21 September 2011

Word Of The Week - Your Turn

I think you may have guessed by now that I love words and am always delighted to find a new one.
So today, instead of me giving you a word to play with I'd be thrilled if you could pop a word or two into the comments section that you absolutely love. A word that brings a smile to your face every time you hear or read it, a word that interests or intrigues you, a word that inspires.
In a day or two I'll recreate this poster to include all the fabulous new words that we've gathered together.
What do you think? Are you in? 
Spread the word (sorry I couldn't resist) and let's see what fabulous words we come up with....


  1. i put this one on someone else's blog today: rapscallion. :)

  2. One of my favorite words - Halcyon, it conjures up the image of a beautiful summers day for me.

  3. I do have a favourite word....ludicrous! Don't ask me why, I just love it. The other word, that's not really a word but I love is nececelery (as in necessarily... one of my kids used to say it that way and now I do too, on purpose, because it's fun!) Have a lovely day Felicity x

  4. On the amusing end: indubitably. On the intriguing end: evanescence.

  5. Captain V and I have just had lunch together and when I asked for his contribution to this list he had quite a few from which I've chosen just one....salubrious.

  6. Loquacious.. something I am not but often wish I were.


  7. I like the word 'flippant'..it conjures up images of somebody just flipping something off them with a little shrug of their shoulders perhaps..an I don't care attitude.

  8. Hi Felicity,
    I can't say that I love this word, but a colleague of mine is always asking me to making sure I am "ofay" with this or that or a new procedure. At first, I thought she meant "okay", but no, she definitely said ofay. What does it mean though? I just checked in with an online dictionary, and it is supposedly a discriminatory word or slang term for white people (in the US).
    Can you shed any light on this word for me?

  9. For Nic and anyone else who pops in, here's the definition of 'au fait'.

    Being familiar with or informed about something.
    Are you au fait with the rules of the game?

    From the French of course and actually a phrase that I like but don't often get to use.

  10. my most used is not appropriate for your beautiful blog (starts with 'B' and ends with 'cks') but my favourite is shenanigans'.
    As in 'NO SHENANIGANS', said in firm voice to 3 rapscallions (another fav, agree) as leaving the room.
    fee x
    (ps shenanigans almost always occur...)

  11. Now this is total fun. Love this idea.
    My current favourite word is superfluous.
    Meaning = unnecessary.

    As I am currently decluttering our home and I am removing all superfluous items :) N x

  12. I don't think my favorite words are exciting. I like the word lovely and use it often. I also like persnickety and enchanted. I love your word - serendipity :)
    My husband likes the word deciduous.

    Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with - fun idea!

  13. One of my all time favorite words has always been 'Serenity'. And for some odd reason I love the sound of the name of a particular country 'Kenya'. I think it's a beautiful word.

  14. Oh i'm loving the words people are coming up with, i'm going to put in my favourite: turgid. I also love "turgor power", isn't that great, like a superman of sex or something. It's just one of those words from biology (plant reproduction) that still makes me giggle. You asked!! The opposite is also, equally brilliant: flacid. Love Posie

  15. Hi Felicity. What a great idea! Off the cuff, simple and happy words like those frequently used by Tiff of Dottie Angel blog fame - spiffy, peachy etc. I like many of the suggestions above - including 'superfluous' and 'shenanigans'. And quite partial to bit of 'whimsy'. Happy day to you xx

  16. Ah, love it! Hmm, what about 'rambunctious'? J x

  17. My next post
    will be about
    a word that has
    been following
    me the last week:
    CLARITY. How's
    xx Suzanne

  18. Quackery; I used this in my last Blog entry. lol

  19. Love this post. Being a bioligist I'm particularly "enamoured" (theres my first one) of turgid/flaccid suggested by posie patchwork and being English Paula's "spiffy" resonates but my word of the week is phosphorescence. Conjures up dolphins playing in the ocean at night and oozes "just for the fun of it". xxx

  20. Oh, these words are all just so delightful! Mine? Delectable.

    Because I just love food and say it all the time.

    Just makes me hungry saying it!


  21. One of my favourite sounding words is Defenestration. Meaning to throw out of a window!
    A lovely word that makes me feel better just for hearing it is Tranquillity.


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