28 September 2011

Word Of The Week - A Wish Come True

Hello friend, I hope that you enjoy unwrapping the gifts I have to share today.
Do you remember last week's WW post when I asked you to write down your favourite word?
Well you came up with some cracking good finds and I really enjoyed reading them all.
I promised to make them into a poster and it's been a fun task creating it for you.
Can you find your word?  There are so many here that I love saying out aloud for their musicality.
And there was even one word that was a complete newie for me, can you guess which one it was?
It's nimbiferous which was suggested by HeatherCaptain V and I had a fun morning trying to work out what it meant before eventually heading off to the dictionary to check the meaning....actually Captain V made up a little ditty centred around the town of Nimbin which my Aussies readers could probably guess the content of!

"So what does it mean?" I hear you ask.
Serving to bring clouds or stormy weather - so it's a word I will no doubt be able to use quite a bit now that the spring and summer storm season approaches.

So to all of you who played along I say a great big "Thank You!" I really enjoyed not only your words but  also the reasons why you chose them.

If you're a writer, teacher or simply a lover of words [a logophile as my Lovely friend Jane informs me] please feel free to print off our new word poster and use it to zhush up your sentences and expand the vocabulary of those about you.

Now for a bonus gift just because you're such great blogging friends.
I was delighted with a gift of serendipity sent from the Fairy Hobmother yesterday where she contacted me out of the blue and made my day with a gift card to Dymocks Bookstores = yippeee!
Being the generous soul that she is, the Fairy Hobmother has told me that if you would like a wish to come true too, all that you need do is leave a comment on this post and make a wish - how fabulous is that?!?

Have fun wishing away fabulous friend and a happy day to you!


  1. this was fun! i figured the odd word might be nimbiferous! and i DEFINITELY need that word for Texas' sake! :)

    Dear Fairy Hobmother: I would LOVE to purchase a trail camera for my acreage to capture some of the critters that visit our ranch so I could post then on my blog! Thank you for listening, dear Hobmother!

  2. Oh F, I love the poster! It's fun and such a neat idea. I see my husband's word up there :)

    I was discussing this post with him and he reminded me of so many other words we love, always hard to think of when pressed. Will be showing him the post later so he can see all the other fun words - some really great ones, made me smile.

    How great you won a gc :)
    I don't know what I could possibly wish for, will leave that to someone who needs it more than I.

    I do have a necklace giveaway going though so pop over and throw your name in!

  3. I really love the poster Felicity! And I love reading people's fun words. I learned to love words after getting frustrated visiting my brother - he would always play the "stump the guest" game by seeing if we knew the meaning of their word of the day. Finally my family and I flipped the game on him and when we would show up we'd work on stumping him. Anyway - great poster!

  4. Great looking collection of words Felicity. And thank you for providing the correct spelling and meaning of au fait.


  5. I can see my word there.

    I guess the new word comes from cumulous nimbus?

    I did have fun reading all the other words. I love this idea.

    thank you

  6. I can see a whole bunch of favourites in there. I always get frustrated by the dumming down of language - the trend these days is to simplify language which in my mind means make it idiot proof.
    Use your words kids, that's what I say, broaden your vocab and you;ll broaden your mind..

    but then, i am terrible at practicing what i preach!

  7. Wow what an amazing collection of words. Who would have known. TFS

  8. Thanks for creating this, Lovely. And yes, that's a newie for me, too. I did admire seeing 'phosphorescence' again. And tell me, who is The Fairy Hobmother? J x

  9. Thank you Felicity! What an indubitably peachy poster. xx

  10. I didn't realize that a poster of nice words can bring a smile to my face. Thanks for this gift, Felicity <3

  11. I love the poster also... Love the fact we can share in broadening our vocabulary here with you.

  12. I guessed which word
    right away, but not the
    meaning.....Had to share
    it with my daughter, as
    we both love nimbiferous-
    type days!! Such fun, my
    fellow word lover : )
    xx Suzanne
    PS: The FH chose well;

  13. When I was in 4th grade, we had to do this. I chose the word 'sophisticated' and had no idea what it meant but thought it sounded impressive. Interestingly, everyone thought the guy that chose 'shoe' had the winner, due to its simplicity & sound. My lesson learned was to stop trying to be so cool :) XOL

  14. What a fun post my sweet bloggy friend. I think you are generous, kind, big-hearted, openhearted.giving, charitable, thoughtful, benevolent,...
    Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  15. MOTH's favorite word is gruntled, as in 'Thank you mate for that beer, I'm very gruntled.' Not sure it's in the old Oxford, maybe it should be!
    Millie xx


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