14 September 2011

Word of the Week - Fadmin

Hello Lovely it's Wednesday, which means 'Word of the Week' although you may not know that as it's been such an extraordinarily long time since we've had a new word to play with.

What a thrill then when I had such a delightful gift of serendipity this morning.
I was reading through some of my favourite blogs when our word for this week jumped straight out at me thanks to the witty and oh-so-true writing of Karen at 'The Rhythm Method'.
Thanks Karen, what a fabulous way to start my day your post was.

So now for this week's word...

I love it when I discover a new word that I can start to use immediately and believe me I will be using this word a LOT. If I were braver I would take a photo of a big pile of fadmin sitting in two baskets at my feet.

Karen's post (which I highly recommend you read when you finish here) has not only prompted me to write this but has inspired me to get out a great big notebook and get all my own fadmin items out onto a long, long list!

So what do you think? Is it a word that you could use?
Perhaps you will be inspired to write your own post including it. If you do play along, please link to this post with the WoW logo so that you can help your readers zhush up their vocabulary.

Now to find that notebook and a sharp pencil.....


  1. that's a pretty good word - and i like the list of explanations too! :)

  2. Oh my! this word is my life!! I am drowning in FADMIN....I so love how it is best sorted with the assistance of a loving partner...haha! love it! I am thinking I need to share this at our next family meeting and to start a FADMIN club :) N x

  3. hehe...I adore this word and will use it from now on!!!!

  4. LOL Felicity!! I am loving each numbered descriptions...So sadly true but funny :)Yesterday I was thinking about how the washing feels like it never ends :) Well that it!A pure living fadmin :)xx

  5. A Bloggers Fadmin always seems to pile up Felicity ;) love the word, we are a sort of free-range Fadmin type of family, when we can't step over it anymore there is a group flurry of activity from all unwilling participants... until the next pile!

  6. I LOVE this word!!!! I read Karen's post yesterday to and immediately committed the word to memory. It is by far the best word of 2011 so far!! xx

  7. Ooh yes! Fadmin is a great word and I will be able to use it straight away and delegate fadmin to other fadmems (family members) during the move! Jane @ the girl in the brick house

  8. It is an accurate word but far too businesslike for me. Was it born out of an idea to compartmentalise our lives at home..'cos I don't like to box up my homelife into office-like components however efficiently administrative they sound? I am rebelling against using this word!

  9. I'd love to take credit, but I learned about Fadmin from Multiple Mum over at And Then There Were Four. She's a clever peanut, Multiple Mum.
    Thanks for the shout out Felicity!

  10. A quick update in the PM after this post was written.
    Although I did get my list written, there aren't as many ticks as I would like on it.

    C'est la vie!
    Tomorrow is another day.

  11. Hi Fliss. Oh, I'm LOVING this word. In fact, I have a desk full of it right now. Did I mention school application forms? Fadmin is taking over my world right now.

    This word will be used in my life A LOT. I can see it already.

    Thanks so much for sharing this one. It's a winner!

  12. Eureka! The word I've been looking for. Pure genius. My list making starts tomorrow with a huge 'brain dump' onto a big sheet of paper! J x

  13. Thank goodness school holidays began today and the fadmin will slow down significantly for the next two weeks, is all I can say! There's a pile of paperwork in the pantry that must have something important in it, I just know it. I'm just not game to look... Happy Friday Fab F... gxo


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