekend planned and take some time to visit my pal Maxabella who is also a fan of feathered friends and a great encourager of positive thinking & the gathering of gratefuls.

Oh, and if you see a long necked duck looking a little lost, please let him know that my door is always open.

If you're visiting via "Happy Homemakers" Post Of The Month Club - welcome! 
I hope you have a little explore, there's lots to see and I'll look forward to returning your visit.


  1. Hehe! Love the captioning!!
    Oh, what a treat, Felicity. Love that you were able to capture it at least. xx

  2. Oh, so cute! So unexpected, and so wonderful of you to notice every gift given to you.

    Oh Fliss, I LOVE Leunig. He's profound. And has a way with pictures. And words.

    Happy Grateful Day lovely!


  3. We recently saw a number of herons both white and blue on an intercoastal cruise while we were in Florida. It is expecially beautiful to see them in flight! We also saw little downy-soft sandpipers on the beach each morning.

  4. Love Leunig, love his duck. The first book I bought mr Karen was a book of Leunig's poems. He reminds us to be humble and enjoy a simple life. Such a great message.
    Happy weekend. x

  5. Chuckling in Hobart, Felicity! What a visitor indeed. And yes, Leunig is incredibly gifted. J x

  6. Fantastic visitor and love how you captioned it - very cool!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  7. Oh I love this. Leunig is the best. And yes we have those pesky Indian Myna's too. :(

  8. Thank you for your visit and lead-in to your blog with the lovely name.I've put you on my bloglist so I can peruse yours at leisure later.
    A white Heron, no less. That would be very special over here [UK] as ours are all dullish grey, no wonder your were thankful.

  9. A-DOR-A-BLE! Good job playing cartoonist lovey!
    Enjoy your weekend and may you get more "gifts"!

  10. I love editorial cartoons, too and Leunig seems to be a heavyweight in Australia, judging from your post and the cartoon you posted. Love your duck story as well. Hahaha.

  11. Favorite post I've read all week Felicity! This is proof of the serendipity that surrounds us, if we but open our eyes and our hearts. I loved reading the captions :) ... and when I first read that you'd love to have ducks I was reminded of the many springs when our children were younger - we'd order in a crate of day-old ducklings to be delivered through the postal service to our small town in Alaska. These little twirping cutie-pies would waddle all over. We had a beautiful creek that ran down the mountain on the side of our yard - the ducks loved the creek. But so did scary land otters, big mean scavenger ravens and bald eagles that were really hungry. Oh, and bears. So it was a bit of a trick keeping our pet ducks alive, but a great adventure. I'd love a peek at your land - post some more pictures soon, ok? Have a lovely weekend.
    PS - yup, that's me skydiving! AMAZING experience!

  12. Always pleasing to the eye and spirit. Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Love Leunig. Love your visitor xx

  14. What an adorable post! It's really amazing when they come and visit. Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  15. Look at your talents, cartoon thought bubbles, wildlife photography & so many beautiful things to share with us, thank you Felicity Serendipity, love Posie

  16. I'm a huge leunig fan - his intelligence and sense of whimsy is remarkable. Your post is such a fun tribute, Flick! You are so lucky to meet up with such a great variety of wildlife in your own garden!! x

  17. Ooops!

    Thank you to my friend Daniel who has let me know that my Heron is actually a Great White Egre.

    Here's the link he sent if you're interested in finding out more about our feathered friends:

    Thanks Daniel and to all who've popped by and left such lovely notes.

  18. Agh - that should read Great White Egret.

  19. I love Leuings work! you did a great job of captioning those pics!! xx

  20. I lvoe Leunig! and I love your version. Hope he becomes a regular visitor!

  21. get yourself that blue ukeule...easy to play, so much fun...go for it.

  22. How lucky to have such interesting visitors! I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!
    Melissah from coastal-style.blogspot

  23. Good w.e.

  24. If I encounter any ducks..and there may be some at the local duck pond...I'll let them know there's an offer of accommodation just across the mountain!

  25. Felicity I love this post and now I will be smiling all day. Your own cartoon of your beautiful visitor is so cute!!!
    I loved going through your list of grateful's. You have beautiful heart!
    sending hugs...

  26. Because we live in an
    area with a lot of lakes
    and marsh lands, we
    also see herons and
    egrets around. Like
    you, they make me
    catch my breath and
    I am spellbound, watching
    them! Such gentle
    creatures. Loved both
    your cartoon and the
    last one! I remember a
    couple of picture books
    we used to read to the
    kids featured ducks....
    Two faves were "Farmer
    Duck" and "Click, Clack,
    Moo" if you ever come
    across them : ) Hope
    you are enjoying a
    wonderful weekend, F!
    xx Suzanne

  27. Hee you are so clever Felicity I loved the picks & captions what a lovely post I will be having a humdinger of a day now you have made sure of that thanks heaps :))))

  28. I want to live where you live. You seem to gather many cool visitors.

    I especially love this one.

    I hope you've had a lovely weekend.


  29. As a family we always give voices to animals we see - nonstop chuckles :) XOL

  30. Clever girl! I love this post Felicity. xx

  31. What a delightful blog. I'll be stopping by frequently, I'm sure. Your visitor was indeed impressive and lovely. Thanks for sharing. (visiting from HH UK)
    Cheers, Eli

  32. Ooh, I want to live on acreage too, you lucky ducky! Thank you so much for joining Post Of The Month Club - I am grateful for you :) XoLaura


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