27 September 2011

Two For Tuesday - Mary Henderson

Hi there fabulous friend, Tuesday has rolled around sparkling and bright and it's time for another dose of "Two For Tuesday". If you're one of my new 'Gifters' or just popping by for a quick visit, you may not be familiar with this game that we play with two pieces of art that have taken my fancy in the preceding week.
Today I'm showcasing two pieces by Mary Henderson, I think you'll know why.

Beach season has begun again in my pocket of the world and already we've enjoyed some spectacular moments in the sea and beside our glorious river.
Many of my Southern Hemisphere friends are just getting the first glimpses of warmer weather and beginning to anticipate a season of fun in the sun, cooling water and languorous hours enjoying the company of family and friends. I know that my Northern Hemisphere Blogeristas are beginning to revel in cooler temps after a long, hot summer and I'm sure you have many favourite memories from the season just gone by that will be evoked by these fabulous paintings.

I think that Mary has captured beautifully the simple moments of summer spent with friends by the water. 
If you've been participating with TFT for a while now, you will know that I truly admire photo-realistic painting and Mary has mastered this technique with great finesse.
The first painting showcased here is titled "Dock" and is oil on canvas, the second "Rock" and is oil on panel.

No matter where your home is, I hope that you are able to appreciate the artistry with which Mary has captured these moments in time and season.....I look forward to reading your favourite summer memories or those you are looking forward to making and of course your impressions of the art itself.

Happy day!


  1. I like how at ease the girls in the first one are and how apprehensive the people in the second are. It reminds me to just jump in and quit worrying about it, you'll almost always be happy you did :)

    Could NOT believe they were paintings and not photos - wowza.

  2. THESE AREN'T PHOTOS?!?!?! Goodness gracious. The talent in this world is mind-boggling, truly, truly mind-boggling. Yeesch.

  3. wow felicity, i truly thought these were photos!! what a talent!!
    Laura xx

  4. I have to echo the other comments. I thought both of the images were photo's as well. Absolutely amazing to know someone painted them. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mind blowing! I really thought they were photos Felicity!xx

  6. Ah, Summer. Mary has a lovely ability to capture 'real life but better'. I think her work is similar to Tim Coulson's in that way... x

  7. I can almost feel the cool refreshing water and sense of freedom! My first summer back in London hasn't involved much water at all but I have decorated my living room in a beachy bluey watery theme to keep us connected to the ocean.

  8. Wow - I also thought they were real photos before I read your post! I love these pics. It says 'home' and 'Australia' to me. In no other place I've lived in has there been such an outdoor life that you share with so many friends. It's such a special place x

  9. I am just gobsmacked. What a talent! Just stunning. Yes, the first shows revelling after having taken the plunge and the second shows the trepidation prior to doing so. Fabulous. J x

  10. Ooooh, gorgeous! I am so happy about the warmer weather - I LOVE summer!


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