21 October 2011

Friday Flowers For Friends....

Hello friend it's Friday already and what a week it's been!
I know we usually travel together on a Friday and our 'Six Senses' tour guides have been marvelous, waiting patiently to share their pockets of the world with you.  I'm hoping to have a little more energy soon to do them justice....keep your peepers peeled.

Today I'm sharing a simple gift that has brought me great pleasure this week.
Captain V brought home these lilies last Thursday and they're sitting on our sideboard in front of a pastel painting that I adore. I purchased it whilst enduring a long drought when I lived in rural Queensland.
Aptly the image is of a storm cloud gathering over an empty paddock and like any good cloud, if you look at it long enough you will find all sorts of creatures contained within it.
Ironically, the drought broke not long after I bought it!

As for the flowers, every time I'm in their general vicinity I breathe a little deeper as I truly revel in their scent.
I know their fragrance isn't for everyone [my Mother loathes it] but I thought that you might like to share in their luminous white beauty with me.

If you're wondering what the ochre and green bits are, they're the stamens from the lilies which I've snipped and place into a little wooden bowl. I thought they looked lovely gathered together like this and their colour hasn't faded even though they've been detached for over a week.
I have to thank my clever friend Georgie for inspiring me with this, she reminded me that whenever she has lilies in the house she snips off the stamens as they can leave nasty stains, something to be avoided for sure.

I hope that your weekend ahead is filled with many moments that give you pleasure and renew your zest.


  1. those blooms are divine. A pleasurable w'end to you too lovely one x

  2. Those whites are perfection.
    Beautiful images Felicity, and what a good guy that Captain V is!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  3. Such a pretty collage F. Have a wonderful, healthy weekend! XO

  4. Ah, aren't they just divine? And a clever idea to remove the stamens :)

    Enjoy your weekend Felicity.


  5. Beautiful lilies! My wife and I just got back last weekend from a friend's wedding in Florida. My wife did all the floral arrangements including some lilies and roses and other flowers.

    I also reposted a piece I wrote about flowers and the people they remind me of: http://perichoreticlife.blogspot.com/2011/05/thoughtful-blooms-and-signs-of-beauty.html

  6. Nice to notice your renewed zest in this post! I love the scent of lillies too and when I had them in my lounge a couple of weeks ago it was amazing to walk by and just be enveloped in it. Captain V is a trooper! Enjoy your weekend..it'd be nice to see the sun again for a bit.

  7. They look so good but your ma is right. I wish I liked them more as many many varieties grow wild around here... x

  8. I had oriental lillies in my wedding bouquet & was horrified the girl didn't snap the stamens off (OMG, can you imagine, down a wedding dress??!!) How dumb can a florist be?? I took them off long before they got near my dress. I still remove them these days, in fact i think i'll go buy myself some from the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Love Posie

  9. I love lillies, but hate the smell. great that you have someone who is bringing you flowers :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love lillies, and the smell is devine to me, lovely pics, and thanks for the tip on removing the stamens, I always have trouble with those.:)Sam

  11. I must admit, I find lilies too overpowering in smell. And forget cutting off the stamens - I have a niftier way!

    Just grab a plastic bag and put your whole hand into it. Place the bag over the pesky stamens and pinch them off through the plastic with your fingers (they are still inside the bag so are protected from the stains). Then with your other hand, pull the top of the bag over so that it's inside out. Now your hand will be clean and the dirty stamens should be neatly enclosed in your bag! Give it a try ☺. J x

  12. I love Lillies Felicity one of my favourites I usually throw the stamens away but what a lovely idea as the colours look nice all together like that.
    My dad gets the sneezzes all the time with lillies so I have to remember to choose the correct flower if sending to my mum!! x


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