11 September 2011

Sunday Gift Of Simple Beauty

It is a glorious sunshiney day in my pocket of the world and although I'll be busy doing things around the house it would be delightful to think that one of you somewhere in this great big amazing world is doing this...

Thank you Kellie for introducing me to Paul's work.


  1. Beautiful! And it's so sunshiny here too...delightfully spring-like. Enjoy your Sunday x

  2. This reminds me of a hot air balloon festival we have near here. If it's calm and cool, the balloons go up in the morning. If it's too warm and windy, then it quickly becomes a kite festival. Either way, it makes for a fun day.

  3. Ah kites! My hubby is a big fan. We always used to get our kids kites when they were young. But kite flying is for all ages. We saw a man and his wife flying a magnificient kite on the beach the last time we were up north and walked along the beach. Beautiful!

  4. How glorious and uplifting, Felicity. I also loved the roly-polying down the hill! No wind here today - maybe next weekend. J x

  5. How fun! I've never seen so many kites! We have a giant parrot kite that my kids love to fly. Stopping by from Blossoming Bloggers. :)

  6. You are so very welcome Felicity. I am captured by Pauls works and these kites....how wonderful!

    Happy weekend xoxoxo


  7. This is HEAVENly! Quiet, peaceful. I wish I could say I have been doing this today but the weather was not in the mood, it has been raining a lot.
    Love for the new week Fizz xxx

  8. 'sunshiney' should be a word!
    Sending you some spare love that I have on me for a happy week
    fee ♥


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