06 September 2011

Two For Tuesday

Happy Tuesday friend!
For the first time in a really long time I had a challenge finding an artist that I wanted to feature in this segment. So what to do? Create a montage featuring a selection of my favourite artists and from across the previous twelve months of course!
You know that this is an interactive gift don't you? I'd like to know what immediately pops out at you? 
Select four images that appeal to you today, write the numbers with a brief description sharing your thoughts. Have fun!

If you would like to see more of these pieces, here are the links.

If you are visiting at the end of September via Laura's 'Happy Homemaker' link - a warm welcome to you.
I've added many new artists to my little gallery this month and you can find them on the sidebar under the title "Art To Enjoy". I hope you enjoy your visit and that I may see you here again soon.


  1. i'm sorry but i can't do four. i am drawn over and over again to #13 in the bottom right corner. i LOVE that! so curious, affable, pleasant and pleasing. i adore it!!!

  2. Wow! Just a beautiful Montage Felicity!

    1. Spring is here, blossoming love
    3. Cloud gazing on a stormy day
    9. Treasured friendships and girly childhood fun.
    13. Opposites attract, the best of both worlds.

    These four images were my favourites, however, the overall feeling I had when I first saw your Montage was of Dreamy, whimsical Love.

    So THANK YOU for that Gift!


  3. Love your montage, just like a fabulous wall of artworks collected carefully over the years! xx

  4. I love 1,3,6,7. Beautiful images that pop with colour, blending calmly or being gracefully elegant. I love the montage idea and think you should do it again! Great idea xx

  5. Number 5 - a hardened path through the peaceful turmoil. x

  6. Lovely picks! I'm loving #7. Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  7. 1 delicate
    6 beautiful colors
    7 my most favorite, soft colored lady
    9 loving these 3 jeunes filles

    Have a lovely evening, Fizz
    We are enjoying our first week of Autumn, windy, chilly, candles, the scent of cinnamon.
    Lots of love xx

  8. Can you tell that I love certain shades of blue and pops of orange contrasted with clean, crisp white?

    I probably haven't done #12 justice by popping it into the bottom but I have this original art sitting in front of me on my desk and absolutely love it and catch glances of it each and every day - click the link below to see the larger format and read about more of Catherine's art.

    #13 is by one of my favourite artists, Gennine Zlatkis - she has an incredible blog and shares her work generously. I'm fortunate to own her daily diary and am able to enjoy her art each & every day. This piece is evocative of blogging for me with friends near and far connecting under the same moon.

    # 4 & 8 are by Michelle Armas and I truly adore her work for its colour and light.

    Thank you everyone for commenting I have been delighted to see which pieces you have enjoyed most.
    xx Felicity

  9. Oh Fliss, what a beautiful montage. I would have trouble picking any favourites from all of these. I love them all so equally.

    No wonder you have troubles picking just one of your favourite artists!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week. xx

  10. Hi Felicity

    Interesting choices that you choose for your montage love it.

    I would have to say my favourites are:

    No 1 Like I could fly away to never land
    No 7 a night out I have dreamed about
    No 9 Reminds me of me with my two sisters
    No 10 Restful

    Always Wendy

  11. hey - long time no blog! (me that is)
    I love #13, can't say why, just love it.
    If I had legs like the lithe lady in #10 i might paint them too!
    Hope you are well my lovely friend...fee ♥

  12. I'd know Gennine's art anywhere, but love the collage you put together. It is a work of art in itself!

  13. Loving the montage going on, i can not wait to fill my house with art, it will be blue & red based, i can't help myself!! Love Posie

  14. 7 ~ peace
    11 ~ rustic elegance
    12 ~ autumn
    13 ~ friends across
    the world....kind of
    like US : ) !!

    Lovely montage.
    Happy Wednesday or
    nearly Thursday!

    xx Suzanne

  15. Just divine. Hmm, here are mine:

    #1 My fluttery friends are an obvious choice.
    #2 The hummingbird is delicate and whimsical.
    #3 The depth of the blue is stunning. I love the intense feelings these clouds evoke.
    #7 And some more of my favourite flutterers to end with. Perfect.

    J x

  16. What a lovely idea! So hard to choose a favorite, but I am drawn to 7 because I love the subject of a yellow dress with butterflies. And number 8 appeals to me with all of its bright colors that blend together so soothingly.

    Thank you so much for joining Post Of The Month Club! Have a wonderful weekend! XOLaura

  17. Such a gorgeous montage. don't you just love having a blog full of your favorite things? we all need that space that brings us joy; in turn, it brings others joy. stopping by from Laura's post of the month club.


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