28 October 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Finding Balance....

It's been a licorice allsorts kind of week, layers of terrific mixed in with the 'not so'.
When I look back over the past seven days though and weigh up all that's transpired, the balance definitely favours the fact that I am truly blessed and that there is much to be grateful for indeed.

Let's travel around this montage of my life to have a peek into some of my happy-making elements.

#1 Our Home. I've chosen this photo to give my friend Denalee another glimpse of my yard as per her email request. It shows our fledgling Jacarandas kicking up their lilac skirts and the Agapanthus just starting to burst forth.  If you look carefully you will also see some towels hanging on the line - I'm truly grateful for sunny days and gentle breezes to allow me to have a house full of clean linen and towels....it's the simple things remember.

#2 Zen.  My friend here George sits in my colour-filled dressing room and reminds me each morning to try to find balance in my day. I'll admit that this isn't an easy task for me but when I pop on the 'happy' beads that he's holding I seem to get it right somehow.

#3 Swirls Of Pink.  I'd be surprised if you weren't aware of why this is a special colour during this month in particular and this grevillea found in our front garden, with its swirling ribbons of pink is a great reminder for me of the many brave and fabulous women who are not only fighting their own personal battles with breast cancer but also the ribbons of love and care that are wound around them by family, friends and fabulous support networks & carers.

#4 The Beach Beckons.  This little montage with the fuschia hibiscus and the photo of Captain V heading out on his longboard sits on the hallstand in our foyer.  This weekend I'm planning on not only frolicking with my gorgeous little niece in the ocean, but also cheering on Captain V's youngest as he partakes in his very first Noosa Triathlon - a big deal in these parts.
He's only 9 and asked with such enthusiasm if he could do it this year we had to say "Yes!".
We'll be waving him on from 6:30AM Saturday and I'll let you know how he goes.

#5 Luke.  This is the face that greets me every time I step outside and he makes me laugh every single day.
My faithful companion and bundle of giggle-making became the 'Dogfather' on Thursday afternoon as Captain V and I lay in the downstairs hammock debriefing our respective days.
Luke was fairly peeved that we were cutting into his walk time and became very vocal about it whilst staring us out. I half expected him to lift his paw to his chin Marlon Brando style and issue an ultimatum.  He had me in fits of laughter, the kind where nothing comes out except tears and you have to work really hard not to pee....love that dog!

#6 Healthy Eats.  A couple of weeks ago I started to renew our herb and vege garden and although it's a bit scrappy at the moment, everything that's been planted is thriving.  I'm looking forward to partaking in these butter lettuces soon, perhaps with a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and basil for a fresh lunch....scrummy!

So for these things and many, many more I am truly grateful.
Please scoot over and say hello to my enlightening friend Maxabella who will be gathering a scrummy pile of lists just like this over this coming weekend.

Hugs to you!


  1. That was such a treat! Your home is so beautiful, your taste impeccable, your dog as cute as a button. Lots to be grateful for, my love!! x

  2. Yay! What a great list. Love George reminding you to find balance... I'm telling myself that a lot these days too. And I'll be thinking of you this weekend as we transfer a self-seeded tomato plant from the herb garden into bed #1 in our new veg patch. Happy weekend to you. gxo

  3. Love your gratefuls, Felicity and your dear doggy Luke sounds like such a personality. PS I'm still trying to think of the right 3 syllable L word..intrigued indeed :)

  4. Your yard is beautiful, I can totally understand why you would be grateful for a home like this one!

  5. Lovely post, beautiful things to be grateful for. Have a lovely weekend.x

  6. Awww this post is wonderful, I love your gratefuls and your dog is adorable :)


  7. Ha. We have a couple inches of snow as of last night! Still many things to be grateful for.

    Luke seems like a great dog. I know our pets are a ceaseless source of entertainment and companionship.

  8. How fantastic. Many thing to be thankful for.. your house & garden is beautiful!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and lovely grateful - your house is stunning and I cannot believe #3 is a real flower (i thought it was truly a crafted brooch made from ribbon).

    Deb @home life simplified

  10. Just beeeeeautiful!
    The pics and the sentiment.

  11. i, of course, zoned in on luke immediately as my favorite joyful piece. :)

  12. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories

  13. Beautiful life of a beautiful friend. As I type you'll be at the triathlon. Hope you can hear me cheering from here. xx

  14. Gosh your place looks beautiful. I long for a place that's not in the heart of the city. One day!

  15. Viva la lettuce!! I think you just naturally eat better this time of year, especially if you have a barrel of salad ingredients.
    George is rocking those beads, love Posie

  16. A lovely montage and update to boot my friend. Thanks for a glimpse into your life, frills and spills. You are blessed for sure. Hugs, Margie

  17. Thank you everyone for your lovely notes.
    Just popping in to let you know that I've put up a quick post about today's Triathlon with a few pics too.
    Happy day!

  18. Oh your home looks magical! Your garden is so lush and tropical, and inviting! What a splendid place to live :)

    And I enjoyed your story about Luke. Dogs are brilliant at bringing us back to the present and bringing us moments of pure hilarity! Dogs offer us loyalty and lots of love but sometimes I find it's those times when they are completely and utterly focussed on their own needs that are the most helpful. It's tricky to feel depressed/unmotivated/too-caught-up-in-your-own-head/etc when you've got a hound loudly explaining that you need to walk him, feed him, pat him NOW!

  19. Like so many have said, a wonderful list of gratefuls. They are such good reminders especially when there are other trials to face. Like your garden idea very much x

  20. Beach is my bliss and our veggie garden is now really starting to show the rewards..it is so worth the wait. Have a great weekend and do pop by our new website and I now you will love it.. we have tried to find the unexpected and lovely x

  21. Definitely lots to be grateful for. And isn't Luke adorable? Dogs make our house a home, always friendly, loyal and smiling (we have a lab and a golden retriever) :)
    Lovely post Felicity x

  22. Oh, I love the positive filter you have applied to this week with all its challenges, Felicity. I am so enamoured of that glimpse of your house and wish we also had some jacarandas bursting into bloom! J x

  23. lovely post Felicity, reminds me i need to do some re planting in our garden too. happy weekend. xx

  24. Your garden looks so beautiful, so restful. What a wonderful space to live in :)

  25. Ooh I love your home Felicity it looks so charming:) Hoping your Zen stays with you always :) The flower has to be one for me to purchase for my garden I LOVE it!! :) Looking forward to seeing how the youngest got on (what fun) :) Luke what can a say a charmer & I can see why he makes you smile :))))) Delicious colours of green & I can smell that basil from here it looks far healthy than mine Felicity :))) x

  26. It's all how we look
    at it, isn't it my lovely
    friend? You certainly
    have much to be grateful
    for and I'M grateful to
    be along for the ride!
    xx Suzanne


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