13 September 2011

Two For Tuesday - Sean Scott

The seasons have shifted and the temperatures are warming, so today's 'Two For Tuesday' post is a celebration of my favourite playground, the beach.

Photographic artist Sean Scott has captured glorious images featuring sea blue oceans, bright green pandanus and the fresh yellow & white delight of frangipanis - I would encourage you to visit his site to soak in some summertime beachy goodness.

The pieces that I've chosen from his gallery may be a little unexpected but I hope no less delightful in their evocation of the beach and surf culture. 
Can you guess what appeals to me and how they are connected?

Have fun playing with Sean's art today, I can't wait to find out how you view them and in what ways they relate to your own life at the moment.

Happy day Lovely,


  1. The second one seems to impact through detail and color and the first one is almost void of both - yet I like it best :)

  2. The color palette in both pictures is beautiful, it fits very good together. As much as I like the beach, I really look forward to welcoming Autumn ;)
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your early morning cup Fizz.
    I really must climb the stairs it is very late xx

  3. Both of these are wonderful choices Felicity.
    I see isolation (not in a bad way) in both of these, so I am guessing you like to be on an empty beach with just your thoughts (?)

  4. The first one is magical, beautifully done. Really don't know what the second one is! Do tell!

  5. I love beautiful photography and these are magnifique!Thanks for sharing Felicity xx

  6. For me, both are very tactile. The first has texture across the water's surface and the sensation of the spray. The second has the rough edge on top and the rounded liquid beads at the bottom. Such a variety of touch makes life what it is figuratively and literally.

  7. Both evoke droplets
    of water, for me.
    The first makes me
    want to run on the
    beach. It's gonna
    be a LONG time until
    I get to do that again,
    so enjoyed living it
    up through this photo!
    Hope your week is off
    to a great start, Felicity.
    xx Suzanne

  8. Immediately, I related emotionally to the first as I feel as though I'm balancing on the edge of a wave at the moment. I don't know whether I am anticipating change or feeling a little vulnerable in thinking life is just about to change in some way! I don't know whether this change is just for me or for all of us at this time.

  9. Yep, like Suzanne, it's the droplets for me. Oh, and loving their blueness, too! J x

  10. I checked out the site & there are lots of gorgeous Aussie photos there. Thanks for the tip!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  11. I particulary love the first picture...



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